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Monday, March 15, 2010

Swedish Economic Model 101: Stick with Conservatives to Prosper, or go with Libs to collapse that Prosperity into hard times

At Cato, the naivete' is to think Obama wants to be like Sweden?

People need to get with the program...the current glaze over of the Obama Administration, as with his billionaire supporter George Soros, is to go "ga-ga" over "State Capitalism", i.e., a form of Chinese State activity in the Market Place of the World economy. Hence, a Maoist Communist-Socialist Hybrid.


For over 232 years, until the elections of 2008, the United States stood as a Tree of Liberty, as a gift from G-D to the world...but gradually infected with parasites and evil doctrines that war against G-D and the gift of Liberty He gave mankind through allowing such a nation as the United States to be created and sustained.

In effect, the Agendas and Actions of these traitors ought to be characterized and called what they are:

"Termites who have invaded the Tree of the Republic of the United States of America, who are doing their damnedest to both eat and kill that Tree."

America needs to remove the acceptance of Communist-Socialist Agendas and Actions that are now having its evil (and yes, I call them EVIL) promoters who are calling for things like "State Capitalism" or "Social Justice". In effect, "State Capitalism" or "Social Justice" is simply Totalitarianism's supporters using "sucker advertising gimics" chameleoned under name changes.

The United States of America neds to get back to a point of repentance and obeisance to the Judeo-Christian G-D who governed in the lives and affairs of many of its leaders in its first century and more. This was then so much so, that in the 1890s, the US Supreme Court ruled that the US was then still "a Christian nation" and cited many examples to prove that decision they had then rendered in Trinity, Rector, etc. v. the United States of America.

It would do no harm for every child to be Biblically Literate in the Old and New Testaments, and to recite the 10 Commandments along with the time that they should also Pledge Allegiance to the Flag following such a recitation. In fact, it would lead to better behaved children, and sear the consciences of parents and grand-parents of any sinful and untoward activities they might be engaged in...and act as a form of familial pressure that reduces Crime by double digits annually in the first 5 years of its implementation.

But, that being unlikely to ever be such a fulfilled "revival" in these Last days...I will return to the Swedish model that Progressives and Communist-Socialists "say" they "look to" for "economic examples of salvation".

As for those who point to Sweden as a "Progressive model to prosperity", they are either illiterate or intentionally deceptive and hoping that YOU are (when they make their sales pitch). That's my input.

Ronald Reagan speaks from the Past and asks older America to "Remember".

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