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Thursday, June 7, 2012

CNN is Obama Birth Certificate Fraud Busted - June 2012

[Updated June 11, 2012]

I posted a news worthy example of Mainstream Media Fraud on this Birth Certificate Issue where Obama is concerned.  The ff. is a video snippet I posted on Youtube to show the deception and fraud of CNN on this Birth Certificate issue.  

[Hat tip to Jerome Corsi & WND
 - Original Story that did not high definition research the video available at CNN like they should have    http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/cnn-birther-buster-report-perpetrates-fraud/  
I sincerely apologize for the H/T oversight.  -- Brianroy June 11, 2012]

At the end, please full screen the video on its highest resolution, 480,  and freeze frame at 1:22, 1:23,  and carefully view the document for yourself.  

Obama claims a 151-61-10641 number.  These numbers are NOT the same as CNN claimed on this perfidious, deceitful, egregious, despicable video piece.  

 The CNN video piece below shows a Birth Certificate # 151-60-05000  possibly #151-60-05009 (the last digit having a defect to the inner left.  Gary Tuchman of CNN specifically says that this specific microfilm replica IS BARACK OBAMA's. 

On THIS CNN Presented Birth Certificate, the Attending Physician is Dr. Herbert Tanaka. 
--Not Dr. West as the Obama narrative claimed until April 27, 2011.  
--Not Dr. David A. Sinclair as the Obama fictional narrative now declares, 
but a Dr. Herbert Tanaka.   

The document was certified on April 21, 1960.  This copy was reproduced on April 25, 1965.  

Since this is the microfilm Birth Certificate Dr. Chiyome Fukino obviously gave CNN, we may assume that if she does not publicly deny such was done by CNN without her knowledge, that she therefore  knowing conspired with CNN to commit fraud in claiming Obama has an Hawaii birth certificate, THIS MICROFILM COPY ALLEGED BY CNN TO BE OBAMA'S, and therefore we can dismiss all their testimony or arguments as perjurious, uncredible, moot.  Whatever Dr. Fukino says on this issue is therefore to be taken as totally untrustworthy,  as a result of this plainly revealed by video proof of a conspiracy to defraud the American people and keep a usurper and nefarious foreign intrusion in the United States Presidency.

CNN presented an April 1960 birth certificate of Keith Suganuma,
born to a father who was a 42 year old Japanese American Police Officer (Francis Suganuma) 
and born to a 20 year old Japanese ethnic American mother as if this copy was Barack Obama's.

CNN...you are so BUSTED.   -- Brianroy

    Readers may also wish to check out Lord Christopher Monckton's assessment of the Obama Long Form Birth Certificate at:

H/T to posting link at: http://www.infowars.com/lord-monckton-investigates-obamas-forged-birth-certificate/

Please also view the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse Video with Mike Zullo on the manufactured Electronic File proclaimed to be a Barack Obama Birth Certificate by the White House et al. at:


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