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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Losing Our Community - Educational Video of Islam corrupting America. A local example and a national Criminal Terrorist Conspiracy being legalized via Sharia Law allowances, etc.

You may also wish to view the 630 page pdf  of

Shariah Law and American Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases



The Center for Security Policy's home address is www.securefreedom.org

The pdf. demonstrates that Sharia Law is being recognized in 23 US States.

 I personally have an input on the seriousness of this Sharia Law implementation or "Sharia Law allowance in the USA" issue.  By seeing what Sharia Law demands in Moslem countries, we can see what they will do and demand here.  Most of the America REALLY needs to understand the seriousness and consequences of allowing Sharia Law to be legally practiced in the United States.  It is a separate set of Laws and distinctions where US Citizens cease to ALL their rights under the US Constitution, where those of foreign loyalties and foreign allegiances are given free terrorist and anarchist reign, and will be able to demand that Law Enforcement protect them from any retaliation of self-defense or vigilantism by US Citizens.    This is one of the kinds of  Islamic Terrorism that Obama is actively by clear and open Treason to the US Constitution, trying to create in America, while enabling and promoting a creation of an Islamic Caliphate in Africa via the influence and scope of powers granted to the Executive Branch he by identity and election fraud (not being a natural born citizen of the US with a US father) usurped..

The Activist Legal Anarchists, the Communist-Socialists, and the Liberal Left are intentionally advocating an acceptance of Sharia Law within US borders by way of insanity.  They either are in constant states of unjustified socio-pathic rage and evil, or they are living proof that minds on dopes ARE dopes.

What does Sharia Law allow and enforce?  
 We need only look to Moslem countries, and see their practices and judgments...be it against how they treat Coptic Christians and Jews, or how they treat themselves for the answers.

Want to enslave children and adults with literal chains and make them slaves, that not even Child Services or any Social Services of the US Government can see rescued?  Sharia Law makes it possible.

Want the right to throw gasoline upon someone based on a mere rumor, and burn them to death, be it an insult to Mohammed or the Quran...or looking at your daughter or wife the wrong way...and get off as legally justified without any punishment ?  Sharia Law makes it possible.
Want to cut out your daughter's of wife's clitoris so they won't have sexual desires?  Sharia Law makes it possible. 

Want to kill any non-Muslim and get off for murder?  Sharia Law makes it possible.

Want to kidnap and rape girls aged 9 year olds and up, and get off without penalty by simply stating you took them as wives,  and then will make them behave by constant beatings and further rapings into Islam (i.e. "submission by force") and obeisance?  Sharia Law makes it possible. 

Want to rob and steal from any non-Muslim neighbor and the US Government or State and Local Government with impunity?  By creating precedent, Sharia Law advocacy is geared to one day make it possible (unless or until those Government entities become Moslem themselves).

Sharia Law is an anti-Constitutional Blight as Criminal a Conspiracy as the Underworld of Mafia Family demands of loyalty and obeisances over the Laws of the United States. 

Sharia Law within the confines of the United States of America is a system of Criminal Corruption hiding behind the mask of religion, and needs to be completely and utterly abolished with the borders and jurisdictions of the United States of America immediately.  But with a Shia Moslem illegally occupying the US Presidency...Sharia Law continually advances in strength and influence in the United States as part of  what at the very least "appears to be" an Obama "Convert or Die America" plan.  Though it sounds melodramatic, it is a reality, and seems the best way I can describe the  Sharia-ization of America through an illegally placed Obama Administration via election and identity fraud in the person of Barack Hussein Obama II. 

That's my input.

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