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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dr. Ron Polland recreates Obama Long Form Birth Certificate Forgery, and shows step by step how it was done.

 Natural Born Citizen...shifting the definition for Obama?

 Muslim practicing and Muslim friendly Obama subscribes to what?

And how do the Muslims wish to co-exist with Christians on the Saudi Peninsula?  How about...NOT.

Regarding Kuwait and the entire Saudi Arabian Peninsula, Islam has no mercy for peaceful co-existence with Christians, even if they privately and discreetly worship.

"...Saudi Arabia's top religious official ....issued a fatwa saying all churches on the Arabian Peninsula should be destroyed.

At least 3.5 million Christians live in the Gulf Arab region. 

They are mostly Catholic workers from India and the Philippines, but also Western expatriates of all denominations.

  Saudi Arabia  bans all non-Muslim houses of prayer, forcing Christians there to risk arrest by praying in private homes.  

There are churches for Christian minorities in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen.

...Sheikh Abdulaziz, one of the most influential religious leaders in the Muslim world...[stated that] church building should be banned and existing Christian houses of worship should be destroyed."   
Source:   Reuters    Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor  PARIS | Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:49pm EDT

And don't forget how that Obama in 1990, said he was reared in Indonesia (by a Muslim Lolo Soetoro) from age 2 until 10, and we can read into that as being effectually totally alien to anything American / USA except on short 3 week visits into the US with his Mom while visiting his grandparents and temporarily being enrolled in Hawaii for a a couple weeks a year, or what have you.  

[[[[[Update 3:25/2012 

And reaffirmed at the Chicago Reader in 1995 that:
His critical boyhood years—from two to ten—were spent neither in white nor black America but in the teeming streets and jungle outskirts of Djakarta.

Obama was reared a Muslim, and he has fooled the American Electorate.  For a Muslim, that is merely an imitation or of being like how they perceive their lying and trickster version of Deity in Allah:  

"They plot and plan, and
Allah, too plans, but the best of planners
[The Arabic equates 'planners' with liars, fakers, bluffers, and deceivers] 
is Allah." (Surah 8:30).

 When your whole fidelity of existence is found in being a deceiver, whether Obama drinks alcohol or not doesn't matter....the greater the deceit, the higher religious echelon he obtains in Islam.

End of Update ]]]]]]

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