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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

For St. Patrick's Day 2012 - two highly recommended classic Irish-American Movies and a Lecture on the real St. Patrick


From 1955, an excellent biographical movie of the good and decency of America through the eyes of one who arrived from Ireland and attached himself to West Point's US Army Military Academy

The movie takes some artistic license, of course, as Maher actually retired from the Army in 1928 after 30 years, and continued until 1946 in a similarly  related Civil Service position to what he had previously.  Still, it is a good and refreshing movie to watch more than once.

See also Maher's biography at West Point in brief at:

From 1952, an American ex-boxer comes to Ireland in this classic fictional but joyous salute to the Irish culture

Berean Beacon's Richard Bennett discusses the history of the real St. Patrick   (done in a sitting lecture format)

Patrick the Evangelist, who brought the true Gospel of Christ to the Irish, is an historical figure that needs to be heard in his own reverberating words and feelings. The heartbeat and the soul of Patrick was the Gospel in Christ Jesus. 

 The facts presented ...will no doubt be a revelation to many who, deluded by wrong representations, have not realized the body of believers which Patrick clearly represented, his message, and legacy are all Scriptural with no touch or trace of the rituals.

 ...Richard Bennett

Per Richard Bennett's own permissions to share, please also read, print, and share the ff. pdf. with others who also celebrate or are interested in St. Patrick's Day, especially if you have ancestry in the Irish, and even if you do not watch the video lecture.  Thanks.  


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