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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Imagine. A Sarcastic Response to Joe Biden and anyone who votes Obama 2012.

[Picture and caption added July 9, 2012]

 On June 4, 2012, Joe Biden asked the High School Students to Imagine what they will see in their lifetime, and this included, what can be inferred,  that future crops will grow without anything other than a blowing smoke at them. 

“Imagine a world in which hunger is vanquished by crops that don’t depend on the soil, water or fertilizer, or pesticides to thrive; they’re just around the corner,”said Joe Biden to Weston Florida's Cypress Bay High School on June 4, 2012. 

 While Joe Biden imagines after allegedly and very probably smoking some serious and copious amounts "medical marijuana",
Report: Govt Overpaid $14B in Unemployment Benefits

{this above picture of Biden taken at a different event, and added July 9, 2012}

 let's follow the same theme of Imagine -- if we were to follow the out of control Obama Environmental Protection Agency's approach in the second half of an Obama second term as we take to the line, as Joe Biden says, "Imagine..."

Imagine a day when Government required meters will be installed on your toilet, and you will be regulated two free toilet flushes per person per day to help you control your waste output, or be fined by the Environmental Protection Agency in doubling increments $25, $50, $100 for each additional flush. 

And if you accidentally flush, it is your own liability.  
Imagine that day, as waivers will be given the elite and to political cronies of the Socialist Democratic Party.

Imagine a day when all public accessible toilets will be available for the cost of $25 and will flush only once, and You the People will overflow them so badly, that the sewage runs out the doors so that even public toilet facilities will soon be outlawed.  

Imagine that day when you will be denied the right to go to the restroom in a public place...you must go home, or find a place of privacy as you excrement or urinate in a bag that has a radio beacon chip with your personal information, which activates and records in a Government data bank when you use it.  And if you do not take it up to 20 miles out of your way to a Government sanctioned human waste disposal facility within a specified period of time (such as 24 hours, where an employee of the State verifies a proper disposal into its data bank), you will be fined $1500 and indentured to 60 hours of State mandated Free labor to an employer or chain gang of the State's choice.

Imagine that day, as people attempt to use the plastic shopping bags and dump their waste directly in trash receptacles, and the stench and horror it causes everywhere.  And as a consequence,  plastic bags, and any disposable bag capable of holding human waste without leaking is outlawed along with the outlawing of the standard business trash receptacles we so often see today.

Imagine a day when the 18,000 - 30,000 drones* of the Environmental Protection Agency will fly overhead, many of which will then be armed with machine guns and small anti-personnel missiles,  as part of Homeland Security.

Imagine, as these EPA armed drones are airborne in shifts 24 hours a day,  looking for violators who seek to "go" in the stealth, by day or by night,  making the earth their outhouse, just so they don't have to pay a fine.  And if caught, the victim in the act of their clandestine defecation or urination can be legally targeted and eliminated under the new Socialist Democratic (Marxist-Communist Regime) by whatever arms the drone is armed with, and obliterated on the spot.  Or that at the very least, local law enforcement can be sent the video information with the address of the offender to personally issue a citation of the offense, the fine  starting at 10 times what they would have paid if they flushed.  And if the offender who is being cited assaults the officer in any way, including voicing an objection so that his / her spittle accidentally flies upon the officer issuing the Citation -- the State demands the seizure of all property and assets of the individual as recompense, and the subject may be sent indefinitely as a slave to a forced labor camp where he may use an outhouse up to 12 times a day, and thereby find slavery to the State much more preferable.


*18,000 - 30,000 drones, including armed drones, is the figure some have put forth for Law enforcement use in the United States. 

 But for the sake of this sarcasm, what if that was simply the minimum number deployed by the EPA in order to bring about an enslavement, enforcement, and wealth seizure redistribution of wealth to the State using "pollution" as the excuse? 

We would have to assume that most of the 18,000 plus police departments around the United States  would be entrusted with responding to multiple drones over their authorized areas of service and enforcement.  This drives us to revise the number of drones to a more realistic national figure -- following such a scenario -- a number which should be revised upwards to 50,000 - 60,000 for Homeland Security, and a like number for others (including the Environmental Protection Agency and as many as 6,000 to 9,000 of the local law enforcements themselves).   The unarmed drones  can be cheaply made and activated at the rate of 6,000 or more per month, once allocated funding.  Minimal training of only 40 - 60 hours would be needed for those who would be hired for such domestic Government Terrorism upon the US populace, to which Obama and his most fervent supporters would almost undoubtedly most happily and readily endorse (especially Hollywood Celebs and the Media, who of course would expect waivers and exemptions in return for their support)..  

This domestic spying and enforcement would merely require what the White House already does under Obama, a rewrite of regulations at the White House by Cass Sunstein or others as to how the EPA and the US Government conducts new business, throwing out current prohibitions even upon the US Military such as the United States Air Force.  See 9.6 of the ff. link, for example. 

I have chosen the use of a toilet and human waste disposal to help America personalize how demonic and intrusive the Obama Administration is directly on course on into each of our lives.  Can I personalize this to reach and awake the consciences of the numbed and asleep to the Obama Political Depravity any more than that?  We indeed have a Toilet excuse of a man in the Presidency, a nefarious foreign intrusion in the Presidency; and with him, knowing of his ineligibility to the Office he holds, the Vice President as his co-conspirator.

 Unfortunately, the premise of the use of drones, even of meters on our toilets, may prove to NOT be an exaggeration, but an understatement of things to come unless Obama and His entire Administration is legally and peacefully repealed, rebuked, rejected, for the treasonous rot most of them are. 

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