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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Get the OPSEC Report On "Not Fit For Command" Hillary Regarding Her Abyssmal Failure With Ben Ghazi, Libya September 11, 2012

I feel that this issue is very important, and that Hillary should not only NOT run for President in 2016, that she, her husband, and Obama should all rot in prison without possibility for parole, for various reasons, but for alleged multiple felonious criminal offenses, and be tried and convicted and without legal dispute truly sentenced there.

The above is NOT a paid endorsement, but a voluntary posting by me regarding the image at:

The Report is mentioned will be an important 20 pages long with 63 hyperlinks (many you don't want to miss) and gives the reader THE first and foremost clear reason why there should NEVER be a President Hillary Clinton.  

And If Ben Ghazi September 11, 2012, isn't enough, there can also be a review on who and what she married, and what kind of person it takes to stay with the kind of alleged "sexual predator"  that she maintained her marraige with, rather than divorce and willingly turn state's evidence upon.  

Hillary Clinton  is STILL married to an alleged serial sexual predator and an alleged  "over many decades serial rapist" who the Media and the Politicians almost all cover for and almost all make excuses for, and instead of calling for and demanding that Bill be put away for the vicious felonious assaults, Hillary (by claim) allegedly participates in covering up for Bill for decades of his felony preying upon women.  By the length of time involved, she is NOT a victim, but clearly must be complicit to the point of duplicity and concurring agreement before and after the fact as if a co-conspirator to Bill's alleged sexual felonies.  To be so hard and callous about the actions of such an alleged sexual deviant 

reveals her personality is that of an alleged  mentally deranged individual many would call a criminal socio-path.  Clearly, it appears that Hillary's sheer utter contempt and alleged socio-pathic political ambition that tells the world she is unfit for command, and too corrupt for any office, but rather should she (and her husband Bill, not to mention Obama on counts of Treason in regard to him) should  be tried, convicted,  and should rot in jail without privileges or possibility of parole or pardon.

[Update:  February 17, 2014

On February 9, 2014,  Alana Goodman at The Washington Free Beacon did must read  opening up on the papers of Diane Blair, wife of a high level Tyson Foods executive.  Diane was once labeled by Hillary as her "closest friend" and through her personal papers (not released until after 2010), now (14 years after her death)  sheds light on the 1990s  regarding the Clintons  at the thresholds of power inside the White House, and is available at the 2 links below.



end of Update. ]  

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