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Friday, March 25, 2011

Trump continues to ask about Obama's missing Birth Certificate, while Orly Taitz finds out Obama attended Columbia University (NYC) only 2 semesters

[Last updated on March 26, 2011

After reviewing and researching off this post of mine, please also review the valuable  ff. Atlas Shrugs link as well:



 -- Brianroy]

Donald Trump needs to ratchet up the Birther Issue to a whole new level,
 and can start by reintroducing 3 points on the Birth Certificacte Issue. 

1.  Obama's forged / out of sequence Birth Certification Numbers.

Question the existing short form Certification of Live Birth.
World Net Daily broke that story:

The Nordykes birth at Kapi-olani were given 151 – 61 – 10637 and 151 - 61 - 10638 both being born on August 05, 1961.  Obama, alleging to be born prior to these twins, has his number as ending as 10641 on August 04, 1961.   However, you will note that there is also an additional two digits, a 19 or four digit middle sequence,
 151 – 1961 – 10641
when the genuine certifications of live birth have only two digits such as "61". 

Another anomaly is to call Barack's father as African rather than negro or even black.  There are a variety of skin colors and racial ethnicities from Africa.  Whites and Blacks in South Africa, Browns in Libya, etc.  Africa is a continent, and does not designate a race as negro, such as "African-American" prior to the Presidency of Ronald Reagan (1981-1989).   To call a race as "African" as Obama's father is so designated, demonstrates that there was NO Long or Short Certification of Live birth for Obama. 

Looks like a forger messed up.  But that has been well known well before the 2008 election for anyone truly interested in discerning veracity from fraud and deception. 

Of the Short Form Birth Certificate Fraud, extraordinary posts by Pamela Geller at Atlasshrugs:



Of there being no Obama Hawaii or US Certification of Live Birth (or Birth Certificate), exactly as a senior 2008 Elections Clerk alleged and Governor Abercrombie found out, I defer to these two January 2011 posts of mine:

It should be very simple to obtain a Long Form BC, as another blogger has already demonstrated and posted copies of, from September 10, 2010.

2.  On Point:  2004 Kenyan Media and 2010 official Kenyan Government transcripts

The Nairobi Kenya Eastern Standard is the source of the Birther Movement, substantiated by other African Media and Kenya’s own Government Officials in Public Statement of fact in Transcript.

Of primary concern is the Nairobi Kenya "Eastern Standard" dated as Sunday, June 27, 2004.

That's two and a half years before Barack decided to run (announcing his decision to run in February 2007).
Its headline reads:

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

The first line reads:
Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.

De facto, in 2004 the Nairobi of Kenya "Eastern Standard" news media states clearly in the headline that Senator Barack Obama is Kenyan born...hence, born in Kenya. http://web.archive.org/web/20040627142700/eastandard.net/headlines/news26060403.htm

There are no other living witnesses besides Barack's step-grandmother, who says she saw him birthed in Kenya.
and that claim was vetted twice by Kenya's Parliament, one of which was only March of LAST YEAR!!!:

Thursday, 25th March, 2010
The House met at 2.30 p.m.
p. 31 ...2nd paragraph (Mr. Orengo, Ministrer of  Lands of the nation of Kenya, speaking):
"...how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America? It is because they did away with exclusion."


In others words, NON-Natural born Citizens of the US can now be President of the USA, starting with Barack Hussein Obama!!!

Even National Public Radio, NPR, concurred with the Government and Media of Kenya that Barack was "Kenyan born" UNTIL they scrubbed their web-site in the second week of April of 2010!

3. On point of Law:  Obama is required to produce proof

"The burden of establishing a delegation of power to the United States,

or the prohibition of power to the States,

is upon those making the claim."

Bute v. Illinois, 333 US 640 (1948) @ 653
[i.e., the burden of proof is upon those being President to prove they are Natural Born Citizens and Constitutionally eligible.]

The mother's relation is verifiable from the birth itself and is documented by the birth certificate or hospital records and the witnesses to the birth.” @54

" In the case of the mother, the relation is verifiable from the birth itself. The mother's status is documented in most instances by the birth certificate or hospital records and the witnesses who attest to her having given birth.” @ 62

Nguyen v. INS, 533 US 53 (2001) @ 54,62

Without a US Citizen Father at time of birth, without a voting US Citizen mother, without sole legience to the United States at birth, Barack cannot legally be a US Natural Born Citizen rising to the parameter set by the US Constitution in Article 2.1.5, the 14th Amendment section 1, and the 19th Amendment...not to mention statuatory laws, etc.

The US Supreme Court ruled he has to prove he has WITNESSES TO THE BIRTH to establish identity. If he wishes to be President or Vice-President, under the pretext of bearing the burden to establish his identity, Barack Hussein Obama II has NO right to privacy in regard to establishing birth hospital, birth street address, and the witnesses to the birth, etc.

Related issue:
 Obama Passport Theft from inside the US Dept. of State during 2008 Democrat Presidential Primaries and that of his active Social Security Number Identity Theft
Of a related issue, Trump should also nail Obama on the very appearance of a quid pro quo to John Brennan Obama Passport theft from the US Department of State
by demanding a Congressional Investigation into espionage theft by Brennan's company of the Obama passports and a quid pro quo reward, and demand to know what was so essential about them that they had to be stolen?

This, as well as the stolen SS# that Obama has used, issued from the State of Connecticut on or about March 21, 1977 to someone born in 1890, which Obama has actively used for most of his entire adult life. While Attorney Orly Taitz maintains her belief that the SS# was stolen by
Obama’s grandmother Madeline Payne Dunham [whom] was known to volunteer at the Oahu Circuit court probate department and had access to Social Security numbers of the recently deceased individuals, whose death may or may not have been reported to the Social Security administration.
I maintain the belief and working theory that Barack personally stole a physical Connecticut issued Social Security Card from Arcadia Retirement Center in Honolulu,
where he spent some of his work permitted time as allotted by Punahou High School, to serve as someone who mopped up floors and resented it so much, it seems to me, that he allegedly robbed these seniors of that by which he bought his drugs to get high with, as he confessed in his own auto biography "Dreams from My Father". 


My Generation needs to remember all the ordure we have been through these last 40 years following the alleged awakening from the 1960s, and to wake up and demand of Obama: 

Who are you?  -- and if need be, in the crass, Who the f**k are you?

Below video contains some very brief profanity to the above effect.

And pay attention to the lyrics of this next song, never mind the detraction of the images.

I also wish to commend Dr. Orly Taitz

because she has been able to at least now pull up Obama's alleged dates of Columbia attendance:

09/01/1982 to 05/31/1983
Bachelor's Degree for Political Science, awarded 05/17/1983

May 1983

S M Tu W Th F S

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 9 10 11 12 13 14

15 16 17 18 19 20 21

22 23 24 25 26 27 28

29 30 31

The link jpg is at the link above. It cost her $10.

Lexis-Nexis (a data aggregate company, foreign owned, used and recommended as a US and State Governments data brokerage) was the means by which Orly found Barack attended Columbia University of New York City from only September of 1982 to May of 1983.

Much to the dismay of the fanatical fans and supporters who worship/praise Obama as if he were deified on Earth to them, I was correct in asserting that Barack Obama did NOT attend Columbia in the spring of 1982.

On September 03, 2010
I previously posted to this effect below:


Some, like Pastor Manning, say Obama NEVER attended Columbia University. The greatest missing time-line, when examined, appears to be the Spring Semester of 1982, when there is NO DATA that Barack was even in the city consistently, let alone even attended a single class. But as we shall see, I think it may have been equally logical to say it was because he was battling getting off of drugs, as to speculate anything else in the absence of eyewitnesses and college transcripts.

I think a big problem with the Columbia years, that although Foxnews interviewed some 400 people that attended Columbia at the same time without a single recollection of the man, all we have is the blogger testimony by one singular guy named Phil whom Foxnews did NOT find and interview...but came out himself, and stated


that Obama had Campus access, hence a Columbia University Campus pass, and showered there...but little else. Incredulously, all he needs then, is a Gym Class for the Fall semester of 1981.

"We attended rallies on campus where we were urged to “draft beer, not people,” and discussed ..."

"The crowd we hung out with included ..."

"Barack listened ...and he was ..."

"We both transferred from Oxy to Columbia in fall 1981. "

"Barack has said that he spent a lot of time in the library while at Columbia ..."

"We also didn’t have regular hot water and sometimes used the Columbia gym for showers."

"One weekend I invited Barack to meet ..."

"After that first semester, we had to move. Barack tried to find an apartment for both of us, but was only able to find a studio for himself."

"Through different living arrangements in Astoria, Queens; Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; and all over Manhattan, we stayed in touch..."

"...in 1985,...He left for Chicago..."

"Barack wasn’t thinking about becoming President when he was in college; he wanted to be a writer. "

I would like to ask those that say Barack was a full time student at Columbia, by what proof? The roommate said Barack attended rallies on Campus, and took showers there, and that's it. No talks about the Student Union, or interactions with Campus anything (including students and others) there except at "rallies". The roommate says that Barack said he was at the Columbia Library a lot. He means, that he never had to use the Library himself much if at all, and never once saw Barack at the Library to know for himself? In some classes I took in College, I was often withdrawing and returning upwards of some 6-8 books a week at 21 units in the semester. I find Barack's roomate and attitude that ends up to the effect that it was if he NEVER saw Barack in the Library he claimed to be at, as incredulous. I repeat, Barack's alleged Columbia University and closest Fall Semester 1981 witness is claiming that he never saw Obama on Campus other than at political rallies they attended together or when they took showers in the Campus Gym together. Is he kidding me?

We need to be focusing on precisely what Obama's roommate says, and DOES NOT specifically say about Campus Life in order to best reconstruct the testimony he claims to have and give about Barack's Campus Life and actual College attendance. But for Phil, where would that be? At "Oxy" where he saw Obama living out an actual campus dorm room.

In the article / blog at the NY Times


he does say that at Occidental, he and Barack had Dorm rooms directly opposite one another...so at least at "Oxy", there is the presumption of mutual full time status and Campus Class attendance. But getting back to Phil's first-hand blog:

It seems to me that he phrases Obama in the careful language of laying smoke, while de facto stating that Obama was more or less a Columbia University outsider for that semester, or perhaps (by the impression) one not even carrying more than Gym and perhaps one other class for the Fall of 1981, if even that much. That too, it seems to me, can be rationally inferred by Phil , and more rationally carried away by the language Phil uses, unless there was unit minimum to appear in the Campus Directory. Was there a unit minimum? . But, oh wait, that directory lists Obama A YEAR LATER in 1982-1983's school year. Ooops.

Oh Yeah...and Obama is alleged to have written one, just one article....in MARCH OF 1983! As it pertains to the Fall of 1981, we must say...so what?

Clearly, Obama probably did attend in 1982-1983 at Columbia...probably. But what about 1981-1982? That part, except for a probable Gym class at Columbia in the Fall of 1981, we simply have no right to expect he did anything more than that. So if people want to theorize about a lack of attendance , perhaps 1981-1982 would be a time, when like high school, Obama might be best speculated as having had a problem with drugs at that time (if we take in what he says in his ghost-written auto-biography).

So I understand why there are those who say he never attended, when realistically that claim is beginning to sound a bit more like something akin to what Oliver Stone might overlay in the same way he did with his JFK movie, specifically on Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans with the Printing House run by Ed Asner and Jack Lemmon's characters. It enters into a realm of questioning what is or is not fictitious about the man, and coming back with an answer that says: "without the transcripts and multi eyewitness testimony of those who attended classes with Obama...if any have...we simply don't and won't know." I think, for at least the Fall of 1981 to the Spring of 1982, it's probably more about Obama battling drug addiction than anything else...but again, we simply don't know.

In the NY Times, known repeatedly by scandals for intentional fiction writing


the eyewitness is one to the neighborhood Barack claims to have lived in, and NOT Obama personally.

"Frank Neubauer, 73, who has lived all his life in the building except for two years in Brooklyn, confirmed Mr. Obama’s account that it was a rough place back then. "

Unfortunately, not once does Neubauer or the other person (Mr. Burns) ever confirm that Barack ever lived in the same building as they. It is the NY Times writer who infers without any facts or confirmation.

Hence, not only was I correct in asserting Obama did NOT attend Columbia in the Spring of 1982, but I am also 100% correct in asserting he is NOT and NEVER was Constitutionally eligible to the US Presidency without a US Citizen Father and sole legience/nationality to the United States at birth. He is a fraud of the worst kind.

So if Obama transferred in June of 1981, what was he doing in New York City from that September 1981 to August of 1982?   Where did he get all his magical semester credits in order to graduate?  Answer, I believe to be the Fulbright scholarship to foreign under-graduate students like Obama who attended Occidental University, in which Community Organizing, Political activism, perhaps even hanging out and simply visiting foreign places like Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Kenya, and Great Britain racks up a bunch of "affirmative action" extra-curricular semester units applied toward a degree, with no redemptive value other than being a world tourist and observer.  I personally believe that Obama used his stolen Connecticut Social Security Number as a multi-national ( he still retained foreign citizen-ships of both Indonesia, Kenya, and Britain via his step-father and biological father at the time of his Occidental admittance), taking advantage of the opportunities  under the Fulbright Scholarship for foreign undergraduates at Occidental, but needing the Social Security number for some yet undetermined purpose to be discovered if or when his Occidental records are released.  Perhaps this pertains to his alleged US Citizenship for tax (if he worked part-time on campus for extra cash) or loan purposes.This would predate what we already know to be his stolen Connecticut Social Security Card associated with his alleged Selective Service Registration. 


It seems to me that the Left is a polyglot of movements with differing agendas that can be somewhat summed up in the emotions expressed in this next song.  To me, "I've had enough" expresses the mass conflicts of the Left in this nation in an artistic/musical  format.

To get inside the music of Quadrophenia and certain selections some of the other music of The Who is to briefly get a glimpse inside the mind and direction of those of the 1960s and 1970s who still think-tank and lead the Left, and see the conflicts from where they have come from and where they still want to go...because it seems to me, that some of its thinkers like Bill Ayers and others have been so influenced by it, that they even seem to want to govern many of their themes by such patterns (even if subconsciously, as it were), it seems to me.

Thank you Donald Trump, for asking the question.
Thank you especially, Orly Taitz, for your years of dedication and devotion to try to protect your new homeland from a Communist-Socialist Usurpation, and the Fraud in Chief by whom the Communist-Socialist leaders wish to accomplish this by, while deceiving and manipulating the poor and financial yoked of the masses they rob as suckers, and have many of those whom they rob and fleece thank them for it.  Thank you kindly for all your tireless dedication and fidelity to the Constitution and the Republic of the United States of America (from this natural born US Citizen of two US Citizen parents).   Thank you kindly.

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