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Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 30, 2012 Day 4 / Last Day of GOP Presidential Convention 2012

Mitt Romney or Barack Hussein Obama.

We are forced to make a pragmatic choice based on who is best qualified based on ideas, solutions, experience to solve the problems at hand for the good of the country.  Who can we more or easily trust to save the economy and this country as a Republic (keeping our Constitution and Declaration of Independence Principles intact)? It sure isn't Obama.

Newt and Callista Gingrich

Clint Eastwood brings down the house

Although Past his prime, Eastwood gave some good lines, only the complications of his age slowing down and almost diverting his very good performance as he combined theater acting and comedy with a Mitt Romney endorsement speech. When some off-stage gal insists he say a famous line, it sounded more like he was soliciting her.  It was very funny how it came out.

The speaker who followed him, Senator Marco Rubio, dropped the ball at least twice.  He had an opportunity to bail at 15:22 ff. into his speech, and should have done so as the crowd cheered very loudly and chanted "Mitt! Mitt! Mitt!"   But Rubio continued on, rather than introducing Mitt Romney.  That was the first big mistake he made.

The second was what followed a minute and a half later, because Marco Rubio went on to commit a form of political suicide of a sort that will stifle his career.  His oops was so bad, that it is almost guaranteed to be chronically used to harass the Romney Campaign in gaffe attack ads (to be made by the Obama Campaign and its supporters) and aired day and night until November 2012.  

Starting at 17:08 ff. on the video,in making his final thoughts to introduce Mitt Romney, Marco stated that: by rising up to meet the perils of our times, by our selecting Mitt Romney, History would remember that "we chose more government instead of more freedom" or words to this effect.  Talk about a gaffe!

Mitt Romney's across Party Lines to the Nation acceptance speech

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