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Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Few Interesting Post Vegas October 1, 2017 Massacre Videos in January 2018.

"Forensic crime scene analysis strongly suggests that the "official" Las Vegas Shooting narrative that Stephen Paddock shot over 200 rounds at Jesus Campos through his Mandalay Bay doors is absolutely FALSE."  January 6, 2018.  -- 

"Youtube account": Blackstone Intelligence Network


Bullets shot INTO the room, NOT out from the room for a Fourth Version Public Relations Spin on what happened...no it happened this way...no that way...and now yet another cover your ass set of lies to once again cover up Saudi Prince Bin Talal's diplomatic immunity Saudi Intel Officers killing United States Citizens with another timeline and events fabrication, abridged version, and disinformation along with a touch of magician diversion slight of hand verbiage forthcoming? 

Suction Cup capability to interior remove and replace Mandalay Bay windows almost too obvious.  
January 11, 2018 posting by "Youtube account": Blackstone Intelligence Network


Vegas Shooting: Coroners Report - Statistical Analysis

"Youtube account": John E Hoover
 January 8, 2018

Coroner's Bullshit Report of October 1, 2017 Massacre - Paraphrased:
 "Eh, the 58 dead, they were homicides." 
And exactly what do these cover up assholes in Vegas expect the response to be?
  "Wow!   No shit?"

Inside Job To Cover Up.  Assistant Sheriff SUDDENLY given cushy overpaid job as Casino head of security as reward for Vegas Massacre Cover-up and Suppression of Evidence.

Hat tips to Intellihub and Infowars.  


Update: January 15, 2018

Also refer to previous posts: 

On January 15, 2018, it is breaking that alleged Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos, was de facto NOT a Mandalay Bay security guard at all, and  was NOT employed by Mandalay Bay as security or anything else there, and Mandalay Bay has NO IDEA who he was or who actually "employed Campos" (i.e., which begs the question: was he yet another Intel plebe or underworld hire by Intel that had his cover blown)?


Intellihub excerpts: 

"...[T]here were less than 20 security guards on the payroll around the time of the shooting, all of whom know each other.

“They security guards don’t know who Jesus Campos is,” Morphonios explained. “They have no idea who this guy is, that we are being told was a Mandalay Bay security guard that went to the rescue.”

"...Astonishingly, all of this dovetails with information obtained in late October by investigative reporter Laura Loomer which shows that Jesus Campos was not listed in the hotel’s employee database."

"...Crowdsource the Truth’s Jason Goodman interviewed a Mandalay Bay security guard assigned to the 32nd-floor on Nov. 11, 2017, who told him that he did not know Campos either."

58 dead in Vegas, 557 alleged people shot at the October 1, 2017 massacre according to Federal Warrant submission (Court submitted) documents:

More to come... 

End of Update: January 15, 2018


Update: January 22, 2018

Below is a commentary reply I did to a story (one of several across various internet locations)  where someone bragged that there was even a second shooter during the October 1, 2017 massacre  as if clearly inferring (if not just manifestly saying) that's all there was, and was vindicated in saying that.  It is not all hyperlinked, some youtube videos and stories at Intellihub, Infowars, Bill Still, and various places can still be found showing scattered and not yet brought together reports that show this listing I give to be much or mostly to the same effect, though no one to my knowledge has put a full comprehensive list as yet, though a few give probably more than half of what I list below in at least one article, if I recall correctly.  I probably could add a few more locations to the list, but it is a good starting point for now.

  I figure some 10 to 12 DIFFERENT shooters total were involved, not counting any other assistance personnel on scene such as reconnaissance and logistics support, and it should be noted that the shooters were fluid and moving during the events, so that aside from Paddock's alledged room location, only the reconnaissance and logistics support were stationary at any length of time during these events. And perhaps the shooter on top of Mandalay Bay, allegedly a photographer, was both a recon and a shooter from his vantage point?  The FBI refuses to investigate and in my opinion is part of the Criminal Massacre of U.S. Citizens in Vegas, and in my opinion that is especially true of the Special Agent in Charge on "investigating" this Massacre and refusing to name any other than Paddock despite hundreds of contrary witnesses and volumes and hundreds of hours of recording of evidence, much of which they of the FBI in Vegas prefer to just wipe clean and pretend never existed.   

How many shooters?

More than a few:  See first half of https://youtu.be/0n8SPRmdgbQ

Which doesn’t even get the half of it.

1.       Alleged Active shooter from Paddock’s suite.
Or was it Campos (who was NOT on Mandalay payroll, nor did any of all Mandalay’s security team even know who he is, or for who he works for?  Or was it someone else who fired INTO Paddock’s room, to which a LAZY good for nothing Las Vegas Police Force covered up or were complicit with the corrupt FBI to cover up?
2.       Alleged active shooter from the suite next to Paddock’s (room rented by Paddock)

3.       Active Shooter top floor of Mandalay Bar in bar.

4.       Active shooters (at least 2) at a Las Vegas Airport on the runway or in that vicinity.

6.       Active shooter firing at least one round into concert from behind a billboard

7.       Active shooter on the ground in the midst of concert goers

8.       Active overhead helicopter doing a majority of the casualties
First seconds of:    https://youtu.be/_mS6LH6V_0U

9.       Possible active shooter on rooftop of Mandalay Bay

10.   Active shooter from location debated between 4th to 6th floor at Mandalay Bay

12.   (Possible) Active shooters at Excelsior

13.   Active shooters at Bellagio

14.   Active shooters at New York New York

15.   Active shooters at Tropicana

16.   Possible active shooters at or near Planet Hollywood  https://youtu.be/0n8SPRmdgbQ

17.   Active shooters at Aria Resort  https://youtu.be/yoh5ikyA9po
There is some sort of pedestrian bridge that links Aria with Planet Hollywood and the Cosmopolitan.

18.   Active shooters at Caesar’s Palace   https://youtu.be/yG262CFeE9A

See also:

End of Update: January 22, 2018

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