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Monday, February 28, 2011

Want 100 mile per gallon gas engine cars? Another reason to keep Israel as our ally in preference to hostile Islamist oil producers. From Israel 21c

RE: Israel 21c

January 22, 2009

December 2, 2009


If I were the head of a major US Car Company, I would have had my top people over in Israel looking to negotiate a purchase of this new engine technology to place in midsize US cars.  Where is the vocal concern and the outrage from those on the Left like Al Gore and Ralph Nader that we aren't using this technology availble in 2009 in cars we are manufacturing today?  Are they on the news?  What about the so-called pop-environmentalist celebrities?  Or is environmentalism only a soap-box gimmick one puts on for one's friends and the general public because it is politically correct?

It is time that America not only get rid of the subsidies it gives the oil companies, but in exchange for doing so, that America would also let US Oil Companies have the preference to drill here in and off the shores of the US, build 12-16 more eco-compliant oil/gas refineries, and that this nation's car and vehicle manufacturers promote and immediately implement the new technologies that will dramatically reduce carbon consumption and emmittance without jacking up everyone's costs and oppressing the poor and lower classes among us.  We must make the goal toward a pro-business and pro-consumer National Energy Efficiency that will actually cut our gas/oil and electric rates by more than half in the next 5 to 10 years, even with allowing for inflation.  That will boom our economy.  We also need to plant several billion trees in the US to help clean the air more, and produce more life giving oxygen back into the planet's eco-sphere and promote the life-cycle of G-D's Creation around us in a positive way (especially one that doesn't promote chaos). 

Of a side comment:
One of the allowances needs to be that it becomes legal again to grow a fruit tree and share that fruit with your neighbors and family not living on your property.  Under the Obama Communist-Socialist Muslim Regime, even sharing a single apple from your tree and your hand with your neighbor next door can get you arrested, fined, and your property can be confiscated by the Federal Government run by Obama.  So much for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and love thy neighbor in America with a Shia Muslim Communist  Usurper and an Oppressor of Constitutional Laws and Rights in the White House. 

I guess we are expected to just come up with a catchy tune like "Running on Empty" with Jackson Browne and not do anything except see the masses oppressed, energy rates sky-rocket, and talk on how bad the industrialists are (etc.) rather than offering solutions, as I do above.  

Well, yeah, that tune was a classic...

but I say, we as a nation and society can do better than just listen to "Leftist Communist justification gripes to take away our freedoms without fixing the problems" rhetoric,  instead of joining us in manifesting real world solutions. 

That's my input.   

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