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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Two classic anti-Obama billboards in Hanson Massachusetts should inspire like national grassroots anti-Obama billboards to spring up also.

The Blaze posted a couple of appropriate anti-Obama Billboards for 2012. 


They apparently got these from the Patriot Ledger which reported the signs as a video poll:


Hanson Massachusetts humorously skewers Obama for 2012 and posts two relevant political billboards:

“Somewhere in Kenya, 
a village is missing it’s
One Big Ass Mistake America, 

Anti Obama Signs in Hanson, Massachussetts Ignite Controversy: Somewhere in Kenya, a Village Is Missing Its Idiot

"Thanks, Obama. 
You’ve spent my lunch money,
 my allowance, my inheritance, 
35 years of future paychecks 
and my retirement. You jerk!

(The little girl then flips Obama the middle finger while pouting.) 

Anti Obama Signs in Hanson, Massachussetts Ignite Controversy: Somewhere in Kenya, a Village Is Missing Its Idiot

Classic!   While the middle finger the little girl gives is a little over the top, these ads show that the best creativity in anti-Obama ads and billboards  will be the Grass Roots ones from those Americans Obama hurts via his intentional wrecking of the economy while raising taxes and raiding of the US Treasury to squander and waste this nation into an intentional collapse.

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