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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

INFOWARS To Attend Protest Over GOP Voterless Awarding Of Delegates And The GOP Giving Colorado Voters The Middle Finger And Committing Felony Mail Fraud, Etc. In Their Public Election Scam



In reply to someone who threatened to "burn down the GOP', for the GOP daring to appoint ALL the delegates at their own whims to Ted Cruz without even one voter voting for a Presidential candidate and chose to both IGNORE VOTERS BEFORE THEY EVEN VOTE, AND THE BRAG ABOUT THEIR CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY (having tweeted and soon after deleted the ff.)

colorado gop

the leader of the Colorado Republican Party blew it off with ....?

"Go ahead and burn the party down if that 
is what it takes to put this country on the 
right track then I am open to anything." 
-- Steve House, Republican Party Chair, Colorado

Background:    https://ballotpedia.org/Steve_House

In response, if there is any C.I.A. or George Soros funded anarchist (especially environmental anarchist) group arsons of GOP / RNC buildings or if there are targeted lone wolf assassinations of party leaders (especially if they are done by foreign Muslims), will every law abiding average U.S. citizen voter or at least those of us who believe in the Constitution to be upheld as the Supreme Law of the Land, will we become accused as being little more than monsters to be literally taken captive and examined and often destroyed because the ones in political leadership have lost their minds in lust for Totalitarian power?  

Perhaps if the Founders of this Republic were to propel themselves forth in time to give advice in our day, the GOP leaders, like Steve House (the Republican Chair of Colorado) and others would be those very ones who would demand  a speech of Patrick Henry that might be resounding forth against them?   Is that it?   

The GOP leadership is filled with Traitors to the Constitution of the United States and those who are themselves wanting to be enemy rulers of the citizenry as if we have somehow reverted from being "citizens" to being "subjects" and never told how or why or when we lost our "citizenship" status in their minds.   It most certainly is NOT the Law of the land that we lost anything regarding our citizenship as ceasing to be citizens and reverting to being "subjects" as yet.  






Colorado GOP Protest

Hosted by ColoradoVotesMatter.org

[[  April 14, 2016 


On April 9th, 3,900 Colorado Republicans voted in a closed convention. We believe that the 34 Colorado national delegates selected that day do not accurately represent us.

We will peacefully assemble on the West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building to make a showing of the vast number of Colorado voters who are not represented by the 34 delegates selected at our State Convention.

We will also organize support for future legislative measures to bring the primary election back to Colorado voters.

More info at http://www.coloradovotesmatter.org/

April 14, 2016 
End of Update.]]
Friday, April 15 from 3:00PM to 6:00PM MDT

RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/473567376179762/

Check on Facebook for updates and potential time changes.

The Infowars crew will cover this protest as Republicans demand the right to vote after state party leaders cancelled the GOP caucus and “awarded” a voteless “victory” to Ted Cruz this past weekend.

The Colorado Republican Party shamefully silenced its voters this election season. We demand that Colorado give the power to vote in the Presidential Primary to the voters. We will exercise our right to assemble and peacefully protest the corruption of the Colorado GOP and disenfranchisement that we the voters have suffered.

[[[[ Update:  4/14/2016   Trump Promotes Peaceful Protest Of Republican Leadership Voter Fraud And  Disenfranchisement of Representation Of What VOTERS In Colorado Vote To Have

  1. Big protest march in Colorado on Friday afternoon! Don't let the bosses take your vote!
  2. The rules DID CHANGE in Colorado shortly after I entered the race in June because the pols and their bosses knew I would win with the voters
  3. Biggest story in politics is now happening in the great State of Colorado where over one million people have been precluded from voting!

Meanwhile, GOP Chair in Colorado Steve House is now sniveling and whining to the Media that he feels threatened after calling for and (himself) INCITING voters to burn his own Republican Party down?  Uh huh. What are you thinking, Steve, that you can just screw over anybody and everyone in the real world public and incite violence by YOUR OWN WORDS as if you were stoned on a sofa listening to a Talking Heads video, Steve?   

 No sympathy for you Steve.  None.  Resign.  Own up to your own words.  Admit publicly that the voters of Colorado on YOUR WATCH were felony defrauded by mail and fund-raising felony fraud schemes, and that you wash your hands of it all, and turn State's evidence and plea deal with the proper Law Enforcement Authorities for no prison or jail time.  End of 4/14/2016 update ]]]]

Final Update: 4/15/2016

About 150-200 people, not counting the Media, showed up for the relocated rally.  Some delegates were on hand to relate how the process was intentionally mishandled, purposely misdirected and miscommunicated by the GOP Colorado.  Some of the tactics used against the delegates by the Colorado GOP and RNC were right out of the Communist playbook, as seen in the above linked true biography movie, "I was a Communist for the F.B.I."


Earlier in the day, David Knight (just 7 minutes of the ff. video) 

runs down some very relevant news stories which provide a backdrop for the Colorado Delegate Steal on behalf of "Don't call me by my right name Rafael, call me "Ted" instead" Cruz.  

End of Final Update: 4/15/2016

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