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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rand Paul, Gas Tax and TSA video positions, plus my commentary

 Taxes (regarding a Gas Tax proposal in May 2011)

Interestingly, Rand Paul cites our inflation as about 10%.  It was worse in 2009 and 2010 under Obama at 12-14%.  Unemployment and underemployment now stands at 25.6%, with about 16.9% unemployment, as since Bush I in 1992, the revisions of how we do not report actual the de facto unemployed has been manipulated term after term.  I would argue that Rand Paul, though well intentioned, may be under-valuing the current inflation of what appears to me to be (across the board) as high as 14.9% as of June 2011 for the fiscal year 2011 for the average low and middle income consumer. 

On a Public Relations line Rand Paul mistakenly attributes as true, a COCO (Company Owned Company Operated) C-Store Station profit on gas at the pump being reflective of what the Oil Corporation itself makes as a profit per gallon. 

Senator Rand mistakenly cites the traditional 7 cents per gallon average profit per gallon made at the Company Owned Company Operated Service Station as the profit margin.   The Corporate Drilling, Refining, Distribution of Oil is an entirely different world of business from the local C-Store Gas Station.  It is comprised of different operating profits and losses than that of a Retail linked Industry in which the final product is marketed and sold on average of 9 to 16 cents a gallon on up in the peak (highest volume sales) seasons (usually summer) and at a ratio of about 7 cents a gallon in slow (lowest volume sales) seasons (usually winter). 
In California, the combined Oil Corporations have on at least two occasions from 2001 to 2005 had an excess 50 cents per gallon profit increase upon California consumers over the normal ratio of costs for approximately 90 - 100 days on each occassion.  These were hikes to enable the oil companies to simultaneously refurbish their stations and remodel their C-Stores, etc.  These two are NOT inclusive of the MTBE pump upgrades or the necessary environmental compliance that is shared across the board.  When a Air Resources compliance such as a dripless nozzle is given two or several years, you would not expect an upkick in ALL the Oil Companies raising their prices over and above a set ratio of refinery per gallon paid prices, except in California.  But such a nozzle cost increase is NOT factored as a spike.  Nor are drive-off maintenance or other costs which increase a station's price as 2 cents a gallon more than his competitor to pay for the cost increase something that would "spike" prices at 50 cents a gallon throughout an entire State by ALL the Oil Corporations.

  Exxon-Mobil, Shell, BP, etc. are all in on these increases easily observable to the average consumer who pays attention to oil prices and what they will see at the stations they drive into or around.  In order to maximize their profits, most gas stations have now been sold to Franchise Owners, and this is done for two reason: 1) to reduce expenditures and maximize profits, 2) to hide market manipulations and overcharging.  In California, even though the bulk of refinery oil is pipelined down from Alaska, when the market slumps oil, say from $70 a barrel to $60 a barrel, the average price adjustment can take up to 6 weeks to reflect at the pump, even if it takes far less than two weeks to pipeline hot oil down from Alaska, the Oil Corporations will maximize their profits in this method of heliumizing the price at the pump to stay up in their favor.  But when the cost of a barrel of oil increases, say the same ratio of $60 to $70 a barrel (although now we are dealing with 91-105 actual figures), even though it might take 6 weeks to ship it to other parts of the country and up to 10 days for delivery from North Alaska to California's refinery apportionments at that higher price, nevertheless, the call goes out the same day, sometimes several times a  day, and immediately the stations will increase the price of their gas at the pump to reflect a new cost not yet purchased or only that very same day paid for by the oil companies, even though they are selling from a far lower cost supply.  The consumers are given the short end of the stick.  The same principle, however, also applies for the groceries you buy, and the existing inventory in most any consumer store you go to where the average profit margin is a minimum of 31.5% on up.    That is 31.5% profit margin at the rock bottom minimum, so I suggest that Rand Paul has been misinformed as to the alleged 7% figures.

If Senator Paul needs further proof, I would ask him, how is it that Exxon-Mobil prior to 9-11-2001 had only an annual profit margin of $3,000,000,000 and within 8 years increased that profit margin by 38 billion dollars to annual profit revenues of $41,000,000,000?   Did we have an inflation index of 1200% over those 7 years, or did the oil companies rip off the American Consumer at the pump?   Perhaps they could account to some profit by the sale of thousands of stations in 1-2 years for a single year up-kick in revenue, but not year after year after year.  Is America being gouged?  Well, yes.  But what about Obama?

Obama the Usurper of the US Presidency, a regular violator of the US Constitution, (above and beyond his basic NOT being the US Constitution 2.1.5 required US Natural Born Citizen (having no proof in a Court of Law he was even born in the US, and having no US Citizen for a biological father) flushed 3,800,000,000,000 of America's taxpayer dollars into a sewer, and we have no brand new National Electric Grid, no great society of  3.9% unemployment and 3% annual inflation or less to show for it.  Obama gouged over 100 times that taken by profit by the oil Companies and urinated it away, and oppressed America with Socialism on the way to the full shackles of Communism.  And in the spirit of Obama wealth redistribution, black mobs now do flash mob robberies of stores, as part of their Black Redistribution of wealth heritage from other Black radicals who insist on stealing their neighbors stuff, because they have a right to violate the 10 Commandments because greed and laziness is their deity, and Obama their Dathan who will lead them all to destruction, instead of uplifting their hearts and character to be the best they can be, to follow the 10 Commandments and be a part of American exceptionalism in their daily lives.  

Rand questions on the TSA

I would demand that anyone with a Burka, irregardless of the a need to dismantle the TSA zap you with invasive x-rays or be sexually groped instead of metal detected and electronically bomb sniffed like a metal detector would, that those wearing Burkas be always strip searched and facial recognition and fingerprinted separately from all passengers in an encased room able to withstand 30 lbs of high explosives being blasted.

The Burka technique is how the kidnappers were able to transport the kidnapped victim of reknown, Elisabeth Smart, from place to place, and how terrorist like Hamas deliver suicide bombers and smuggle weapons in Israel and the terrorist-occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  In Iraq, Afghanistan, and various nations of the world, it is the mule delivery system of choice for weapons and drugs, often hiding me under the Burkas.  It is a masculine favorite so much, that sometimes the men of Hamas dress up in Burkas for rally for or against this or that publicity shots (usually being the ones holding up the AK-47s to tell them apart).  Oh well.

American Media, hooked on Liberal Socialism as addictive to them as crack?  Why couldn't they be hooked on Swing

and come to their senses...unless they fully intend to help America be advanced into Socialism based on an ideal that it would only be like British Socialism at its best or worst, instead of the end goal of Communism?  Yikes. 

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