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Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 2015 - Editorial With Videos And Links Regarding Turkey's Bush-Whack Offensive On Behalf Of Murderous ISIS Terrorism, Of Their Across the Border Shoot-Down Of Russian Fighter

It is now openly known by many that Obama openly refuses to read Intelligence Reports on Islamic Terrorist Groups BECAUSE THEY ARE MUSLIM or when it "hurts his feelings" to do so. Which for that thin skinned faggot is often, apparently.  The political reaction in the Media and the Government here in the US?  Phhht.    The United States Military and the Intelligence Agencies 
(disregarding the Muslim John "Fellow ISIS Muslim Jihadi Internal Traitor" Brennan, head at C.I.A.) 
of this nation, instead of demanding a Military Tribunal of Obama for TREASON, or at least that demand Congress conduct his Impeachment, they instead wring their hands and go "Awww!"

Obama refuses to look at Islamic Terrorist Intelligence Reports?

[[[[ Update November 29, 2015: Maybe Obama plays with himself in a bath-tub and yells "Allahu Quackbar!" 

Internet Photoshops Rubber Ducks Onto Pictures Of Jihadis

 Photo: 4Chan / Imgur

as the latest internet parody of ISIS mocks them, and should also mock Obama in his undying and never wavering support of Islamic Jihad Satanism (to steal, kill, and destroy and have no respect for human life)  mentality through ISIS.  ]]]]

Isn't it time to say that is MORE than just dereliction of an expectation of duty for someone in the office Obama is usurping?  Or does he get another race-card pass?   Obama is a quite probably not only fatally nefarious in his treatment of this nation, but also it can be said that he is quite probably a Delusional Maniac with worse than just the usual claims of sociopathic narcissism 
with the actual potential to think, and perhaps to one day even to try to do,  that he can order a nuclear strike by U.S. nukes on the United States itself and some of those who blindly follow him would so launch against such domestic targets because it is Obama, the one the Media and politicians demand we never question or challenge.  Is the failure to stand up to and against Obama because they of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  feel some kind of mass hypnosis they subjected themselves to, or could it be a kind of co-guilt and shame for themselves ordering giving sophisticated ordinance to ISIS and then being able to themselves enlarge and see the serial numbers of their own stuff publicly demonstrated for ISIS called in Media using a U.S. Tow Missile on a bush-whacked Russian Search and Rescue Chopper for all the world to see that they went along with or said nothing in resistance to?   
Just wondering. 

Thousands of tanker trucks are being used to run oil for ISIS (that ISIS murdered and stole from Syria) into Turkey, 
and in return ISIS terrorism is being supplied and funded at a different level of the same kind of Communist State Capitalism one would expect to see from China.   From July of 2014 to present day in 2015, Turkey has pretended to war on ISIS, and used the opportunity to drop 80% of its ordinance on the anti-ISIS Kurds  in both northwestern Iraq and in locations around northern Syria.   Most of the other 20% was against Assad's Nation of Syria Military Forces.  In effect, if Turkey ever dropped one bomb on ISIS /Al Qaeda, it was by accident and to be considered by both Turkey and ISIS as "friendly fire."   As far as I am concerned, TURKEY is ISIS and Russia should either INVADE Turkey's Capitol and overthrow its government  or nuke that government of Turkey in a single vaporization.

However, the more practical application of Turkey siding with ISIS and NATO backing it up, is for both Russia and Iran to STOP gas supplies to Turkey cold, and threaten to do the same to Europe while spiking prices up 30% overnight to Europe.  (See maps at links below).




In effect, Russia has the right to wait to the coldest days of winter, and shut off the gas supplies to Europe.

When Turkey is seen for what it is, there is no doubt that it is a direct logistics lifeline to ISIS 

and a military air force for hire for ISIS (whereas Obama wants the U.S. to pay ISIS infidel tax and militarily train ISIS (in places such as Amman Jordan as reported back in August 2013, for example)

and provide logistics and militarily support ISIS as the U.S.A.'a own expense).

[[[[Update: November 29, 2015   See also: 

End of Update]]]]

That attitude of Turkey, that it is obligated to protect ISIS terrorists who are cleansing the Middle East of Christians by genocide, the same way Turkey conducted genocide upon the Armenians 100 years ago and more, that same attitude of hate toward peace loving Christians fueled a firing across the border at a pretended incursion of a Russian SU-24 (Israel says an SU-29) Fighter that likely did NOT invade Turkish airspace for a few seconds, 
if that airspace violation ever happened.

Further, we learn that NATO by necessity pre-authorized any such provocation and killing of Russians killing terrorists in Syria.

The Syrians have come out and stated that Turkey's leader Erdogan is heavily involved in the buying of ISIS oil, 
-- at $800,000,000 in sales through Turkey and climbing in November 2015 
http://www.infowars.com/former-nato-commander-turkey-is-supporting-isis/  -- 

and it may be that Erdogan's over-involved-with ISIS son is on the cuff for many of the ISIS tankers being used to smuggle oil to Turkey, and that the downing of a Russian Fighter from a missile launched inside Turkey into Syrian Airspace was merely a mafia like revenge killing.

The flight path had been pre-planned and given to the American Military, who then leaked it to Turkey, and Turkey made that pre-flight plan a select target for ambush.  

As a consequence of the unprovoked shoot down, Russia rightly mobilized an anti-aircraft missile defense in Syria, including a Mediterranean Sea supporting Missile Cruiser Moskva and Turkey responded with a pledge to start up a war with Russia, and perhaps also prodded the murderous jihadi terrorists attack the Russians in retaliation as well.



In response to the shoot down, Russia continued with both electronic warfare and hundreds of strikes on ISIS and even those Turkish Front Groups for Al Qaeda / ISIS were not spared while on Syrian soil.



If Russia so chooses, it could effectually use its missile defense as an offense into as much as 25% or more of Turkish airspace with each S-400 system having the ability to engage 36 aircraft simultaneously at each launcher unit mobilized.

What is off most commentary is the fact that the Iranians have joined their own fighters alongside the Russians in the skies over Syria for more than a week now. 

The immediate disruption of natural gas into Turkey would only be one possible response if Turkey does another fighter shoot-down.  Several nuclear blasts by Iran have been stated to have happened, so Iran might already have the nuclear bomb, and might first want to test it out on Ankara for all we know, before moving on to a next target of Israel.  

In only December of 2013, the United States Special Forces and the Iranian Elite Military Forces fought alongside and with each other against what was describes as Elements of Al Qaeda / ISIS in Iraq.

It appears that if Al Qaeda goes where it is supposed to go as directed by the usurped government of the United States, we will have "allies" who will join the United States in aiding Al Qaeda in pre-designated nations they are being told and forced to go, where they will be armed and carry out a 21st Century new kind of proxy army warfare, and excused as NOT an invading army but relabeled and marketed as "Freedom Fighters", to do whatever atrocities they wish, as long as they maul and kill in their cage where the only bars are designated borders, and outside the borders are "safe zones" where they are not supposed to kill.  Hypothetically the argument and solution to these multi-government controlled or multi-government directed terrorist proxy armies of backward and murderous  barbarians appears to be that only way to stop it is to first directly kill the multi-national leadership directly involved in sending - arming - militarily supporting it, and then using the military to go in an kill the proxy armies off without restriction, does it not?

Biblical prophecy apparently seems to indicate, if I understand it correctly, that eventually there will be a re-emergence of Persia, or an Iran that gobbles up northern Iraq and part of Syria (perhaps even all of it, for all I know, because at some point in time, Damascus is prophesied to be entirely flattened). 

 Russia will have a probably permanent heavily armed presence in Syria (to set up for the eventual invasion of Israel probably still at least several years away as prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39), and eventually, at some point in time in the future (be it near or far) will sign a Peace Treaty that will also involve Iran and Western and Southern European Nations, the United States, and Israel.  

So I will watch in 50% expectation of an escalation that pulls Israel into this conflict and threatens to go nuclear, or perhaps it does go nuclear where fingers point as to who used a nuke on Damascus (be it Russia, Syria, Iran, Turkey, ISIS, Israel, or the nation state sponsor of terror under a foreign usurper / the USA) and perhaps is never to be ever known or proven as to which nation or party really did it.  

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