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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kurtz interview about Obama and Educational Videos: US Capitalism, Soviet Communism

[Edited on February 15, 2011]

Segment 1:

Of a note in the interview of Segment 1, laissez-faire: Peter Robinson ensures that he smooths over the Journalists of  (what I personally call) the American Pravda Mainstream Media in being either hypnotically mesmerized or plainly incompetent in vetting Barack Hussein Obama II, and Kurtz simply goes along with the smug casual answer. 

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Segment 4: Obama in Disguise  -
 "...Obama was a very strong Marxist-Leninist, at that time."
"Obama consciously and knowingly lied..."

At 4:01 - 4:21 Kurtz errs in thinking Obama aspired only to be the mayor of Chicago at the age of 24. .

Segment 5:

The one good thing about the wikileaks scandal, in spite of all the other atrociously bad, is at least the exposure of the Communist Sympathetic and anti-Ally stance of the Obama Administration, whose goal is to destroy all existing US Alliances, such as with Great Britain. The Obama Administration, it is now known, has handed over every last bit of information we had on the British Nuclear Defense Systems, including down to the serial numbers on the Trident Ballistic Missile Nuclear Warheads.

Based on this information, and the refusal for the Obama Administration to do a snatch and grab extraction of Julian Assange, it is clear that the Wikileaks was a verbally authorized release sourced in Barack Hussein Obama and I suspect, chief counter-terrorism Deupty John Brennan (the man whose company stole Obama's passport from the Department of State in 2008, and was quid pro quo rewarded with his current post for covering up Obama's past). The only question is, did or did not Hillary Clinton have any prior knowledge or warning about this. I suspect that she did not, and in part, the information was leaked also as a means to sabatoge any future Presidential aspirations in 2012 or beyond.

I personally believe that Obama really is a sick Communist-Socialist anti-American ideologue with a Muslim agenda, and is a political cannibal. By using the office of the US Presidency to depose Egypt to install the same Muslim Brotherhood he has in his West Wing at more than 200 employees hired in the first quarter of 2009, and install a theocracy of Islam to liquidate the Coptic Christians there and war against Israel, while strategizing to acheive a dramatic spiking Western Oil prices by a threat or near future threat of cutting off of the Suez Canal on purpose, it is clear that contrary to Henry Kissinger's original aspirations for Obama and Bilderburger Coalition influences, Obama seeks to be more like the mega-installment of the former Ugandan African Dictator Idi Amin than a Western President over a people he despises.

In contrast, however, in order to win the day, we must by legal and peaceful means depose the man through the Courts, State Legislatures, and Congress. Or the Bilderburgers could simply do the shock and awe suprise of nullifying Obama's illegal Presidency through the Courts, and use the natural Born Citizenship issue to oust him virtually instantaneously via the US Supreme Court and their Council of Foreign Relations mouthpieces in Congress and the Media. I suggest to Kissinger and Bill Clinton et al. running the Bilderburgers, to seriously not just consider it, but to do so.

The Responsibilities of US Citizenship (1955)

The Bloody History of Communism: Part 1 of 14 

Stalin:  Part 1

Part 2:

The intent of the Communist-Socialists as stated by them in the late 1970s and unrepented of, so to be their goal upon 60-80 million US Citizens to mega-holocaust us (either instant liquidation or Slave Labor until dead), is inspired in part by Stalin (and especially by Mao Tse-Tung, not included here).

Part 3:
The current indoctrination in the DNC
by the Communist-Socialists
that the Democrats owe everything to the Party, to the State,
and to the Leader  (in the present, the US Presidency usurper Obama)
is pure Stalinist Communist indoctrination.

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