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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On the burning of the Quran in Florida, 09/11/2010. My editorial opinion on it.

"In Florida, a Pastor with his congregation of 50 will burn a couple hundred Qurans", it was reported, in an attempt to create an hysteria about it.  Hysteria?  It is very easy to calmly and quietly discuss the issue from the Conservative born-again Christian perspective, rather than some liberal appeasers and betrayers of the Church Catholic and of Christ Himself. 

The Qurans that are to be burned, are alleged as holy books...or put more bluntly, those copies of that which are alleged to be  largely written by Mohammed.   Rather than do their talents for Media Black-outs, such as Obama's ineligibility issue,  the White House and Mainstream Media have once again gotten together in agreement and are launching a "tell the world that they are defecating in their pants in fear" type of campaign against the burning of the Qurans.  McCafferty at CNN is literally quivering in fear over possible riots in this "let the other side have its say" clip: 

As far as I am concerned, I believe that the Pastor who is burning the Quran should do so at the exact times that 9/11 attacks occured...not "later that day at 6pm - 9pm"; but rather in the exact times from when the hijackers took the planes over, until the 9/11 crisis was de facto over, and all the Muslim Fundamentalists and their immediate victims in the air or on the ground were dead that day.

Again, that Pastor has that right in the US to so express his disgust from both the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech view, but needs to do so responsibly in such a way as to not allow his actions to set fire elsewhere (such as the use of spark arrestors, but a funery or other incinerator would probably be best).

Further, it is a command that we do the same with works like Anton Lavey's Satanic Bible, etc., for it says:

For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. (1 John 3:8b)

Let's review why the Quran is the work of the Devil and deserves to be burned if someone has a mind to...since it is still, as of this day in the USA, a legal and protected by US Law free speech act to do so.

Mohammed lived from about 570 to 632 AD. He was a chronic and compulsive liar and a mass murderer who suffered bouts of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses; and even recorded in a moment of lucidity that he told one of his wives that he even once suspected that he was demon possessed. His first revelation occurred only after suffering a bout of severe dehydration and sun-stroke. Encouraged to pursue his hallucinations, Mohammed continued in a downward spiral of perversity that followed perversity.

describes Mohmmed's perverse predilections toward inhaling the most pungent of female menstruations to both religiously and sexually arouse himself,

Surah 6:296: “Said 'Aisha: The Prophet {Mohammed} used to lean on (and into) my lap and recite Qur'an while I was menstruating.”

and how that Mohammed was an all around rotten example of humanity.

Mohammed was a child molester, who by example promoted and still to this day in Islam promotes  that perversion through his religion's promulgators to all humanity that will even consider his doctrines of demons.

Mohammed had known sexual relations with 66 women by name, often already married, and married 10 of them.

 His 10th and “favorite” wife Aisha was age 6, that is like Elemementary school in the First Grade "six" when Mohammed engaged the child in 617 A.D., and she was only nine when he raped / consummated her "in marriage" (Surah 33:28). Mohammed himself was such a wicked individual that he knew he couldn’t believe the same garbage he spewed, and said so…he publicly doubted knowledge of his own eternal destiny in Hadith 5.266. In other words, if he couldn't save himself or be saved himself...who is he to tell you or me how to be saved, especially by the very Quran which depends on lies he knew he was telling and couldn't himself believe?

Beyond the compulsive lying, and the promotion of a religion based in fabrications, Mohammed proclaimed to his followers the right of Islam to morph, change, lie, and deceive: as it fits the need, and then to go back to the old verses and ways after suckering and destroying the non-Muslims.

If We supersede any verse or cause it to be forgotten [the right to change our story and lie whenever it suits us],

We bring a better one or one similar. Do you not

know that Allah has power over all things!" (Surah 2:106)

In other words, Mohammed says that his "Allah", his "Deity", is a liar; and reasons, so why not me? It is therefore not only the right, but the religious responsibility of every Muslim to be a liar and live a life of lies and deceit, just like his false deity does and the false prophet Mohammed did.

Throughout the Quran, Mohammed plagiarized from Armenian Mythology, Fictional Ante-Nicene Christian Stories, Coptic Fables, Hindu Legends, the Jewish Talmud, Meccan Mythologies, various Pagan stories known to the merchants of Arabia, Zoroastrian Mythology., and this is documented to this effect in:

The deity of Allah was but a small moon deity, like Mercury/Hermes among the Roman-Greco polytheism of deities. For whatever reason, Mohammed picked "allah" as his, which in the arabic al-lah reverted back into the Hebrew, would be best translated as "the flames (of destruction)".

In Isaiah 14:12, it is a cherub that is being addressed as that spiritual ruler who was the de facto unseen King of Babylon, whom also was active and mature in the Garden of Eden thousands of years before (cf. Ezekiel 28:13-15 ). He moves to rule over chief kingdoms through means of violence.

This particular individual cherub is labeled in Isaiah 14:12 as Helel, the “shining one”.

 The Syriac Peshitta uses Aylel, and the Septuagint uses Heosphoros to translate Helel. Because the Syriac uses a proper name, and “dawn-bringer” in the LXX sounds much like one, we have adopted the labeling of he who is both the spiritual King of Babylon and Tyre, or the world system in general, as Lucifer.

So who is Lucifer? In the Akkadian, the cognate from which the Hebrew “helel’ was derived is “ellu”, which holds the simple definition of: something or some event that is ”bright” (regarding a presence and brilliance of light).

The Arabic Semitic, which leans on the Hebrew, phonetically uses “halla” to equivocate the Hebrew root word “halal”; both mean “to shine brightly”. From “halla” we get “allah”, and the identity of whom Muslims worship…the "shining one" whom the Christians must call Lucifer, and the Devil: he who exalts himself as if G-D (Isaiah 14:13-14), but is destined for humility and punishment (Isaiah 14:15; Matthew 25:41).

The Muslims therefore, clearly can be reasoned as worshipping Satan (the Adversary, the Devil) with blind passion and often with near absolute commitment, and call a lying fallen cherub as "allah" (in Hebrew,
can be comically expandedly translated as "the ascending one who nibbles away like a mouse"). So another reason that Muslims hate Jews, is because in their language, their pseudo-deity is mocked by the very Western Semitic nuances their deity is phonetically pronounced with other meanings and intent in.

So why not burn the Quran if one feels like it? But it may be better to just tear it up and throw it away mixed with stuff that might otherwise have gone into the garbage disposal and clogged the sink.

Islam is the only major world religion in which its followers intentionally worship a Deity they want to lie to and deceive them as irrational fools, and sucker them into lives of victimization. In fact, the better the craft of lying and dishonesty and perversity, the more the religious Muslim (according to the Quran), is viewed as “good” and “religious” in the realm of Islam. The very name of Islam means enslavement through the bondage of struggle.

"They plot and plan, and  Allah, too plans, but the best of planners[The Arabic equates 'planners' with liars, fakers, bluffers, and deceivers] is Allah." (Surah 8:30).

In Egypt, Muslims routinely kill Christians for no other reason than whims to fulfill the Quran, and either kidnap and rape or kidnap and rape and beat into submission and marry young Coptic Christian girls, because Islam demands it of them. That is what Islamist zealots mean when they say it is a religion of "peace"...either "rest in peace" or "piece" redistribution of wealth and whatever else you have whenever they feel like taking it from you. So if someone wants to burn the Quran...they do humanity a service, and should plant trees (such as aspen poplars) to help offset the carbon impact.

In Saudi Arabia, it is a death sentence to convert Muslims to Christianity, and they will burn the Bible without fanfare there. In the US, if a person desiring to go to damnation rejects the Bible and becomes a Muslim, he or she rarely gets more than even a raised eyebrow. In America, if they carry the Quran, nobody harasses them. In Paris and the outskirts of London, they take over whole streets and neighborhoods in intimidation gridlock shutdowns and openly advocate the forced Islamization of France and Britain, killing Jews and Christians, and creating slaves of the rest or "liquidating" them. In Saudi Arabia, if a Saudi national openly carries a Holy Bible (Old and New Testament), they make an example of him by cutting off his foot and alternate hand, and banish him out of the kingdom.

So if one feels obligated to publicly burn the Quran as a rejection of Satan and his kingdoms, I say, go ahead.

The Muslims are more than over-compensated by their representation by and in Obama's
Usurper "Administration". So much so, that they are already talking about making Islam the national religion of the US by teaching it in all public schools by mandatory curriculums, as I understand it.  While liberals call such as "outreach" and "cultural enlightenment" and "bridging bigotry"...it is de facto, if it expands to a national requirement, a form of forced proselytizing of the children against or in spite of the will or desires of the parents by the State.  If that is NOT a State sanctioned promotion of religion, and a taking over...tell me what is.

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