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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Microchip Pill, Vocal Reconstruction Electronic Tattoo: Advocated Use By Control Freak Google Executive and Former Military Weapons Inventions Director Regina Dugan

Current Google Executive, Regina Dugan, former director at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or  
DARPA, and society control freak, has made her move in  pushing for the promotion of having people to eat near to long-term toxic microchips -- that the Obama Food and Drug Administration passed through despite it poisonous ingredients dangerous to human consumption --  to make themselves into temporary radio frequency identification (RFID)  biological transmitter battery sources that activate access codes at 18 bits to "allow" a person to even use his own damn cell phone or car or computer. Excuse me?  Allow us to use what we own and uninvited to try to play god in our lives?  "Them's fightin' words!" should be the normal and rational tough emotionalized response we all should have to such control freaks pushing themselves into our lives wanting to steal, kill, destroy our freedoms and what little "wealth" we might have to enrich themselves and carelessly or contemptuously waste.  


We do not know if the toxicity will lead to many forms of cancer and immune system breakdowns, or if such consumption will immediately create mental retardation and cerebal palsy and other defects in the children of such pro-creating new pregnancy  or already pregnant consumers on the microchip pill, but it is so extremely high and so very highly probable after 6 or more months of daily consumption, one has to wonder what the purpose and intent truly is.

In effect, Google is telling us they want to restructure and 100% control who lives, who thrives, who survives, and who can even access a new world order economy they are designing to replace this one with, in which Google and other private companies ARE the New Government in place of Congress or a parliament or anything we comprehend as what centralizes and personalizes Government in the form of faces and names we can see now.  Dugan is pushing the line of Google that is to this effect: "No activation chips to swallow, no privileges to use what you already own."    

It is more than cars, and cell phones, and computers...it is a plan to turn everything electronic into a Google pill dependent device.  Want to buy gas or groceries?  Sorry, out of luck.  You will have to have a Google (Radio Frequency Identification) RFID 18 bit frequency to activate using your debit or credit, as cash will be phased out in this new globalist "let's starve out and/or physically eliminate 80% of the rest of humanity" economy.  

   According to Dugan's proposal, the natural consequence of even a benign acceptance of the microchip pill, even were it safe long term (which it is physically impossible to say it is, given its toxic ingredients), is that you now must agree to forever PAY and PAY and PAY to greedy economic extortionists in order to even function at a working level in society, so that those who do not have the financial resources can be shut out and enslaved or liquidated / exterminated, or what have you.  I personally would place major and terminal health consequences of the daily swallowing of the Radio Frequency Identification microchip's ingredients to manifest in 14-24 months, and be terminal for most people after that.  I would also expect a mental retardation effect of a loss between 10 - 15 points after 3-6 months of usage, and possibly as many as 20 - 30 points after that.  For about half its users then, they will end up in a state where people with Down's Syndrome will have a greater mental capacity than they in as short a time as 6 months to a year, and only the elites, who will exempt themselves, will have even that much more of an edge over those dumb enough to literally swallow these RFID microchip pills.  

In fact, as this kind of technology is implemented more and more outside its proper top secret military or laboratory applications of DARPA, from which executive oversight background Regina Dugan comes from, an ever increasing price hike is inevitable even were it introduced into a controlled State Capitalist Market sold by select companies as the Communist-Socialists in the Federal Government manipulate the Free Market of Wall Street into a Chinese model State run economy.  Not addressed by the promotion by Dugan will be the technological reality of  manufacturing flaws, manufacturing shortages, recalls due to immedite fatal toxicity and allergic reactions by users in high numbers far worse than any vaccinations, class-action lawsuits due to deaths and personal injury, changes to microchip frequency and or bit technology and continual intensity of toxic substances and frequency intensity in which Google technicians will have to recode all your electronics to the new pill coming out and then take all the usage data secretly stored on the devices, so that there is NO personal anything you can keep or store away from them...so that Google becomes the National Security Agency and Homeland Security on steroids in your life. 

FORD Motor Company Executive Brags FORD Collects GPS Speed Data on All Its Late Model Owners


“We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you're doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you're doing. By the way, we don't supply that data to anyone," [yet].  -- Ford Motor Company's Global VP/Marketing and Sales, Jim Farley

Is it really just the GPS recording speed and distance only or is there more here?  The wording of "we know what you're doing" suggests both video and audio surveillance feeds as well.  If that is so, then it must be regularly activated each and every time you start up and run your car, until the moment it shuts off.  Though I guess it could still be on or turned on while the engine is off and run the battery down a little faster as if running a live cell-phone.

    Therefore, it appears that now, under a lawlessly placed Obama, we are in an age when even FORD Motor Company has clandestinely placed a storage collection center into your On-Star or other GPS reporting systems, so that every time that you drive from one place or another or have a conversation in a Ford vehicle in the model years of 2010 - 2014, it may be one day given to the National Security Agency, and used by them to build a Department of Justice parallel construction case against you, whereby they arrest you first, and only then, they proceed to NSA data mine all electronic intelligence against you and build a case to incarcerate you forever, or to claim "just cause" to terminate your life from society as some kind of "evil" for the subjective and in the eye of the beholder's "greater good" of it.  


So conceivably, over the course of 4 years driving, a targeted  average driver  (just guessing here) could face a charge of 6,099 speeding tickets, and 118 counts of making terrorist threats by merely cursing someone out for bad driving or "road rage" even if no one and nothing else but your silently monitoring on-star always recording device hears you.   And if you are one of those who dumps out their cold coffee or water onto the road, even if you don't litter any solid non-soluble debris, think of all the Environmental Damage Violations they can cite, as water runoff from rain is also Agenda 21 fined against property owners in some states, and the Government will probably argue that even dumping fluids such as potable water is a form of littering and may also even be called a form of air pollution when it evaporates (since Carbon Dioxide is Obama E.P.A. ruled as a pollutant); hence a criminal offense with fines and jail time for each offense.   

The envisioned greedy goal of the chip use by the Globalists and others in society --  while they MUST be allowed to remain exempt from having to use what they want the rest of us to swallow --  is that even if we should survive despite the many ill health effects that will follow their use, is that eventually there will be no longer a car or computer or vacuum cleaner or a television or what have you (except perhaps a refrigerator?) that will ever again be fully paid off.   It is then, a perpetual ever growing income revenue stream...and it is all about GREED.  Yes, Communist-Socialists and like minded scumbags are just as greedy, if not more, than the Capitalists they bash...and are more inclined to be entirely apathetic to the very sufferings of the masses they claim Capitalists and anti-Communist or anti-Socialist conservatives are not (allegedly) compassionate or sympathetic toward. 

The Mark Of The Beast's Pre-Cursor as a Wearable Computer Monitoring Device Tattoo

 But the subversive evil doesn't stop with the RFID in a pill to swallow microchip.  No.  She offers the precursor to the Book of Revelation's "Mark of the Beast", as a wearable skin tattoo  and human thought control monitoring device that predicts words being formed by the throat muscles that you might intend or want to say, but never speak nor attempt to.  The gimmick is that the tattoo can take almost any form the user wants as body art to conceal it, and then, as the selling point to promote this control freak attachable to the skin word prediction "informant" or "snitch" computer-ware,  Regina Dugan says in words to the effect of:  "Let's give 10 - 20 years olds this electronic tattoo and make it fashionable as a way to piss off their parents."   

If you have un-vocalized words, it transmits those words which are computer reconstructed as to what your throat muscles were likely contracted to want to say, and guesses at that.  It can even lie, based on the program-ware  infusion, and PUT WORDS IN YOUR MOUTH you had no intention of saying, nor formed in your throat to say...not even remotely similar to what the reader spits out.   

Again, if you have un-vocalized words, it transmits that to an interrogator or a Newspeak Government Trained Public School Propaganda Educator (a politically approved public school or community college teacher) armed with a reader.  If you have certain thoughts or feelings, it reads your mind or alerts the interrogator as to brainwave patterns that tell them you are in fear, angry, lying, or what have you.  They can then weed out and persecute anyone refusing their brainwashing Skinnerian methods, and mark them with persecution records as if they committed unforgivable felonies, that will either immediately see them executed or will perhaps follow them all the rest of their life, and deny them: employment, medical treatment, purchases or ownership or habitations of any kind the Government wishes to restrict them from, and any rights and privileges any citizen might normally have under that new Governance at any time, and at  varying degrees of intensity,

1984, Atlas Shrugged, and many other globalist fear books used to be laughable fiction.  But now, it is becoming all too real.  

But in Revelation 13, we see that despite the proposal, and the flawed globalist logic, the poor are not liquidated quite by means of what Regina Dugan proposes, but it clearly places us technologically at the very door of the 3 1/2 year into the 7 year Tribulation threshold when that technology then, of that time, will be forced upon all, whereby a mandatory and often forced free electronic permanent engraving is made upon those of the whole world under the then Tyrannical control of the imperial Technocracy of the Oligarchal Globalists ruling primarily out of Europe in such a way where Corporations themselves have become Government entities and Institutions in an insane new society where humanity willingly reverts into a slave society where most are considered and treated as property, and given rights only extended by the local state in which they were domiciled in, and no where else. 

Compare Shaw v. Brown 35 Miss. 246 (1858) @ 315.

"But negroes born in the United States and free by the laws of the State in which they reside, are in a different condition from aliens.  They are natives and not aliens.  They are not citizens of the State in which they reside within the meaning of the Constitution of the United States, they are inhabitants and subjects of the State, owing allegiance to it....  It is true that these persons are a subordinate and inferior class of beings, and "have no rights but such as those who hold the power and the Government might choose to grant them" - -Dred Scott v. Sandford, 19 How. 405 - -  but they derive their rights from the States in which they are domiciled."

This is exactly the kind of society that the Obama and those who surround and support him in the upper echelons of Government, the Democratic Party Leadership, those who pander to them, Globalist Industrialists and Financiers, and the Black racists and Black supremacists both in Congress and those of the Media as well as the various now pseudo-Civil Rights organizations (mostly corrupted to graft, personal empowerment, suppressing the minority poor into emotional and intellectual idiocy by manipulations and mental abuse), all want us to go and descend into: SLAVERY.  All the  while, in their minds, while working to that end, somehow  magically leaving themselves as permanently exempt and in control at the top, when so many of them too will be eliminated.  

But as for Revelation 13
16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:       (KJV)

(16)   And it brings about - causes - makes all, 
          the small / little and the great / large,

          and the 
          materially rich - prosperous - lacking nothing

          and the begging poor - 
          the materially helpless - 
          the completely destitute, 

          and the free - independent - 
          unconstrained (ones) 

          and the slaves - servants:

          in order that it may give to - bestow - put upon
          them a Stamp - cut Engraving - Mark
          upon the right hand  
          [inclusive of the wrist area]  of them

          or upon the Forehead of them /
          or upon the midst of the eye of them:

 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.      (KJV)
(17)   also, in order that (they) may not 

          have the power
          or be able 

          to buy or  trade - barter -sell

          except he may be having - possessing 
          the Mark, 

          or the Name of the Therion,
          or the number of the Name of it.      (AWPR)

 18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.      (KJV)
(18)  Here is Wisdom - deep knowledge and insight:

         The (one) having - possessing 

          the mind to 
          perceive - recognize - intelligently understand,

          let him count - reckon - calculate the number 
          of the Therion,

          for - because it is the number of a man,
          and the number of it (is) 666.   


The 666 in our day relates to the 3 binary 6's on every bar-code and a software programmed intelligence by which computer's function. 

I do not know if the following is correct, but based on the biblical texts and what we now know of modern technology, let me take an educated guess as to the 
"Stamp - cut Engraving - Mark 
upon the right hand 
 [inclusive of the wrist area] 
 of them   
 or upon the Forehead of them / 
 or upon the midst of the eye of them:"

Jesus talks about a cutting off the hand or plucking out the eye, in order to enter into life (Matthew 5:29-30). 

Matthew 5:29-30 King James Version (KJV)

29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

 Traditionally metopon  in the Greek is used for "forehead" in the book of Revelation, but in its literal meaning, rather than saying "after the eye" or "above the eye", following the words of Jesus, we can indeed say meta being joined with ops as literally intending to be "in the midst of the eye". 
Upon the midst of the eye then suggests a tattooing of the Cornea in the region of the pupils.  Based on the example of a pliable skin-like mimicry attachment in the first video, and past success the Japanese laboratories had with clam tissue in developing virtually the same technology, I will say that it will probably be a laser engraved use of the human skin itself impregnated with foreign soft or pliable computer hardware that uses the human body as its own battery to transmit, or it will engrave into the cornea of the right eye and act as a neuro-transmitter in both directions, one to transmit out, and the other to transmit in whatever the controller wishes to install...including brainwashing with images and voices to both the conscious and sub-conscious mind, and it may even have an always on hologram visual in which the right eye always sees the logo, and by which he / she has an instant see through alert system by which messages can be written out and pictures and videos shown (such as for law enforcement applications).   

I end this post with a previous post from January 15, 2012, that I posted at:


Magnetic Data Storage is now being reduced to the size of 12 atoms for smallest part of its makeup.  This is a technological break-through which will alter technology to a whole new level of speed and compartmentalization following Moore's Law to such as could only be previously dreamed of.  


The following video is the release by IBM Research Almaden announcing the breakthrough and was posted by IBM on  December 29, 2011


Previous to this, in August 2011, they also announced a breakthrough in what they called "Cognitive Computing".   In effect, "artificial intelligence" in which the computers learn to think for themselves, mimicking the human brain.  Unfortunately, the Media fails to grasp the nightmare scenario of this new technology.


Human Science currently has the capacity  to clone human tissue of the same type...such as liver tissue to grow back a liver...furthering advancements from the ability to impregnate an lab fertilized egg and exactly duplicate the genetic DNA of sheep by using natural processes;

but even with this, a primary obstacle was that Human Science was lacking the ability to mimic or produce a proto-type of the human nervous system. 

If we can but pause and realize that in the very near future Human Science will now be capable of building a computer artificial intelligence atom by atom with the ability to mimic the brain and think for itself, and grow and grow ever smarter and capable until it is out of control -- what is to stop man from being able to one day take a DNA sample from a man such as Anti-Christ, make a clone and implant that clone with an artificial intelligence, so that it as an IMAGE is merely a cross-species of a living and breathing but soulless human organism with an actual artificial intelligence within it? 

Just something to consider.  Peace.

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