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Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Zeal on Communist Socialist Obama Associations, and a few words from me on Socialized Medicine (aka. genocide)

Trevor Loudon, an excellent New Zealand blogjournalist regarding Barack Obama's past ties, has asked to have his contributions linked.

1) Barack Obama and the Communist Party

2) Barack Obama and the Committees of Correspondence

3) Barack Obama and the Democratic Socialists of America

4) Barack Obama and the Socialist Healthcare Scamsters

How many tens of millions would disagree and be in denial of Sharpton's cold water on the face with the attitude of..."You suckers wanted Socialism when you voted for Obama...what are you whining about? He's a SOCIALIST." It won't be long before the words "Socialism" and "Socialist" are replaced with "Communism" and Communist"...followed by "Shia Muslim" or "Shiite".

Many of us tried to warn America, but so many in America are too doped up on illegal and prescription meds, or too steeped in following after and commiting sins (falling under Satan's Power with darkened and muddled minds) to have a clear head, apparently. Good grief, America!

5) Some Christmas Reading for Your Senators-Obama, Young, Conyers and Socialized Healthcare

To call Obama and friends "Communist-Socialists" who have purposely infiltrated and hijacked the Democratic National Committee with their own and Communist and Socialist long term Agendas in the works for the last 50 years and more, is NO HYPERBOLE NOR EVEN A SLIGHT EXAGGERATION. The primary means of infiltration is on the pretended concerns about the working and unworking poor, and the socialization of medicine.

Canada states that their essential hospital care services are covered. The ministry pays all the physician and nursing care you receive in hospital. It also pays for prescription drugs as well as diagnostic services done in hospital, such as laboratory tests and X-rays. The only problem is, are you on the lottery pool list to even GET TESTED or X-Rayed? In Canada, the entire nation doesn't run as many tests as the top 6 United States Hospitals. That is, just 6 of our top hospitals run more tests that all of Canada's 719 hospitals (or 2000+ if we include their umbrella facilities), who average of 44 beds per 10,000 in population. If there isn't any room, go home to your own bed and die, sucker. The spread is an authorized test reduction of 99.17%. Unless you are a high ranking member of the Federal Government or a high State Official, the physician care level of service will revert to the same level you might have received in circa 1896 A.D. some 96-97% of the time for emergency treatment, and 99% of the time for non-emergency treatment.

And what do we get as the response from the Communist-Socialists in Congress? The below Youtube lecturing quote -- in his own words -- has been confirmed by Fox, WND, etc., NOT to be out of context...Democrat Black Caucus Alcee Hastings arrogantly states: "There Are No Rules Here ... We Make Them Up As We Go Along"

As the House Bill insisted, so will we learn the Senate Bill...interns will replace actual licensed and certified physician's, and greater weight will be placed upon the less skilled, so that it may be likely (not just possible) that a trip to the hospital with a broken leg will have a candy striper drafted into splitering and putting a cast on the leg, with a nod of approval from a practicing nurse (not a Registered Nurse).

In 2008, there were 4,919 US Community Hospitals.

These will now be reduced to the authorizations issued formerly for the top 42 hospitals in the United States. That is, whatever the cap of tests done by 42 US hospitals did in 2008, in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014...4900+ US hospitals will be limited to...and that number will go only to the Communist-Socialists inside and outside the Federal Government and their specific families, and NOBODY else (except perhaps this or that VIP, State Official, or whomever they very short list select).

If we cut medical tests and x-rays and treatments and medications to be issued to the reductions that socialized medicine does in Canada, the mortality rate in the United States would neccessarily skyrocket at 10, 20, or even 30 fold in the first two years alone as compared from 2008 - 2009 levels.

In other words, of the 1 million deaths per annum in 2005 to 2008, the death toll in the first 2 years could reach 10-30 million, as medicines and care are denied the senior, frail, or chronically sick in US Society.

The potential of 60-80 million deaths over the first 4 years of Obama Healthcare is NO EXAGGERATION of what not only could happen, but will likely happen...even if the average is de facto found, after the fact, to be a spread of about 15 million deaths per annum above the birth rate.

In a nation of 300+ million, DEATH will be the Entrepreneurial Bonanza that will drive those who cremate or bury into cash cow Auschwitz Farms of prosperity. Obama and the Communist-Socialists and the idiots of the Democratic Party will practice a form of genocide by denial that will probably make the Nazi Concentration Camps look like amateur hour for inefficiency.

Socialized Medicine A Gimmick Toward International Governance

The US is gradually being pushed into a One World Governance under International Law required reading. Such as:

At the University of London, a 3 year report which ran from March 2006 to February 2009, by which the International Court system will swear by, describes killing off the elderly as "not genocide, but care"...or words to this effect.

The Centre for International Courts and Tribunals (CICT) at UCL
has now moved to the advisory and implementation stage. The report was titled: Process and legitimacy in the nomination, election and appointment of international judges.

The research team comprised of:

Professor Philippe Sands QC, Director CICT, Faculty of Laws, UCL (Principal Investigator)

Professor Kate Malleson, Queen Mary, Department of Law (Principal Investigator)

Ruth Mackenzie, Deputy Director CICT and Principal Research Fellow, Faculty of Laws, UCL

Penny Martin, Research Fellow, CICT, Faculty of Laws, UCL

Kate Barber, Administrator, CICT, Faculty of Laws, UCL

"More than 30 international or regional courts now exist. International judicial activity now encompasses trade, investment, human rights, war crimes, and issues of general international law. International courts increasingly impact on legal and judicial developments at the national level."

Their Advisors that guided them were:

Lord Woolf (Chair), UK; former Lord Chief Justice

Florentino Feliciano, Philippines; former WTO Appellate Body member

Gilbert Guillaume, France; former ICJ President

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, Canada; Chief Justice

Eduardo Valencia-Ospina, Colombia; former ICJ Registrar

Sir Shridath Surendranath Ramphal, Guyana; former Commonwealth Secretary General

Professor Peter Russell, Canada; University of Toronto

Tuiloma Neroni Slade, Samoa; former Ambassador to UN and former ICC Judge

William Taft IV, US; former US Legal Adviser

Professor Elizabeth Wilmshurst, UK; International Law Programme, Chatham House

Ambassador Xue Hanqin, China; Ambassador to The Netherlands

The above will have been the architects that Harold Koh and the various Socialist-Communists of the Obama Administration and their cohorts (such as union and other leaders and the billionaire leftists) will yield the US Constitution and US Law to. The New World Order is being set for an International Leader running an Oligarchy, and the Communist-Socialists are instituting the framework and the subservience of the USA. Obama is riding on the public promise of Henry Kissinger, head of the CFR and Bilderbergs, that he has been chosen by other traitors to run the world.


And Day by Day we have to endure...until the Rapture, or until it is our turn to fall face forward having accomplished or having failed...in the L-RD.

(DC Talk)

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