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Saturday, May 14, 2011

This has been a public service announcement -- Humor, Educational

Earlier this week, I went to use a multi-stall public restroom at very large supermarket.  A certain individual whom I did not directly see, could be heard in a very short amount of time, using a stall, (fart-fart, roll-roll sound of the toilet paper) then immediately flushing, and promptly walking out (stomp, stomp, stomp and door slams open and he exits) without washing his hands.

Perhaps it was the fact that he was in a supermarket and was extremely likely to handle food...be it canned goods, boxes, produce, or what have you...perhaps that caused me concern.  The extreme haste of whoever this was suggested that it was either an employee or another individual either in their teens or twenties.  And I wondered, if I had to reach that age group with a message how would I do so.  It would have to be by humor and a commercial that they would talk about as humorous, and with a moral or message that they wouldn't soon forget.   I had just the thing in mind.

However, lacking funds and the expertise to create a television skit in video form, I thought I would convey the idea for a Public Service Announcement in a blog format, and maybe somebody can manifest it into a physical non-profit Public Service Announcement television commercial.

Just one special effects mention, when the sound effect "chomp!" is used, think of the following sound of biting into a Tootsie Roll Lollipop by "Mr. Owl" after 3 licks.  


"Wash Your hands, both before and after using the Restroom."
This is a Public Service Announcement.

Commercial opens:

Scene: a man meanders about in a supermarket, using a small tube (such as Chapstick {TM}) he marks select items of interest at a shelf heigh of 2-3 feet high.  

Screenshot: he marks a fillet minion with a yellow paste substance in the Meat self service case, angles it sideways up, looks around and moves off screen.

Screenshot: he marks a 6 pack box of Instant Breakfast bars, angles it on the shelf,  looks around, and moves off screen.

Screenshot: he wanders onscreen from one side, applies the yellow paste to a 4 pack roll of toilet paper, angles it, and continues off screen on the other side of the screen shot. 

Screenshot: he applies the yellow paste to a six pack of long neck bottled beer, puts on a very dark pair of sunglasses, bobs his head a couple of times as if he's cool, and exits the screenshot.

Screenshot: the man is now outside somewhere open, sitting on a bench with a large German Shepherd.  He gives the dog a scent whiff of the tube of yellow paste and sends it on its way.  He places the tube of paste in his back pants pocket.

Screenshot: the dog runs into the Supermarket entrance.

Screenshot: the dog runs up to the self-service meat case and bites up and runs away with the  fillet minion.

Screenshot: The dog bites and takes up the box of breakfast bars. 

Screenshot: The dog bites up a 4 pack of toilet paper, exits the screen.  A store employee runs into the screen shot from the opposite side the dog exits, and yells, "Hey! Hey!"

Screenshot: The dog runs back into the park bench scene, and offers up the toilet paper.   The owner of the dog happily takes up the toilet paper from the dog, and places it in a black duffel bag on the ground.  The dog runs back, off screen, in the direction it came. 

Screenshot: Overhead view into the bag as the owner places the toilet paper into the bag, showing the fillet minion and the breakfast bars also in the duffel bag.

Screenshot: Back to horizontal as two Security guards run into the shot, each grabbing up one arm of the shoplifter.  

Screenshot: as the dog runs up to the entrance, two female supermarket clerks with brooms swing and wave their brooms and chase the dog back.

Screenshot:  Wide angle the dog is sitting by a parking curb panting, as the two Security Guards haul the shoplifter toward the store entrance.  After a few seconds, 

Shoplifter (yelling): GET IT, BOY, GET IT.

Screenshot (close-up): the dog looks and cocks his head, and runs off-screen.

(off-screen commotion)

Shoplifter:  NO, NO!!! Get HIM! GET....

Dog:  ROWR, ROWR!!!   "CHOMP"

Shoplifter:  AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  

Screenshot: Paramedics have shoplifter on a gurney, with a huge white patch on his rear end.  

One Paramedic talks silently on a cell-phone, as the other looks up at the one security guard in the screenshot.  The shoplifter rolls his head and moans.  The dog sits by the owners head and dogs a quick lick of his face, and then looks upon his owner quietly.

Paramedic (to Security Guard):  Where's your partner?

Security Guard # 1:  He had to pass empty his bladder.  He'll be back.. (Security Guard #1 looks offscreen)...Oh, wait.  Here he comes now.

Security Guard #2 enters screenshot:  What's up?

Security Guard #1:  You did use the restroom to empty your bladder...er, to go out the front,  right?

Security Guard # 2:  Yeah.

Security Guard # 1:  Well, I hope that you had the common sense to wash your hands both BEFORE and after using the restroom, especially after handling that yellow paste you found in his back pocket.

Screenshot (camera remains here to end of commercial):  
Close up of the dog looking intently, cocking its head a little.  

(Off Screen dialogue:

Security Guard #2: Well as a matter of fact...well, anyway... just what was that yellow paste?

Security Guard #1: Deer urine!)

{The Dog exits the screenshot quickly.}

Dog:  ROWR, ROWR!  "Chomp!!!"

Security Guard #2:  AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Announcer:  So remember, ladies and gentlemen.  Both BEFORE and AFTER using the Restroom...WASH YOUR HANDS!

(Still staying on the now empty close-up Screenshot, roll and announce the

"This has been a Public Service Announcement" 

credit followed immediately by the  voice-over response of the dog.

"ROWR, ROWR!  "CHOMP!" )     

[End Commercial / Break here]

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