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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Temple Mount Awareness day passes peacefully in Year 1, barred from ancient Jewish Temple property, only dozens in attendance

First Annual Temple Mount Awareness Day passes by almost unnoticed, even as other great events also most often seem to start out as in their times.

Being unable to join the effort in Jerusalem, I did write Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this short letter on March 16, 2010

Prime Minister,
As a concerned born-again Christian and United States Natural Born Citizen (unlike the usurper of the US Presidency Barack Obama), I urge you to order that Israel's military forces seize control of the Temple Mount, and exercise dominion over that site henceforth forever. I also urge that you call on the Israeli Knesset to draft and pass a one paragraph bill to vote into law to that effect.

"Whereas through Father Abraham and his son Isaac, and through his servant King David and his son Solomon and their successive generations, the Almighty has decreed this site the chosen place of the remembrance of holy sacrifice, of the cleansing of sin, and of the hope of the resurrection; essential doctrines of the Hebrew faith, of Judaism, and of Israeli national identity from antiquity; we hereby decree that the Temple Mount is the place of our Inheritance and our Birthright to govern and watch over, entrusted us by HASHEM, and so exercise this right henceforth now and forever as the nation and physical descendants of Israel: the State of Israel now being and claiming its place as the rightful representative of the physical progeny of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and King David in this world; and herewith claim and exercise our eternal right of primogeniture and entail to the lands known as the Temple Mount, and all properties appertaining there unto. Amen."

The issue of the Jewish right to the Land of Israel and to the Temple Mount itself, especially the right to BUILD a Temple of their own upon their own Land (given them by G-D), will still be an initiator to the powder-keg of the existence of the Hebrews, especially those living in a sovereign -- (rather than labeled Israeli, after the 13 tribes of Israel)-- albeit "Jewish" state called Israel.

I thank the Almighty for the Peace of Jerusalem, and for keeping harm from these who were willing to peacefully gather. May there be tens and hundreds of thousands next March 16th at the next temple Awareness Day, and may the Celts/Irish participate in incorporating the Second Annual Temple Remembrance Day into a new two day festival of remembrance that they combine with St. Patrick's: that it might ever be thereafter a Two Day Ecclesiastical (and not a drunken) Festival of Remembrance, of the Temple and of its Christ (Jesus the L-RD).

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