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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dire Tyranny Predictions For 2014 We Can Only Hope Will Never Happen, And Probably Won't, But Could

Welcome to 2014, potentially the year in which song-writers and national sentiment might end up titling as: 
“Rage Against The Machine Of Government And Globalist Tyranny Within The United States of America.”

These are Worst Case Scenarios That Might Happen, But Probably Won’t…at least I hope they won’t. 

Things to watch for that could potentially happen, that we can only hope and pray NEVER happen…but still could (not just in 2014, but any time in the next 3 years unless Obama is Impeached and his illegal Presidency and all hencely illegal laws are voided out along with his illegal Presidency, not being a United States Natural Born Citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution, and obtaining the U.S. Presidency through fraud and duplicity): 

-         -      Unprecedented mass firearms registrations, arrests,  and confiscations from legal gun owners;

-        -       Forced incarcerations or Government demands on employers to cut uncovered employees loose for refusing to pay and/ or  being unable to pay the unconstitutional and illegally implemented Obamacare extortion / protection / racketeering  tax/ penalty;

-        -       A false flag black operation by U.S. Government Obama zealots (mostly U.S. Air Force and various Homeland Security personnel) who detonate a 1 megaton or greater nuclear explosion on the U.S. lower 48 mainland blamed on a Obama Administration fabricated Right Wing Conservative group in order to impose indefinite national martial law and to dispose of the Constitution pending the creation of a new U.S. Government based on the document they now possess as our new Constitution draft or outline already that is alleged to have been co-written in 2013 by Cass Sunstein, John Podesta, and unknown others,  who will then spring their Communist-Socialist new Government proposal based on Soviet and Chinese models, and have it passed by yes people by almost 90% approval. 

-        -        China going to war with Taiwan, and seizing the island while the U.S. Government ignores the issue except for empty rhetoric.

- -     A free-fall collapse of U.S. currency to 46% of its current value, and a stock market collapse of 10,000 Dow Jones points over the course of 7 to 9 weeks, settling in 12 to 14 weeks at or about 5600 - 5900 Dow Jones points.  Unemployment numbers adding 10,000,000 - 15,000,000 to 15 hours or less a week, and about the same from full-time $0 hours a week plus to 28 hours a week part time rolls (necessary salary and hourly pay cuts accompanying that). The national jobs available to lose about another 8,000,000 from off the U.S. Labor Statistics, and blame to be popularly and falsely placed on the Republicans and the T.E.A. Party within its ranks.  

-         -       Targeted assassinations of U.S. Citizens on U.S. soil using militarized drones and Law Enforcement Specially Militarized Squads and Platoons (platoons where mass civil unrest is alleged, whether real in the form of rioting, or falsely claimed such as a bunch of people peacefully waving paper signs to be noticed and read), including spray and pray use of automatic weapons in the assumed area or vicinity of the target, regardless of the resultant mass casualties or collateral damage, and then blame the unarmed victims as if they created the carnage with weapons not possessed nor used by them.  The Courts will look the other way, the Media will side with Obama against the protestors and weed out any journalist daring to share the truth and incarcerate them for leaking any video contradicting the Government propaganda, and the Internet in the United States will go into multiple lock-downs or black-outs, and there will be economic and other consequences that are best left unaddressed.

-         -       Toxic forced mass inoculations in the tens of millions, whether as a result of an Obama approved nuclear false flag attack on the U.S. or the intentional unleashing of a newly strained bubonic or other plague upon the U.S., upon the which 2/3rds of those taking the vaccine die, and almost half of those who don’t suffer debilitating ill health effects.   They may unleash the plague on the urban areas and then demand all rural and mid-west citizens obtain the inoculations, so that all these can be dispossessed of their lands which either the Federal Government or large corporations such as Monsanto might become super-mega-giant corporations controlling most all the land AND all the primary food and water supplies to force near instantaneous compliance upon the survivors.    

-         -       The Internal Revenue Service using data-mining from those morons who signed up for Obamacare to seize healthcare taxes/penalties above and beyond what the victims signed up for as rate increases because they “need to pay their fair share”; and then also use that same direct access to bank accounts to seize Federal taxes assumed owed by the consumer.  Great negative balances in the thousands or tens of thousands generated at the Federal Reserve Membership Banks of – Bank of America N.A., Chase N.A., Wells Fargo N.A., and what have you (i.e., those who are the primary Federal Reserve Member Organizations); which will then create liens against all property owned by those the I.R.S. ripped off, and either auctioning off, reselling nationally and internationally (things such as vehicles and firearms), recycling, and land-fill disposing the rest on Environmental Protection Agency Waivers. 

-        -       The use of the Internet to politically target Conservatives and Christians within the United States to boot them off from even access for employment and financial purposes, but starting first with ip address recognition that blocks them from offering comments, opinions, forum participation, and severely restricts their e-mail by sending them into cyber-space to NSA data collection centers. 

-         -      The mass intentional and malicious use of re-routing U.S. Post Office Mail as non-deliverable mail, regardless of it being fully correct becoming a chronic and repeatedly exampled and documented alternative Media News Headline.  The sender or recipient is flagged, or both are, and the mail is either intercepted and opened and recorded (or destroyed outright), or if on a tracking number, simply denied and returned to the sender as undeliverable.   


Compare the worries that we can reasonably have about an out of control Media and pro-Communist and pro- Islamic Obama Administration led Federal Government with its prostituting themselves to please them Media with those of 52 years ago.  JFK wanted to have the Media realize its importance as "Intelligence" and to work hand-in-glove regarding the National Security Interests of the United States.  Unfortunately, with a Leftist Media, National Security is a catch phrase that is merely in the eye of the beholder, usually the producers and excutive producers or equivalent management positions who issue the party and political guidelines at the Media employer and freely suppress pro-Constitutional and pro-Conservative and pro-Christian news stories based on their nefarious personal and national party agendas.

Would that the Media would apply what the dangers of Obama and Communism and Islam are against the National Security Interests of the United States and inform the public.  But even if JFK were to stand resurrected and whole, they would not heed him and demand he die again and stay dead and buried as a happy memory dead, rather than ever to be restored among the living and afflict their guilty and egregiously sin filled souls of any searing pain of conscience for their doing evil and joying in their atrocious sins that would abhor even the sinful Democrat icons of past generations were they alive today.


The Youtube poster of the above clip remarks: 

"President and the Press" Speech (April 27, 1961)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

President Kennedy speaks at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City before the American Newspaper Publishers Association. Kennedy asks the press for their cooperation in fighting Communism by applying the same standards for publishing sensitive materials in the current Cold War that they would apply in 

an officially declared war.

In closing, I  know that one thing this nation needs is a ConstitutionalistParty: one that reduces taxes and regulations to reasonable norms we had decades ago, with few exceptions.  One that is first and foremost, Pro-Constitution and pro-Military.  The Constitutionalist party needs to be a Bill of Rights driven  Constitution Party as an Independent Military Hawkish Libertarian Alternative Third Party.   How we can legally and financially bring this about, I don't have the expertise in.  But it is important that those who are Republican and Democrat Party Establishment people looking for a takeover to hijack such a Third Party be rooted out and booted out quickly, and those loyal to the core anti-corruption principles and living by them, that only these would lead and guide its operation.  Our dedication needs to make those U.S. Citizens of  1776, 1787, 1791, who have passed on before us, regardless of our ethnicity or what-have-you, be proud and grateful at the Last Judgement in the hearing that we stood up and did exactly as they would have done, accepting the gift of freedom given by GOD and that of themselves that they could pass on to those after them, who in turn through the generations passed down much of their freedoms down to us. 

Together, we can somehow resolve this legally and peacefully within the confines of the Constitution IF events and actualities like the above possible scenario predictions do not come about.  

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