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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reflections -

In the 1950s, America was once free to have popular Protestant Christian Worship shared with secular entertainment with class...so much so, that major celebrities like Jane Russell and Rhonda Fleming eagerly and happily participated is spreading the Gospel in musical format.

Less than 30 years later, in order to see the Gospel shared on television, one had to almost exclusively look to specific programs supported by donations of viewers to the ministry. 

Jimmy Swaggart - Gone.   (A resurrection song about Jesus)

And almost 30 years after that, sometimes in order to share the Gospel on a college campus, sometimes it seems it must be relegated to a wordless artistic musical expression.

Celtic Acoustic Guitar with Phil Keaggy

America...the more it slides and moves away from G-D and the exclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ, the more it falls out of the manifest grace and invisible support of G-D to uphold its society against all enemies, foreign and domestic. 

It has us asking at times, what is the plan of G-D in all this?  How much will G-D allow?

We as human beings are made up mostly of water, and given an animal form, drawn from matter sourced in and of the soil.  The Bible shows that water as a material substance, was originally sourced in G-D from his throne.  In the exposition of Scripture, I have shown through that which happened at the Cross and through the Revelation 22:1 and Ezekiel 47:1 ff.,  we can understand that in the Millenial Reign of Jesus Christ (after that humanity has almost been obliterated), the waters of life shall trickle from the heart and the spear-hole in the side of Jesus, and as it flows from His Throne, it will grow and grow until a mighty river, and give living and healing waters that will make life flourish as never before upon the Earth.  Wheat heads giving 10 pounds of fine clean flour per head of wheat...grapes so huge, just peel back the skin, dip in the bucket, do it once or even several times, and close the skin back up if you wish. 

Since G-D will give such life then in Nature, what about us, right now?  We are made 9/10ths of a substance of water, and 1/10th of material substance (generally speaking).  When G-D created our first father, Adam, in the Earth, like in Ezekiel 37, the earth formed of itself and the mist of the ground the sinews and bones of the first man.  But in his animal form, even with a soul of life, Adam was not a son until G-D breathed into Adam's nostril the soul of lives, so that man by the breath of G-D became a literal spiritual son to G-D, and the sound of the inhale and exhale breath became the very name of man's Creator. 

When Adam fell in disbelief and sinned, the second soul, the higher soul of G-D's union, was as if a flame put out...a pilot light waiting for the means and operation of faith / belief into the one whom Adam had disbelieved, YHVeH Messiah / Jesus Christ, in order to be re-lit.  But because of sin and falling away was done while the higher soul was housed in an animal form of the human body, the body also needed to be atoned for as well.  The operation of that atonement in the body, Jesus took care of at the Cross, because it became appointed for man to die once in the body, and after that: Judgment.  By clothing Himself in the same flesh as Adam's opposite, the flesh of the virgin, Christ undid in the flesh what Eve had done in ignorance, though Adam followed after in disbelief willingly.  By being lifted up upon the Cross, upon a tree, Christ through the operation of faith undid what the creature Satan did in the operation of creating unbelief when he caused the murder and robbery of the soul Adam, killing man's soul and stealing that soul of life from G-D the Creator. 

We who believe and confess Jesus unto salvation (Romans 10:9-10, 13) are given the option and sure promise of an eternal life in the ages to come beyond the greatest bountiful expectancy one could have in any day or moment of life in this age, and in the age to come that excellency far exceeds 100 fold ever micro-second of eternity to come. 

The Greek word zoe, is best translated as eternal living life in its application in verses such as John 3:16, for example.

And yet, short of the Enochian or Elijahn Rapture, we are souls behind the eyes of our sight, behind the hearing of our ears, behind the senses of touch, or even that of intellect and emotion.
We are as spirits in mortal bodies, recognizing that mortal death is still yet a price we must all pay for being born.

What do we do in this world while we have time?  Do we constructively bring order, find the treasures of the hidden things of G-D in his Creation and in the souls of those around us?  Do we tell them of John 3:15-16, and lead them to that eternal living life that is to come to those who believe and trust into Jesus and what he did at the Cross and through his resurrection and ascension?  How many pilots of dead souls in humanity are lit into eternal life because of us, and the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? 

The many of all humanity are indeed called, but the few who believe and trust into Jesus, and what he did by coming to die upon the Cross and be raised from the dead, to be the First Fruits unto G-D the Father, and show us the way, that we need not fear death when we are in Him; yea, we few are chosen.  And the many, are as souls behind the eyes of their human bodies, lost within with a terror of death and the death that is beyond death (as if a death after-death).  They chose the euruchoros, the broad way of the open countryside as wide and as far as the eye can see, where every way and path is right in their own eyes...and their is NO way out, but to perish into oblivion.

"But whosoever comes to Me," Jesus says of Himself, "I will in no way cast out."

"For G-D so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son,
 that whosoever believeth into him  should not perish,
but have eternal living life."  

Trust and believe into Jesus Christ, for He also says,
"Blessed in he,
 shall not be offended in Me."


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