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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Arpaio won't back down, Obama aids and comforts foreign and domestic enemies to the US...again.

     If you haven't checked out The Western Center for Journalism with Floyd Brown et al.


please go to their web-site and subscribe to their e-mail updates.  They have really been on top of some really good information we need for 2012.  Thanks.

A few examples of Information to help you see things in perspective, is that:

While Sheriff Arpaio says that he won't back down on pursuing the issue regarding Obama's Birth Certificate Fraud  { in a March 17, 2012 Guest Speech by Sheriff Arpaio }

we see that

On the one hand, while a Congressman complains that Obama ensures aid and comfort to foreign enemies of America to the amount of 1.5 billion US tax-payer dollars

Obama by Executive Pressure ensures aid and comfort to Domestic Enemies of America

 as Eloise Lee  at Business Insider on Mar. 26, 2012, 5:35 AM in her article:
Foreign Spies Are Already Planted Throughout The US Military Computer Networks


The attack on American military computer networks has been so thorough, and so successful, security experts now say the U.S. should quit trying to stop it, and assume spies are already inside.
Security experts testifying before the Senate Armed Services said last week that it's time the U.S. stopped building up its computer defense....

I consider The Western Center for Journalism  a valuable resource to help America's Conservatives make more intelligently informed presentations of examples, and informed logical conclusions regarding the gradual and intentional  Destruction of America from within via Obama and  his illegally occupying the US Presidency and the White House.

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