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Monday, November 9, 2015

Muslim Horde Rape Invasion Of Europe and Plan of Same To America Goldman Sach's Representative Peter Sutherland, and Hence A Goldman Sach's Foreign Policy Implementation

Barbaric Muslim hordes, mostly men of military ages 17-26, run amok in Germany:

Barbaric Muslim hordes, mostly men of military ages 17-26, run amok in Sweden:

Austrian Women get smart and buy up arms, but not enough of them.  Golden Firearms sales opportunity there:

Barbaric Muslim hordes, mostly men of military ages 17-26, run amok in Italy and France:

We can lay this invasion at the feet of Peter Sutherland, to which his United Nations biography 
states that:
 "He is currently Chairman of Goldman Sachs International and Chairman of the London School of Economics."

United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General


Peter Sutherland, of Goldman Sachs appointed to United Nations, dictates Muslim Barbaric Muslim hordes invasion, mostly men of military ages 17-26, and indirectly identifies it as a Goldman Sachs initiated foreign policy against White Europeans and intends to bring and unleash such military age (and later armed) hordes of barbaric terrorist scum upon citizens of the United States as well. 

Clearly, it is indisputable that Sutherland  is specifically and officially Goldman Sach’s International Representative to the United Nations and is then granted special powers by the United Nations to then go about enforcing a Goldman Sachs International Chaos for Islam Policy, Peter Sutherland, should be generously given a message for our response back to Goldman Sachs and any scum pushing Islamic rapes and the Islamic subjugation of the West.  Sutherland should be first in line to PUBLICLY receive the same treatment the Italians gave Mussolini

 at the fall of Italy in World War II, and Goldman Sachs Representatives and those UN and European politicians who push the same, and those foreign spiders among us like George Soros http://www.infowars.com/soros-demands-europe-accept-a-million-muslims-annually/

as well  should also join his forth-coming example if the Europeans would seize upon such an opportunity.  

As for Sutherland, you ain't a United States Citizen, so if you get what's coming to you by those you are victimizing in Europe, it ain't my problem...it's YOUR problem you a**hole!!! 

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