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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Boris Johnson, former mayor of London, gives patriotic plea to Britain...vote LEAVE and deliver yourselves from bureaucratic tyrants who dictate to YOU what Parliament can or cannot pass as a law, and what YOU must suffer and Parliament has no means to deny or thwart the will of the EU group of unelected chancellors who could care less about YOU in Britain, or any of the rest of Europe for that matter.  All they care about is POWER and retaining and exercising it to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY and the Muslim Invasion renamed a "Migration" is just one of many evidences of that, if you will just wake the hell up.  

United Kingdom:  
   VOTE "LEAVE", and get bargaining leverage and regain your prosperity and freedoms or it may forever after be too late. 

"At the end of this campaign, I think you’ll agree there is a very clear choice between those on their side, who speak of nothing but fear of leaving the EU, and we on our side, who offer hope – between those who’ve been endlessly rubbishing our country and running it down, and those of us who believe in Britain.

They say we can’t do it. We say we can. They say we have no choice but to bow down to Brussels. We say they are woefully underestimating this country and what it can do.

If we vote “Leave,” we can take back control of our borders, of huge sums of money – tens of billions of pounds a year net – of our tax-raising powers, of our trade policies and of our whole lawmaking system – the democracy that is the foundation of our prosperity.

And if we stand up for democracy, we will be speaking up for hundreds of millions of people around Europe who agree with us, but who currently have no voice.

And if we vote “Leave” and take back control, I believe that this Thursday can be our country’s “Independence Day.”

[[[Update   June 24 2016:  

Friday June 24, 2016  The Drudge Report Showed these Front Pages Of The Results:

And the BBC stated


that through 5 similar issues, the Brexit is signaling a Trump win in November, and those issues more properly rephrased than exactly how the BBC has it concerns: 
(An) Angry [shafted] Electorate
[out of control] Globilisation
[Forced Mass Invasion] Immigration
Lost [National] Pride
Populism [a working toward a same unified team goal for the good of the country rather than submission and any kind of consent to more victimization].

BREXIT Votes (despite pollsters erasing pencil marks to BREXIT from vote sheets and remarking to remain...it wasn't enough, as too many brought their own pens). 

Leave 53.4%
15,188,406 VOTES
Remain 46.6%
13,266,996 VOTES
Counting complete
Turnout: 73.0%

Leave 52.5%
854,572 VOTES
Remain 47.5%
772,347 VOTES

Counting complete
Turnout: 71.7%

Leave 38.0%
1,018,322 VOTES
Remain 62.0%
1,661,191 VOTES
Counting complete
Turnout: 67.2%

Northern Ireland
Leave 44.2%
349,442 VOTES
Remain 55.8%
440,437 VOTES
Counting complete
Turnout: 62.9%

The British poet Tennyson once wrote a globalist dream of  "the Parliament of man, the Federation of the World."  The United Kingdom by Treaty was suckered into a European governance that promised just that, and found that it was all a lie.  A Parliament is supposed to have representatives of the people who cast meaningful votes, and are able to get reciprocation for the citizens of their district or boundary area they represent.  In the European Union (EU) Britain was overruled so often, Parliament might as well have been entirely closed as useless and no longer functioning as a political body whatsoever.  30 years ago, Globalism knew this day would come.  Under that plan, while the rest of the world merged under treaties, The United States and Britain and British interest would break off and have a time of prosperity such as their governments and societies have never seen and only dreamed of.  We are now back on track to entering such a time and new phase.  Technically, the gathering and forming of the New World Order is not off course, but rather, it is on course, and now following the plan that was established 80 plus years ago in which an Anglo-American dominion would be established separate from the other New World Order conglomeration, and Britain and the United States and those who chose to remain allied (be they Canada, Australia, New Zealand) could share and reap in secondary benefits as the U.K and the USA scooped the cream of the world off the top, and prospered.  So whichever side of the fence you are on, globalism or anti-globalism, under the old New World Order plans as late as the 1980s before it went off track like a train onto a spur line and now has come back and resumed course, the economic future (no matter how bad they may want to scare you now) have a potential for financial prosperity that may be so great, it may be a new conversion religion that will engulf the world and transform it in ways to the destruction of the human soul that we cannot yet fathom and properly as yet imagine.  

In either case, a vote against tyranny and a vote for freedom, is always a NECESSARY ACT.   Under BREXIT, YOUR VOTE NOW MATTERS, both now and in your future.  Under the EU, you were as unimportant as yesterday's trash and as something to be trodden upon, like the USA Nancy Pelosi's view of society as "astroturf".  But now, YOUR VOTE and rights once again matter.  Congratulations on your legal and peaceful and bloodless victory toward LIBERTY.  

End of Update   June 24 2016 ]]]

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