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Sunday, September 26, 2010

DNC Corruption, Conspiracy, and Treason against the Republic of the USA in the 2008 Presidential Election

Reading -

2000/2004/2008 Democratic Party of Hawaii Certifications of Nomination for Presidential Candidates -



The fact that Obama and friends are corrupt, and that the violations of US Constitutional Law and the everyday political baggage of the ordure of Obama ever grows larger and smellier, well it is once again hitting the fan.

The language that Obama was Constitutional and signed by Nancy Pelosi

was cast aside, and the document where Pelosi resigned another copy excising that Obama was Constitutional under penalty of perjury, was redacted under full knowledge of Speaker of House Of Representaives Nancy Pelosi, that she was certifying a USURPER to the Presidency

You will note that both documents are Notary Public Certified, but only the document excising that Obama meets the requirements as being Constititutional...meaning Pelosi is fully aware that Obama is NOT ELIGIBLE...that document, the one making NO MENTION of Constitutional eligibility is stamped and approved as received. 

Question: In time of war, would this be a death penalty offense in their acts of Treason?  There is debate as to who would have the jurisdiction to decide...the US Supreme Court alone, or a Supreme Court led Senatorial Impeachment trial.

Obama, it is now revealed, as far as his co-Conspirators were concerned in 2008, only needed to file a "Political Practices Pledge" with the Democratic National Committee,
(as CanadaFreePress shows in the publication picture of the Arkansas Obama Certification letter @
http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/15127    )
 and the DNC chose to look the other way and NOT scrutinize the man to see if he was even Constitutionally eligible. 

I have offered voluminous amounts of reasonable data and research that far exceeds any Journalistic and even Legal Standards to show Obama is not only NOT a United States Natural Born Citizen and a Usurper,













but that there is an intentional complicity of those allying with Obama to install a known Usurper or Illegal candidate to the Presidency based on a knowledge and even moderate knowledge of Constitutional Law on the "Natural Born Citizen" subject.

[09/30/2010 - to answer a question:
Since Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg recognized that from 1789 to 1934 that US Citizenship (including US Natural Born Citizenship) derived only through the father (Oral Arguments: Nguyen v. INS 533 US 53, in 2001), even Bader Ginsberg herself de facto  admittied that US Natural Born Citizenship was NOT and is NOT 14th Amendment derived, was NOT and is NOT maternally derived, for the first 145 years of this nation.
      Therefore, the 14th Amendment, though in effect for some 66 years by the time of 1934, had and still has NO bearing on a mother who passes mere Citizen by location of birth status in any way to sub-join or over-rule on US Natural Born status passed by the required US Citizen Father...rather, the 14th Amendment stands in the shadows, while the US CITIZEN Father must be present to pass on US NBC status under the definition left us by the Founders who wrote and ratified the Constitution of the United States of America by 1789.
 Hence, WITHOUT a US Citizen Father, and the knowledge of Bader-Ginsberg's 2001 Oral Argument statement, the alleged "Constitutional scholar" Barack Obama knowingly defrauded the electorate of the United States of America, and Usurped the US Presidency as an illegal candidate under the US Constitutional Article of 2.1's Presidential Eligibility clause;  Barack  being the child of an alien national father, a father never having legiences of any kind in regard to US Citizenship at the time of Barack II's birth.  Nor did the father at any time during Barack II's lifetime, up to his death prior to Barack II's Kenyan Citizenship alleged expiring in the early 1980s, ever seek or obtain any US Citizenship.  Hence, Barack Obama II is a usurper to the Presidency, and every bill he signs, is de facto automatically illegal and can be overturned by the Supreme Court on that pretext. ]

It is clear, to me  (at least) that these also personally intend to set in motion those events and actions by which they will aid and create the overthrow of the Republic of the United States for a Communist-Socialist (as yet undefined) form of governance. 

But let me now clarify this a little further. 

Some of the Obama Co-Conspirators and Elites call for an Islamic takeover.  Still others want a Socialist Government like Sweden or another European likeness; while some,  like Ron Bloom, Anita Dunn, Van Jones, etc. want Mao Communism.  Others among the Czars and Union Bosses seem to want a Third World Communism mixed with Socialism under the name of New Progressivism.  And most of the Obama-maniacs want to somewhere in there subject the United States to a One World Governance, in which a de-nuclearized USA is made into a Third World Trash Nation, depleted of its wealth and benefits EXCEPT for the Oligarchal ruling class, whose lives (they think, be it at cocktail parties, doing dope or prescription meds) would go on essentially unaffected...where everyone else is as if the poor of Port Au Prince, and they lives as gods above the masses.

I have pointed out the blueprint already laid out for the One World Governance plan already put forth by those in an Austrailian think-tank

And this excels the radical American "Tulane Executive Summary" ...well known and blueprinted for distribution among the elitist liberals here in the USA.

How long before America wises up, and realizes they (as a whole) have been played?  There needs to be more than a November 2010 TEA Party Awakening in Congress, there needs to be a greater than Watergate OUTRAGE that sweps in and through the halls of Congress by both the people AND Congress.

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