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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friends of Obama: Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists, and separately, Union Bosses demanding everyone on the planet be taxed and that they get their cut

The Muslim Brotherhood

The danger of the group Obama decides to load the West Wing up with, take with him to Cairo, represent himself and the United States to the Muslim world, etc... the Muslim Brotherhood / Islam in the USA.

Union Bosses like this one
The betrayal of what Obama cozy Union bosses want to do around the world, is given smilingly in this video. 

They go to Europe and say...lets force "a global tax"..."a robin hood tax"...for anyone conducting a financial transaction.  Everyone that buys or sells, I WANT MY F'""IN' CUT!!!  CHARGE EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET...AND GIVE ME MY PERCENTAGE!  SCREW THE MASSES...I WANT MINE!

Some will say...."But the Socialists only want to charge the rich, not the poor." These guys said, EVERY FINANCIAL TRANSACTION. Think about what those three words, "every financial transaction" really means.

Guess what? It won't stop at Wall Street. Everytime you buy something, the Union Pigs lording over the gullible Union Workers, not only will want their cut...which will never trickle down to the Union Worker...but they will gouge and manipulate the Union Workers as a political gripe-force to manipulate even more billions from anybody and everybody in the world, bullying and trampling the poor as if trash to be stomped and ground with sinister glee.

All the while, those who seek to be the membership of a Global Governance Oligarchy, like the traitor who now leads the AFof L - CIO, these conniving sons of the Devil seek to become as little gods upon the Earth, untouchable demi-dictators, lining a take of all financial fees into their pockets...now having gorged an appetite on their prior than the 800 to 1` return the Unions bullying General Motors received after both overstacking / over obligating, as well as raiding Union Pension funds, and having Obama-Pelosi-Reid make the US taxpayer to foot the bill...they enlarge their greed the size of hell, looking to 10,000 and 100,000 fold returns to ad infinitum.

 In fact, every election they have had to justify stealing Members dues against their will, especially when those who had clearly expressed such a specific no-uncertain-terms opposition to their raiding dues they paid in.  The local reps and the local presidents, even the national headquarters representatives, always came back and said that they were "investing the funds for a payoff later on, down the road." In 2008 and 2009, they collected with such loan shark interest, the the Crime Syndicates were green with envy.

I personally view, by their immoral conduct - beliefs - behaviours, Obama and his Communist-Socialist friends

 as truly wicked people, the dregs and scoundrels of even the corrupt of society, cruelly greedy and nefarious jackals who not only need to be swept out of power by elections, but prosecuted under the full extent of the law, convicted, imprisoned, and made an example of.

That's my "Right to Free Speech" input, for as long as we still have those rights.

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