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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Conservative Political Action Conference 2011

Let me first start with a what should have been an opening performance after a pledge of allegiance and the national anthem to have been a much more interesting (and crowd energetic) opening than what CPAC offers (in my opinion).  Perhaps a concert stadium with conservative inspirational talent contributions might have been a better way to go. 

Behind the scenes at CPAC February 11, 2011 Pamela Geller was able to get off three questions/answers with Donald Rumsfeld

The 2001-2009 Bush Administration approach to the Middle East ignored the arguments of religion v. religion, and sought to liberate politically and economically, only.

The US isn’t good at debating ideals, Rumsfeld says.

In context, the Middle East has a consistent 80% expectancy of Sharia Law of Islam imposed on either a national or local level in Muslim dominant nations, whether moderately or extremely imposed upon themselves; in consideration of that, the exclusion of religious ingrained thought processes of violence and slavery/subjugation of the Islamic masses was a severe oversight. While Rumsfeld brushes aside the Islamic religious implications upon policy and focuses on the liberation of the politico-economic systems they sought to free up, Obama seeks to further the Islamo-fanaticisms along, as described in the prior video explanations of the KGB Officer

…using many of the same foreign Communist-Socialist and anarchist-environmentalist alliances we saw used at Copenhagen

 and G-20 summits, allegedly along with some of Obama's 200 plus West Wing Muslim Brotherhood Federal and Civilian employees to allegedly Left Wing rabble rouse the crowds of Egypt's bogus and manufactured Egypt's "February 2011 revolution" from inside the crowd and outside in West Wing Command headquarters and various agents of the US Department of State (apparently). I accuse that the (what I now call the) American Pravda Mainstream Media was "all in" to intentionally deceive the masses in the USA as to what was really going on, and did not report that foreign Leftists were paid mob participants and organizers, many of whom who paid others (i.e., co-foreign riot participants as well as Egyptians themselves) to help them riot in the same way they were also funded to demonstrate in Copenhagen 2009.

The same Junta oligarchy that was in charge before Mubarak, still runs the country without Mubarak as the CEO of that oligarchal Board of Directors. Only now, the more Sharia inclined on Egypt's Board of Governance has gained more sway. But I digress. Back to CPAC 2011.

Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld @ CPAC

Both receive “defender of the Constitution” awards

Dick Cheney, in failing to uphold US Constitutional Law and Protocol
unrighteously received the award. He certainly did NOT defend the United States Constitution when it came to allowing a Communist Muslim infiltrator past him into the White House with willing glad hands extended.

While we hear a bit of his bio in coming to Washington DC, and some tail kissing to Rumsfeld, it appears that true substance and a proper use of time contribution is missing from Cheney. However, the bio allows an inside look of how Washington politics still worth noting in like application currently.

(RINO Heckler infiltrated) Part 1:

Part 2:

Unfortunately, this year, in 2011, as even Ron Paul has alleged, CPAC has been infiltrated by other than Conservatives. Pamela Gellar was even more explicit than that. 

Those running CPAC need to do their own background checks thoroughly to weed these co-opt Left Wing subversives out now, and need to investigate as far back as who and what those under investigation were in 2004. I would say, anyone and everyone "administratively connected"  needs this background vetting and/or re-vetting.

For an example of the co-opt dangers, I would merely point people to demand if they are still registered Democrats in other states at the time of joining CPAC, even as in 2009 Democrat Damon Dunn was still a on-the-books registered Democrat in Florida when he moved to California temporarily in order to co-opt the Republican Secretary of State nomination in 2010 (which he did).

Ron Paul at CPAC 2011

David Horowitz at CPAC 2011

Allen West at CPAC 2011 – wraps up CPAC on February 12, 2011

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