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The New World Order Globalists (Satanists / Devil Worshipers, if you will) have successfully overthrown the Constitutional Government of the United States with willing Deep State & Shadow Government traitors to the United States Constitution & this Republic, having committed a Coup D'Etat by not just a vote count corruption and foreign electronic voting manipulation, but by control of Mossad (Epstein Island) pedophile very top judicial & executive & legislative branch compromised actors, so that they have literally stolen a Presidential Election, placing an extremely corrupt US politician pedophile completely owned & controlled by the Communist Chinese Government, who will step down & hand his position to an illegal to run or be in office (anchor baby of 2 alien citizens), who also is Chinese Communist Party owned for all practical political purposes.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Claire Lopez, Vice-President of 'The Intelligence Summit' admits we are in the same kind of ideological clash with Islam that we face (and have faced) with World Communism

Claire Lopez's biography is available at:

Claire refers to her paper, "The Rise of the Iran Lobby --
Tehran’s front groups move on—and into—
the Obama Administration", available at:


Just a reminder, like Obama's Muslim Faith, Tehran's Islam is Shia (i.e., Shiite) and believes into a 12th Imam, aided by a winged (they say donkey, I say) jack-ass named Baraq / Barack who will aid the Mahdi in empowering him to the heavens, to bathe the world in blood and fire for total Islamic subjugation.

We already know who Barack the (they say donkey, -- as it regards Obama and how he conned America -- I say) winged jackass (the new interpretation of the 2008 ff. animal mascot of the DNC because of Obama) is. 'Nuff said.

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