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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Turban and the Swastika video

The Turban and the Swatika part 1 of 2 from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

Islam is all about types of Totalitarianism: be it Fascism, Communism, and Submissive enslavement...they just don't care what the vehicle is. Since the 1980s, with Yassar Arafat's love affair with reading up on Hitler's Nazi Germany, talking with Intelligence survivors who headed up Syria's Intelligence network, and other sources, many of the PLO were won over to view themselves in the same regard: as the Master Race in regard to the lands of "palestine". But the boundaries of this post-73 A.D. land were whatever Arafat and the PLO claimed them to be, without infringing on other Muslim claims in the region.

In World War 2, the Waffen-SS was a polyglot collection of various non-aryan as well as aryans; and the fighting skill or battlefield worth varied from battalion to battalion as they fought primarily in Eastern Europe and on the Russian Fronts. Had Hitler the patience to have waited 3 or 4 more years to begin the war in Europe, the entire continent and much of the Middle East would probably have been speaking German from about 1947 down to this day...and the world would have been a vastly different place than what we know it as now.

But by G-D's grace, Israel was made a resting place for the Jews, and it is their birthright to be there and to own it. In fact, lands now possessed by the PLO Governments, southern Lebanon, southwest Syria, Jordan, Egypt...these lands ought to be vacated and given over as a gift to the nation of Israel, with an order of evacuation of all Muslims from Jewish lands, while seeking G-D's Grace and forgiveness for the harm they have done to their cousins in these lands (except for Egypt) in Father Abraham. The Jews being descended through Isaac and Jacob, the Muslims of these border lands being descended: through Ishmael (half-brother to Isaac), through Lot (the nephew of Abraham) and his two daughters, and through Esau (the brother of Jacob). However, who is what anymore, is almost anybody's guess.

This film will give insight from the past as to what the present and future in the Middle East will likely be evolving into. We have seen Turkish Muslim efficiency of killing 1-3 million Armenians in 1915 give the blueprint and rise to the Nazi holocausts...though it is not politically expedient to remind Turkey of its blood guilt if we wish major military logistics passage to continue through its bases into Iraq, and to our troops there. Perhaps when we pull up stakes, and Iran takes Iraq over? Maybe then? Time will tell.

Tha past -- as seen in the videos -- will obviously not be wholly duplicated, but it will serve as inspiration and a pool from which morphed replications will be enacted...and will be utilized by whomever the one who is to be called (or calls himself) the 12th Imam, the Mahdi. The Mahdi, the coming neo-Fuhrer of all Islam, whose goal is to unite all Islam to bathe the world in fire, sword, and blood to the glory of Satan (aka. "allah") and his false prophet, the historically known pedophile and murderer, Mohammed (who now weeps, wails, and gnashes his spiritual teeth without ever finding rest in Sheol, even as you read this). So when a Muslim calls Islam a religion of "peace", he means, "when you are either a fully submissive 5 times a day practicing muslim to Satan (aka. "allah"), or are dead, then there will be peace..."Rest in Peace" or daily violent oppression, and the removal of liberty for never ending fear by the State, the Imams, and the Secrtet Police who may torture and kill at a whim of a suspicion against you (guilty or not)." That kind of "peace" that is no peace? No thanks.

Hat Tip: Pam Gellar at Atlas Shrugs
Documentary transcribed and uploaded by Vlad Tepes

Educational Warning: Filled with pro-Islamic Propaganda

To put the Third World insidiousness of what Islam does to a culture, and to Christians within it, check out this Lebanese survivor's biographical account and first-hand survivor's insights:

That's what comes with Islam...irrationality, mob violence, mayhem, oppression, and hate, hate, hate. That is why we need to sound the alarm, and spare our nation the same jihadi violence the above former Lebanese survivor experienced.

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