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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thank You Ben Smith, For Telling It Like It Is

Ex-Navy S.E.A.L. Ben Smith Tells It Like It Is Regarding Obama  And His Agenda (Short Video)


January 19, 2014 at the South Carolina TEA Party Coalition Convention.  In an edited down version, Ben Smith states clearly that Obama is a Communist Socialist Muslim who commits TREASON against the United States of America.  

Thank you Ben, for being a much needed voice. 

To the Top Secret Intelligence and Military Community: 

 We need more of you Special Operations and Intelligence Community guys (and gals) to stand forth and let America know that Ben and others who are doing the right thing in exposing and legally and peacefully blasting Obama with the obvious factual reality that we are not some small  minority, but the ever growing less and less silent majority.    It is time to step forth with the research and the insights now.   

On January 28, 2014, Obama equated the U.S. Ambassadors with those Military Veterans who are expected to shed their blood and die for their country.  Excuse Me?  Ambassadors as well as Special Operations Forces and the Intelligence Community are expected to throw away their lives or die in the field as ABANDONED the same way as Obama abandoned those at Ben Ghazi Libya on September 11, 2012 while Valerie Jarrett on Obama's behalf or Obama himself issued the stand-down order and refused even the barest military or rescue response so that Islam could triumph over our United States Citizens calling, begging, pleading for help to come.  On September 11, 2012, America was BETRAYED in a stark cold reality that is unmistakeable in revealing who Obama really is, in a way far more specific of his intent than Mein Kampf was in revealing the intent of Adolf Hitler's ambitions.  

I ask those who who are clearly discreetly able to pull and spread around the pre-2009 Obama bio as it really is in their archives and make them see the light of day in the interests of National Security, because until Obama is removed for Treason, both past and present, there is no National Security in their Agency when it is working as an Agency to work against its own citizens, while directly or indirectly aiding (usually by compliance or inaction when appropriate opportunities permit otherwise) those who are bringing about either a National Suicide or Co-Conspiratorial Genocide of an entire nation, including that against all the members of YOUR  own families who by necessity cannot be spared nor will ever have the means of escape unless they live permanently abroad.  Do you really want that people?   Remember Ben Ghazi!  Look at Obama supporting Al Qaeda in Syria!  Look at Obama's Nuclear Treaty with Russia and his unilateral emasculation program where we count launchers and bombers and subs as nukes, while eviscerating actual nukes which are our deterrence and preservation against our enemies.    Look at his support of Muslim terrorists and his bringing their representatives and open Islamic snitches into the deepest most sensitive Top Secret Intelligence and Military Centers of this nation.  Look at the Islamic proselytizing being conducted upon us by an Obama run Executive Branch.  

When will enough be enough? Stand up for the Constitution and help save America against the now Domestic enemies of it that are now running much of it and in places of power over this Republic seeking to destroy it, but are held back only by the need to purge and weed out people like YOU.  While you have the position and the ability, MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE TO UPHOLD, PROTECT, AND PRESERVE THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES NOW!

Thank you.   Semper Fidelis.  -- Brian Roy


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