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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

INFOWARS #PatriotChallenge Entry: "Complacency To Action Is Just That." A Fictional Story To Help Patriots Process That Complacency Also Perpetuates Losing What Little You Had Left.

This is an INFOWARS  #PatriotChallenge  Entry. 

 This is my original creative work product, created by me in this past hour.  

Complacency To Action Is Just That.

  I stood there, with nowhere to run, and nowhere to go.  I peered through my front window, standing back in the shadows and darkness, in shock and in dread.  The helicopter could be heard swirling about my residence overhead, moving close until the very whoop-whoop-whoop was as if it would fall on top of my head and the pressure of the very air changed, and then slowly moved away, but always to come back and move away again.   Overzealous men clad in body armor with blue helmets and foreign uniforms that I did NOT recognize ran in para-military fashion to and fro, positioning themselves, pointing their handguns, shotguns, and rifles toward where I was, as though not quite seeing me.  As I peered through the front window, I saw that it was ME they were coming for.  Me. 

8,000,000 foreign soldiers and aliens made up this new Global United Nations police force (that in the last 90 days has overwhelmed this once sovereign land), and has now sent over 30 of their boots on the ground and one helicopter against me.  And what’s with these rug cleaning and painter’s trucks following behind these foreign army troops as if part of their group?  Why are all these guys here? 

Why?  What was my crime?  I dared to vocalize for the way it used to be, when, before the Article V Convention farce that was for a full Communistic Totalitarian Overthrow of the United States, that the United States still had the Bill of Rights.  Before Google took full control of the Internet and all telecommunications as the sole provider and based its new rules authority in Shanghai China, locking it down from access to all but its chosen select, destroying many tens of millions of jobs, and seizing all electronic bank accounts as asset forfeiture in the name of the New Society, just last month…before that happened I shared my reminiscence of the fact of what is history now, of when just months ago it was still permissible to have a freedom to voice a personal opinion or view; of when it was still permissible to believe in my own religious faith; of when it was NOT unlawful to proclaim historical fact, that there was even a George Washington or a United States Constitution, something that is outlawed as a lie now, as if outlawing it changes the reality of what once was, and recreates a new society with a new reality without wiping clean those of us who actually DO remember.   

Vocalizing opposition and trying to persuade only, as I had done, was NOT enough.  Tens of thousands of patriots to that Constitutional Republic that was taken from us, selectively fought, but failed in the end because they neither did it collectively, nor did they take out the heads of those who betrayed us, be they the movers and shakers of the political, the industrial and technological and banking, or the neo-New Society Communist educational or what have you.  The leaders, the leaders and those they appointed to carry it out, or to train and advise.  I should have picked my own select group of potential targets, and I should have selectively taken the initiative to take them out as targets of opportunity…with no cell phones, no gps giveaways, and changes of getaway methods and routes with pre-established safe zones to get to, along and altered appearances with 4 changes down.

But here I am, moving over to cover, with just a simple firearm for home defense, and….

What’s this strange microwave feeling of heat?  On my head.   Now also on my back?   And now also on my chest?  Oh no….



Click.  “Door is breached!  Team 1!  Go! Go! Go!”

“Brrrrrahhhht!” “Brrrrrahhhht!”  “Bam, bam, bam!”

Click 2:  “This is Team 1!  Not only is Target is down, but all former co-residents as well.   Location ready for the asset forfeiture janitorial and maintenance team to roll up and make entry.  Location will be available for Agenda 2050 migration rehabilitation in 14 hours.  Team 1 moving to next target location.  Team 1 out!”


Post-Infowars Patriot Challenge Entry... A Resource Addition: 

For those who would like information about Article V Convention, please look at the works of Publius Huldah at:

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