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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Third Temple: Animation as to the plan for the Hall of the Sanhedrin, formerly the Hall of Hewn Stone, and a Sanhedrin Representative's confession of the Ark of the Covenant's present existence

From 48 seconds following, you will see the Temple Institute of Jeusalem's planned Entrance area and then the Chamber of the Hewn stone.  This updated version of the meeting place of the Sanhedrin and its guest balconies is a first animation of actual blueprints on file in Jerusalem.

The Ark of the Covenant

Rabbi Richman states that the Ark of the Covenant was never lost.  It has been known secretly to be in a specific chamber under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, in a specific location under the Mount, and this has always been known among a selected few.  They are certain they can retreive this Ark of the Covenant at any time.  Meaning, at some point in time in the last two decades, there had to be a visible confirmation to state such with the 100% confidence with which he, as ambassador to us Gentiles (those of us of the nations), can so affirmatively state as so.

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