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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Obama Authorized Spying On Trump: GCHQ Document October 1, 2017 Vegas Massacre End Product Of Fast And Furious Via Obama & Holder Since At Least September 2010ff.

British Intelligence Document shows that in August 2016, Obama requested a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT (the United Kingdom, i.e. Great Britain) to spy on a United States Presidential Candidate and his Campaign Organization and to report that espionage back to him (Obama).  After Donald Trump’s election, Susan Rice asked the British Foreign Intelligence service to continue its espionage of a legally elected President Elect of the United States.   

Says Hal Turner: 
This is one of the TOP SECRET Documents being mentioned to members of Congress in the four page FISA Abuse Memo released by the House Intelligence Committee to members, which has now resulted in the trending #ReleaseTheMemo social media effort. 

The TOP SECRET MEMO from GCHQ is herewith published below:


"Date: 17 November 2016

GCHQ Reference A/7238/6547/12" 

"1. On 28 August 2016, GCHQ / CSO filed for permission to execute Project FULSOME at the request of the US President, seeking intelligence gathering into the Trump Organization and Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., both located at 725 5th Avenue, New York, NY USA. Activities include foreign and US domestic signals collection...."

"4. US National Security Advisor Rice has requested 
       that we continue our surveillance, during the 
       transition period...."

[[[[Update: January 23 2018

Authorized Release of FISA Report, Long Documenting Some Section 702 Authorization Violations And Abuses

See page 16 of the enclosed embedded document and watch the below interview with former NSA deputy head William Binney, who points out the NSA focuses collection of all data, ALL MCT upstream in the USA on any collection of an alleged target and sifts.  

The walkaway point on this exposure appears to be:  That NSA collected MCT Upstream Data such as this, collected en masse for an entire internet relay or what have you,  has been used for blackmail and other illegal purposes, especially against Congress, the judiciary, and many others.  Hundreds of thousands of people are sifted through between target dates and times, and all information in that period is then subject to criminal use by those at NSA, if not others.  Not discussed is perhaps identity theft and other activities by those at NSA by low level employees and contractors and sub-contractors self-profiteering for personal gain or political or anti-religious vindictiveness might also be at play?  


End of January 23, 2018 update]]]]  

There are a couple things we ought to review, as it unexpectedly ties into Vegas, an October 1, 2017 mass murder spree that was CRIMINALLY fabricated for mass consumption to name a lone gunman (Stephen Paddock) as the ONLY shooter

 and that it goes way beyond Paddock himself, the now known to us alleged to be a self-employed Middle Eastern Arms Dealer who was a  U.S. Citizen and just happened to be a Central Intelligence Agency employee of some sort, allegedly a convert to ISIS and ANTIFA (that is ties to George Soros funded anarchists) who just happened to be enabled, and protected by both the CIA and Department of Justice while winked at by the Department of Homeland Security, while being directly tied into Fast and Furious Arms Smuggling from the U.S to ISIS, and allegedly an associate of those who worked directly for Prince bin Talal of Saudi Arabia.
The same Saudi Prince bin Talal,  who weeks after Vegas, was arrested and tortured mildly

 for what he and his diplomatic immunity Intel Agents did to the U.S. Citizens, the arrest and mild torture being done to appease President Trump and as a public media public relations sign of pseudo-justice to keep President Trump's mouth shut or taking military action against Saudi Arabia itself.  

 First is the Alex Jones interview of May 16, 2016 

which (after the fact) we learn that border crossings in Arizona were by default from the information,  CIA and other U.S. Intelligence sanctioned and approved (specifically Jeh Johnson Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice Attorney General) primary in and out arms smuggling route from 2010 to 2016 that was still used by Prince bin Talal’s boys, i.e., his ETS / ISIS team in Vegas for the October 1, 2017 massacre.

With regard to when in December 2010 that U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry was killed, as a result of Eric Holder's gun smuggling, allegedly in other sources to attempt to blame gun owners in the USA and attempt to subvert the Second Amendment, with regard to the victim of ambush and a disarmed U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry, it was reported that he was part of an  "an elite unit within the Border Patrol, [that]  had deployed in the desert to locate a drug gang, known as a rip crew, that had terrorized the Nogales, Ariz., area for months." --"New court documents reveal final moments of border agent Brian Terry’s life"

By Laura Prabucki, William La Jeunesse  Published February 05, 2014 

Nogales from 2010 to 2017 was a U.S. Intelligence KNOWN primary arms smuggling U.S-Mexico border crossing route for weapons shipped out by CIA and CIA contractors for not only ISIS, but other entities; and inside the U.S., we can see the Interstates on a map connected with a direct line through Tucson and then Phoenix and then Vegas that is relevant to the Paddock and Saudi / ISIS arms smuggling that made its way through Mexico, out to Morocco, and points beyond in the Middle East to ISIS itself. 

 Phoenix (former Sheriff Arpaio's old turf) was part of the Interstate transportation factor of the travel route, and with this realization, we can better understand part of why (from a different angle and a different reason than the obvious fake Obama birth document) that Arpaio was so persecuted by the Obama Department of Injustice and a crooked judge. We only are able to realize this post-Vegas massacre.

This smuggling operation is part of the Eric Holder sanctioned Racketeering and Protection series of Organized Crime right out of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, starting 2009 and certainly in full swing by 2010.

Shipments were KNOWN to have gone by way of Mexico to Morocco to Al Qaeda / ISIS in the Middle East and those alerting the Pentagon and the U.S. Department of State in or about May  2016 and before were  being told to "Shut up and stand down", or words to this effect.  

March 30, 2016, two months earlier, Infowars reported:

"To recap:

• Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from 2006 through 2010 convince straw dealers to sell weapons to suspected arms traffickers who may in turn sell them over to Mexican cartels, ostensibly to track the cartels.

• On December 14, 2010 while conducting operations in Nogales, Arizona, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot and died while attempting to arrest five individuals. Two of the guns found at the scene were linked to Fast and Furious.

• Smith-Meck claims weapons were sold in Mexico to middle eastern arms dealers in September 2010. A Moroccon DST commander – on 16 October 2010 also reported Fast and Furious weapons were in the kingdom of Morocco en route to arm the rebels in Algeria.

• Smith-Meck asserts guns, rifles, grenades, grenade launchers, military grade night vision goggles, black special forces tactical uniforms, as well as military equipment and installations were involved.

• Lt. Col Smith-Meck’s research into Terry’s death has led him to suspect a wider weapons transfer scheme may be amidst.

• Smith-Meck predicts a mid-May arms transfer.

• The retired Marine has been target of harassment and intimidation since looking into the case.

Watch the full interview with Lt. Col. Matt Smith-Meck and Kent Terry below:"

Eric Holder, in case you didn't know it, prior to Fast and Furious,  has a history relating to "arms smuggling" association, and a lack of morals to where arms smuggling is the same (to him) as doing nothing wrong, or words to this effect.  For example:  

"In 2007, then private attorney Eric Holder defended the group that funneled $1.7 million into the Columbian group AUC (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia) – a U.S. designated terrorist organization.  

In addition to funding, Chiquita International Brands (CIB) helped the group illegally import over 3,000 AK-47s and 5 million rounds of ammunition into a country ripped apart by drug wars. 

 And Eric Holder not only defended CIB, he initially argued to the court that CIB had done nothing wrong. 

 When that did not work, he helped CIB negotiate a relatively small fine and eliminate legal penalties for the CIB employees who facilitated the illicit weapons transactions."
 -- so states: Mary Lewis, Chair  07/09/2011 in a fund-raising e-mail for www.LifeAndLibertyPAC.org

And since the pro-Muslim (anti-Christian) Obama Administration itself was not above strategically placing ISIS supporters in places like the IRS to cook the books and take retribution on its enemies...

we ought not to place them on any moral plane of honesty or integrity, but rather know that they come at you already bent toward deceit and robbery and treachery and view it as doing nothing wrong (from their viewpoint) at all, and to hell with any law that says otherwise (according to their clandestine and sometimes public way of doing business).  

The whole Vegas October 1, 2017 Massacre, tied to Fast and Furious, arms for ISIS, 

was a blow-back by ISIS involved Saudi Arabian principals in the arms smuggling that was being cut off, 

ending for now in the deaths of 58 U.S. Citizens and some 490 something wounded, and perhaps starting killing U.S. Citizens with  the death of Brian Terry in 2010.

But,  it all begins with a criminal Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Obama, and if and when it is finally blown open, it will also judiciously in both criminal and civil courts expose the October 1, 2017 as tied BOTH to Fast and Furious 

and to the Obama Administration materially aiding and abetting Al Qaeda / ISIS terrorists we were legally at war with, 


against the United States and the Citizens thereof, which is TREASON punishable by death according to the Constitution of the United States, the Supreme Law of the Land (as it notes of itself in Article 6 and to which the U.S. Supreme Court agrees with); and the very acts of TREASON via materially aiding and abetting ISIS and carrying out Fast and Furious arm supplying while murdering and being directly co-conspirators and complicit in the murders of United States Citizens, require the arrest of Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Obama, and probably about 80 upper level to top people who were in the Obama Administration, a number of them holdovers into the Trump Administration.

Perhaps 2018 will be the year of certain of the Obama Administration  Racketeering And Criminal Organization top players do us all a favor and start going suicidal rather than allowing themselves to be arrested and tried and convicted and 
sent to prison.  May they make that eternal leap into hell and of their own free will choice without coercion, start the beginning sentence of their own eternal damnation,  dropping their souls from the face of the earth of their own free will and accord, and leave behind damning evidence against their co-conspirators in the process, with documents and videos or with last words naming dates, times, names and quotations.  

-- That's my input or editorial comment for now.  Peace.  

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