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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Was Obama not at Columbia University in 1982-1983, or was he in a Special Education Class for backward students, hidden away from the rest of Campus?

Pre-Law and Political Science Columbia University Class of 1983 graduate blasts Obama’s claim to have attended Columbia University as a Pre-Law and Political Science Major.  Neither he nor 399 other 1983 Pre-Law and Political Science major graduates at Columbia ever saw or heard of Obama or his alternate legal name of Soetoro.  Not a single one.  The following is an abridged re-post, available at:


Obama’s College Classmate: “The Obama Scandal is at Columbia”
Posted by Wayne Root on August 7, 2012
From The Blaze.com on Monday…and Drudge Report:
By Wayne Allyn Root

I am President Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83.  … Obama has a big skeleton in his closet. It’s his college records. 
Why are the college records, of a 51-year-old President of the United States, so important to keep secret? I think I know the answer.
If anyone should have questions about Obama’s record at Columbia University, it’s me. We both graduated (according to Obama) Columbia University, Class of ’83. We were both (according to Obama) Pre-Law and Political Science majors. And I thought I knew most everyone at Columbia. I certainly thought I’d heard of all of my fellow Political Science majors. But not Obama (or as he was known then- Barry Soetoro). I never met him. Never saw him. Never even heard of him. And none of the classmates that I knew at Columbia have ever met him, saw him, or heard of him.
But don’t take my word for it. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2008 that Fox News randomly called 400 of our Columbia classmates and never found one who had ever met Obama.
… Shouldn’t the media be as relentless in pursuit of Obama’s records as Romney’s? Shouldn’t they be digging into Obama’s past–beyond what he has written about himself–with the same boundless enthusiasm as Mitt’s?
The first question I’d ask is, if you had great grades, why would you seal your records?
…Secondly, if he had poor grades at Occidental, how did he get admitted to an Ivy League university in the first place? And if his grades at Columbia were awful, how’d he ever get into Harvard Law School? So again those grades must have been great, right? So why spend millions to keep them sealed?
Third, how did Obama pay for all these fancy schools without coming from a wealthy background? If he had student loans or scholarships, would he not have to maintain good grades?
… Here’s my gut belief: Obama got a leg up by being admitted to both Occidental and Columbia as a foreign exchange student. He was raised as a young boy in Indonesia. But did his mother ever change him back to a U.S. citizen? When he returned to live with his grandparents in Hawaii or as he neared college-age preparing to apply to schools, did he ever change his citizenship back? I’m betting not.
If you could unseal Obama’s Columbia University records I believe you’d find that:
A)   He rarely ever attended class.
B)   His grades were not those typical of what we understand it takes to get into Harvard Law School.
C)   He attended Columbia as a foreign exchange student.
D)   He paid little for either undergraduate college or Harvard Law School because of foreign aid and scholarships given to a poor foreign students like this kid Barry Soetoro from Indonesia.
If you think I’m “fishing” then prove me wrong. Open up your records Mr. President. What are you afraid of?
Wayne Allyn Root -- Chairman of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee, and former Libertarian vice presidential nominee.

[[[[[Adendum August 8, 2012    Rush Limbaugh dramatizes the reading of Wayne Allyn Root's letter, and does a good job at it.  Starts @1:49 on the below video.

End of Update ]]]]]]

[[[[[Update August 11, 2012   Wayne Allen Root reiterates his letter and claim, and posts the following video on his Youtube account on August 10, 2012

end of update]]]]]

 On  September  3, 2010, I posted an article regarding the missing timeline in Obama's Columbia University narrative:


Obama's Missing Time at Columbia? Look to the Fall of 1981 and perhaps the Spring of 1982.

Some, like Pastor Manning, say Obama NEVER attended Columbia University.  The greatest missing timeline, when examined, appears to be the Spring Semester of 1982, when there is NO DATA that Barack was even in the city consistently, let alone even attended a single class.  But as we shall see, I think it may have been equally logical to say it was because he was battling getting off of drugs, as to speculate anything else in the absence of eyewitnesses and college transcripts.

I think a big problem with the Columbia years, that although Foxnews interviewed some 400 people that atended Columbia at the same time without a single recollection of the man, all we have is the blogger testimony by one singular guy named Phil whom Foxnews did NOT find and interview...but came out himself, and stated

that Obama had Campus access, hence a Columbia University Campus pass, and showered there...but little else. Incredulously, all he needs then, is a Gym Class for the Fall semester of 1981.

"We attended rallies on campus where we were urged to “draft beer, not people,” and discussed ..."

"The crowd we hung out with included ..."

"Barack listened ...and he was ..."

"We both transferred from Oxy to Columbia in fall 1981. "

"Barack has said that he spent a lot of time in the library while at Columbia ..."

"We also didn’t have regular hot water and sometimes used the Columbia gym for showers."

"One weekend I invited Barack to meet ..."

"After that first semester, we had to move. Barack tried to find an apartment for both of us, but was only able to find a studio for himself."

"Through different living arrangements in Astoria, Queens; Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; and all over Manhattan, we stayed in touch..."

"...in 1985,...He left for Chicago..."

"Barack wasn’t thinking about becoming President when he was in college; he wanted to be a writer. "

I would like to ask those that say Barack was a full time student at Columbia, by what proof? The roommate said Barack attended rallies on Campus, and took showers there, and that's it. No talks about the Student Union or interactions with Campus anything (including students and others) there except at "rallies". The roommate says that Barack said he was at the Columbia Library alot. He means that he never had to use the Library himself much if at all, and never once saw Barack at the Library to know for himself? In some classes I took in College, I was often withdrawing and returning upwards of some 6-8 books a week at 21 units in the semester. I find Barack's roomate and attitude that ends up to the effect that it was if he NEVER saw Barack in the Library he claimed to be at, as incredulous. I repeat, Barack's alleged Columbia University and closest Fall Semester 1981 witness is claiming that he never saw Obama on Campus other than at political rallies they attended together or when they took showers in the Campus Gym together. Is he kidding me?

We need to be focusing on precisely what Obama's roommate says, and DOES NOT specifically say about Campus Life in order to best reconstruct the testimony he claims to have and give about Barack's Campus Life and actual College attendance.  But for Phil, where would that be?  At "Oxy" where he saw Obama living out an actual campus dorm room.

In the article / blog at the NY Times

he does say that at Occidental, he and Barack had Dorm rooms directly opposite one another...so at least at "Oxy", there is the presumption of mutual full time status and Campus Class attendance. But getting back to Phil's first-hand blog:

It seems to me that he phrases Obama in the careful language of laying smoke, while de facto stating that Obama was more or less a Columbia University outsider for that semester, or perhaps (by the impression) one not even carrying more than Gym and perhaps one other class for the Fall of 1981, if even that much. That too, it seems to me, can be rationally inferred by Phil, and more rationally carried away by the language Phil uses, unless there was unit minimum to appear in the Campus Directory. Was there a unit minimum? . But, oh wait, that directory lists Obama A YEAR LATER in 1982-1983's school year. Ooops.

Oh Yeah...and Obama is alleged to have written one, just one article....in MARCH OF 1983! As it pertains to the Fall of 1981, we must say...so what?

Clearly, Obama probably did attend in 1982-1983 at Columbia...probably. But what about 1981-1982? That part, except for a probable Gym class at Columbia in the Fall of 1981, we simply have no right to expect he did anything more than that. So if people want to theorize about a lack of attendance, perhaps 1981-1982 would be a time, when like high school, Obama might be best speculated as having had a problem with drugs at that time (if we take in what he says in his ghost-written auto-biography).

So I understand why there are those who say he never attended, when realistically that claim is beginning to sound a bit more like something akin to what Oliver Stone might overlay in the same way he did with his JFK movie, specifically on Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans with the Printing House run by Ed Asner and Jack Lemmon's characters. It enters into a realm of questioning what is or is not fictitious about the man, and coming back with an answer that says: "without the transcripts and multi eyewitness testimony of those who attended classes with Obama...if any have...we simply don't and won't know." I think, for at least the Fall of 1981 to the Spring of 1982, it's probably more about Obama battling drug addiction than anything else...but again, we simply don't know.

In the NY Times, known repeatedly by scandals for intentional fiction writing

the eyewitness is one to the neighborhood Barack claims to have lived in, and NOT Obama personally.

"Frank Neubauer, 73, who has lived all his life in the building except for two years in Brooklyn, confirmed Mr. Obama’s account that it was a rough place back then. "

Unfortunately, not once does Neubauer or the other person (Mr. Burns) ever confirm that Barack ever lived in the same building as they. It is the NY Times writer who infers without any facts or confirmation.

[I will now state that, in my opinion (having had multiple run ins with Barack in July –August 1981: one in Willmette Illinois — Barack with Bill Ayers -- and later in Evanston Illinois, Barack sometimes with and without Ayers) that perhaps the only way Obama attended Columbia University, would be as a foreign exchange student in an off-campus or satellite classroom…you know, the kind they give people to the retards that can’t keep up with the regular class…if Columbia had such a thing.  No wonder Obama is sensitive about his ears.  Maybe if Wayne Allyn Root and the 399 others are asked if they went, “Hey!  Look at the retard with the big ears and the ‘where’s the flood(?)’ pants!’ maybe then, they might remember Obama? Will Obama ever release the Columbia transcripts to refute such?  If there is a book-maker in Vegas willing to give great odds that Obama will, and is willing to pay off if the puppet teleprompter reader and usurper placed in the Presidency by the DNC, their vacation and golfing junkie President Retard, doesn’t release the aforesaid transcripts --  let me know, so I can make a quick fortune.  Heh, heh, heh, heh.  – Brianroy August 7, 2012]

 [[[[[Update August 8, 2012.  In response to Wayne Allyn Root, Glenn Beck decided to have a pseudonym of someone they named as Myth-eos Holt write an article on the 5 facts that prove Obama attended Columbia University.

I replied to the article at the Blaze, and as of this posting, it wasn’t past the moderation process.  It reads:
Mytheos, on your Fact #5, you do not address that Barack did not attend Columbia in 1981-1982, and is NOT listed in the Columbia University directory for that year.  Why?

On Fact #4, just because Obama lived in the general area of Columbia University, what does the address tell us other than he lived near Columbia University?  What were the specific dates he resided near Columbia University? 

On Fact # 3 you offer NO evidence Boerner or Roth attended Columbia WITH Obama, just that they might have known him from the area can be equally inferred.

On Fact #2 Obama indeed had a single article in Sundial in March 1983.  That places him there for one semester.  Further, having just one educator of just one Remedial Political Activism Class (one for the backward and affirmative action slow ones needing a hand up) who handed out straight A's on echoing his own sentiments, means very little.  What of the other 3 semesters, and Obama's other classes and grades?  He did NOT get honors at Columbia, even if others did his homework.   

On fact #1, just because Obama had a library card and a University pass to attend on Campus socialist conferences, that proves exactly what?  He used the gym alot for showers rather than at home.  Did he spend more time playing basketball and watching other guys in the showers rather than attending classes?  

Your 5 facts aren't even facts, but speculation based on hope and wishful thinking; and offer us nothing than more bobble-heading for Obama propaganda.

Those wishing to read the one lone article in the Columbia Sundial with Barack's name on it, in March 1983, can read it at
or in the photo-copy  of the student newspaper at

The Obama defenders still has not proven in any way that Obama wasn’t an affirmative action help-a-long, which the article actually accidentally seems to affirm through the one lone Obama educator, Michael Baron, who states:
“The course was not a polemical course, it was a course in decision making and how decisions got made,”.     In other words, Obama finds out what Baron likes, kisses up to his opinions as a pet, writes simple essays that reflect Baron’s class stated sentiments, takes no hard quizzes or tests, and aces the class.  Like uh, BIG WHOOP!

It seems that when Glenn Beck promotes that "The Truth lives here" at GBTV, it perhaps doesn't stay home as often as they would like you to believe?

End of update]]]]]]

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