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Friday, June 10, 2016

Bilderberg 2016. The Choice Of Dresden, Germany: A World Vaccination Production Center Hopeful and 3 Scenic Old Dresden Tour Videos

According to the official Bilderberg website, the hospitality costs of this years meeting in Dresden falls to that paid for by the host nation, and supplemented by the members of the Steering Committee who live in that host nation.  In this case, there are only two: 

Paul M. Achleitner,  Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG 

Thomas Enders  CEO, Airbus Group

While the Bilderberg Group attendees are in Dresden, Germany, Achleitner and Enders use their Corporate Funds to pay for the rooms, any car and furniture rentals, and the food, (and make their bank and business write it off as a tax deduction) while Germany pays for the rest (military and police security details and all the man hours and equipment it takes and the costs involved).   


Dresden comes from a word which means "people of the forest" and essentially two halves of the city of Dresden grew as if opposing communities of the same name, in which the Dresden inhabiting the south bank of  the Elbe, across the river to the south were the common folk which included Slavic ethnicities settled among them, they were the class to be ruled.  The ruling class settled and built up lavish location all over the north bank, and this became known as Old Dresden and Civitas Dresden (as it was so called in 1206), the Commonwealth of Dresden and the seat of power so assumed by the collection of wealth and the assumption of power by a wealthy coalition by then gathered there.  

Dresden saw many political provincial power changes, and the notion of the Bilderbergers choosing Dresden is that regardless of who rules and what external world changes there are, the rich are tasked with always retaining their power and leaving their mark of history behind.  Actions are forgotten, but permanent changes left behind, Bilderbergers are apparently told, those permanent changes left behind and maintained by future generations perpetually after them, that is supposed to grant those who do so a form of immortality, as it were. 

The Dresden Pitch For Bilderberger 2016? 

Through businesses like the 'Sächsisches

Serumwerk Dresden' owned by  GlaxoSmithKline,

at Bilderberger 2016, it is unconfirmed that Dresden

seeks to be the lead (and perhaps exclusive contract

approved)  vaccine maker for the world.    As yet,

unconfirmed and not currently vetted. 

Of note is a possible relationship that may be shared between the Vaccine production and the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in which in Dresden as many as 17 to 24 research groups engage in molecular biology, cell biology, and developmental biology that also allegedly incorporates vaccine technologies out of the GlaxoSmithKline Vaccine Production facilities in Dresden.

 In fact, technology research and training dates back to at least 1828 in Dresden, and it has always engaged in technology and world class and sometimes world leading "research" across a variety of fields and now includes polymer and high tech material and solid state technologies. 

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