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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bilderberg 2016 in Dresden Germany June 11, 2016

On June 11, 2016    German Military Special Forces were seen leaving the Conference Hotel 

and soon after replaced with Heavily Armed German Police Special Weapons Units.  

So the pattern appears that in 12 hour shifts, German Military and German Special Weapons Units switch out as emergency tactical heavy weapons response units, and number at 10 or less.  The security is top heavy reliant on techno-communications, and a presumption of verbal intimidation and minimal resistance physical presence that once removed as a fear tactic, massively breaches its effectiveness and hypothetically leaves Dresden Germany's Bilderberger 2016 as a location that is actually a highly vulnerable target of opportunity missed and never seized upon were just a few small hypothetical organized heavily armed teams hypothetically employed against it.  Interesting.  

Very few in the Media will have the guts to report on the Bilderberg meetings.  Charlie Skelton over at the UK Guardian

is one of the few who have the guts and the publisher backing besides INFOWARS on an even more intense scale there, to do so.

  In the above linked Guardian column of June 11, 2016,  News Journalist Charlie Skelton, who certainly ought to write more frequent Bilderberg articles, writes: 
   "An even better example is Marta Dassù, attending Bilderberg 2016 as “senior director, European affairs, Aspen Institute”, which sounds an awful lot more dry and academic than “board member of giant Italian industrial conglomerate, the Trevi Group” or “a director of one of the world’s largest arms companies, Finmeccanica”.

Marta has just the kind of twinkly smile you’d expect from the director of a gigantic defence contractor. You realise that with Finmeccanica and Honeywell present at an Airbus-organised conference, which has the CIA-backed Palantir’s Alex Karp on the steering committee alongside Jacob Wallenberg (the Wallenberg’s are major stakeholders in Saab), you could have yourself a nice little arms company breakout session. "

His two pre-Bilderberg 2016 Conference posts are linked as  


where News Journalist Skelton informs us that

"Alexander C Karp, a recently elected member of Bilderberg’s steering committee and the CEO of Palantir, which specialises in data mining and analysis. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Palantir is one of the world’s most valuable private companies. It was set up the founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, who was one of the first Silicon Valley billionaires to worm his way into Bilderberg’s inner circle. 

...Thiel is a venture capitalist and tech investor. He sits on the board of Facebook and is the president of Clarium Capital, a hedge fund with $700m of assets under management, and a managing partner in the $2bn venture capital firm Founders Fund, which is “known for prescient bets on some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley” (WSJ).

Karp and Thiel are busy men. Karp has a $15bn CIA-funded company to run. "

Moving on, in Youtube posted video...: 

 The sell-out to Globalists against the Republic of the United States and its Constitution David Petraeus, runs like a scared girly-man geek back into his hotel when he could have easily out jogged a pursuing reporter asking him if Hillary Clinton deserved to be let off for committing thousands of times more offenses and breaches of security than he was punished for.   The face of Petraeus says it all, "Whimper, whimper."   

Published on Jun 11, 2016
David Petraeus goes out for a jog and Infowars Reporter Rob Dew asks him if he had to resign over an email scandal isn't it fair that Hillary Clinton resign from the Democratic Party for doing essentially the same thing. 

Published on Jun 11, 2016
Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson captures Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal and Palintir, coming out of the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden, Germany. When asked to answer a question he stumbled around making very bizarre statements about libertarianism and "radical transparency" attempting to avert reality and put a positive spin on the secrecy surrounding the Bilderberg meetings. 

Published on Jun 11, 2016
John Elkann Heir To Fiat Empire and Alexander Carp CEO of Palantir Corp are relentlessly pursued by Master Confronter Journalist Tilman Knchtel (youtube - Speacker's Corner).

Flashback:  December 2013 report

Published on Dec 13, 2013
Why have we not heard anything from the Snowden documents about the NSA's connections to financial institutions — especially PayPal? What about the connections between PayPal, the CIA and the data mining company they founded — Palantir? Is PayPal owner Pierre Omidyar an altruistic billionaire who cares deeply about investigative journalism or did he work with US government to financially strangle WikiLeaks and prosecute the PayPal14? Is Omidyar's new journalism company a move by the CIA and globalist banksters like PayPal to co-opt authentic journalism and control public debate about the NSA?

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