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Saturday, March 27, 2010

By special request, a return of Encore...entertaining music and short videos some of us enjoy playing up to a dozen times back to back

The Go-Go's place first and second with their early 1980s Bubblegum music sound. America needs not to lose its innocence in order to have a good rock n' roll sound and lyrics that can be played around most families and children without fear of horribly degrading them (as rap and sleaze pop rock {e.g., Madonna, etc.} and other demonic music does).

Placing Third is the lovely voice of Lisa Kelly of Celtic Woman. The original grouping was and still is the best.

Placing 4th is the Newsboys, I AM FREE. The video was redone nicely by a private individual who set the music to their video rendition. Nicely done! Good sound and Lyrics.

Placing 5th is the legendary Eleanor Powell. Like with the Go-Go's not continuing along the same pattern in making more collaborative albums displaying a more innocent Bubblegum music talent, so is the wish that the late Eleanor Powell would have made -- or been enabled by the studios to have made -- a few more A-Feature movies in her hey-day. The featured video song was originally titled: "I'll take Manilla", but changed after the Japanese sneak attacked (without provocation) both Pearl Harbor and the Phillipines. The armies of Imperial Nippon / Japan had invaded Manila about the time of the making of this movie. Out of respectful consideration, the studios changed the song title and theme to "I'll take Tullulah".

The Tommy Dorsey Band, giving the orchestral support, was one of more popular Swing Bands of the 1940s. They really were among the best in the field.

In the video, with Eleanor Powell, the combined song, dancing, athletic ability, eye and hand coordination, and beat consistency is something to be watched over and over.

Placing 6th is the River by Vineyard Ministry's Brian D. The theme cuts across the lines as a form of Ecumenical Christian worship that points us to both a form of born again Baptism / Rebirth, and a passing through death (Jordan / Yarden) to the other side.

Placing 7th is Celtic Woman's "The Voice", as sung by Lisa Kelly

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