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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CIA Chief Leon Panetta, a de facto US Turncoat to Communist Spy exposed by Cliff Kincaid and Trevor Loudon. Wishes to help Obama give away most sensitive nuke secrets?

What will it ever take to persuade the US Senate to Act and Impeach Barack Hussein Obama II and Leon Panetta for Treason against the United States of America?  

Since the removal of the clumsy Senator McCarthy, the Communist-Socialists have gained so much ground in the House of Representatives and the US Senate, that they virtually run Congress by threats, manipulations, intimidations, shut-downs and what have you.

In the time of Jesus Christ, it took only 23 members of the Sanhedrin (enough to make a lesser Sanhedrin - a Sanhedrin Katan) and a corrupt high priest to destroy the nation of Israel and over throw Justice and equity, and let terror reign and be applied upon their own kindred by terrorists of the same kindred (i.e., not Romans, but Jews killing Jews themselves).  These terrorist bands controlled by the lesser Sanhedrin (able to give out the death penalty a will) and by the high priest, held even the Holy Place of the Temple with such unbelief and disdain, they murdered even between the doors of the Holy Place and the altar just outside its doors (in a holy place only purified and sanctified priests were supposed to be allowed).  Barabbas, who was chosen over Jesus by that same Sanhedrin Katan (and manipulated the masses to agree), was one of these evil Sicarii murderers. But what was important for leverage, was that perhaps 5 of the 7 elders of Israel (the exceptions being Nicodemus, chief rabbi of Eretz Israel, and Joseph of Arimathea, from less than 12 miles north of Jerusalem) were also part of the corrupted Sanhedrin Katan that ensured that the innocent and just  Jesus/Yeshua was crucified and slain, being Himself first in line to the Throne of David.  .

In our day, we had the most evil and corrupt Congress in the history of the United States under Nancy Pelosi, the 111th Congress.  There are more than just the 70 known Socialists and Socialist-Communists in Congress, there are players whose Communist affiliations we suspect but only after it is seemingly too late, are they made known.

The corruption and lack of Judeo-Christian Conservative fundamentalism and the lack of a moral back-bone and character has once again been proven but the majority in the 112th, though there are exceptions (as with Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus in AD 30 in Israel).

But still, it seems that overall, the inability, the  intentional inability of the 112th Congress to stand up to an illegal and corrupt and Treasonous Obama, now makes the 112th Congress the second most evil coming up fast to the 1st most corrupt.

  If the 112th Congress allows a nuclear secrets to the Russians suicide, and vets a now known Communist Agent in the person of Leon Panetta rather than demanding his and Obama's Impeachment and Removal, then by allowing national genocide and aiding and abetting that genocide, what would you call it?

If the 112th Congress ignores Obama's illegal Presidency, Document and Identity Fraud, and open Treason to destroy the USA, is that not a Criminal Negligence? 

Check out the links and the video.  There is a second very highest level Communist mole with Barack Obama in the person of Leon Panetta.  Valerie Jarrett is most likely Obama's most direct Communist handler...but who is Leon Panetta's?  Is there a Bill Clinton connection with Communism and betraying the USA...or did Bill Clinton NOT know?  Questions.  It is time the US Senate convenes and demands answers.




Delacy Material examined by Loudon includes:

Cliff Kincaid notes w/ document examples:



Panetta had close relations with Communist spies, and smoking gun of his betrayal (i.e., his own Congressional Letterhead letters) demonstrate that Panetta has extremely likely  committed on-going Treason to the United States since 1981-1983.

If Panetta is placed as Secretary of Defense, it is almost a 100% certainty (it seems to me) that Obama will use Panetta to help denuclearize and destroy the United States by Panetta being the chief agent by which the US will simply hand over its most sensitive and advanced nuclear technologies and secrets (per Obama's instructions -- as illegal as those orders are)...

whether the US Congress funds him specifically to aid him in committing national USA genocide, or not.

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