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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, addresses AIPAC (May 2011 - video)

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Conference, May 2011
There will be several interruptions in the below speech of the Prime Minister. 

    AIPAC  http://www.aipac.org/  found its origins in 1963 as a response against US Antisemitism with the Rise of the Nation of Islam among  Negro / Black Americans in 1963, and the general rise of Islamic slander and libel against Israel in the ears of those in US Government.

AIPAC essentially is a lobby group that grew out of professional Washington D.C. lobbyists associated with the then American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs a means to garner a more fair and balanced presentation of Israel to help further its existence, right to exist, and be aided in participating as a partner with the United States.

Personally, they are not as Conservative as I prefer that AIPAC should be, but I guess that's part of lobbyist diplomacy.

In regard to warmly receiving Obama, I personally believe, in light of his Shia Muslim and anti-Israel stances and emboldened handcuffings of Israel's right to exist,  that they of AIPAC in the Conference receiving Obama should have given him the same silent treatment that Rab-shekah got in 2 Kings 18, and should have stood and sat down when he came in to respect the office, but offer no hand-clap or a word of anything to Obama as their ancestors also held their peace in 2 Kings 18:36.  However, it was a lost opportunity that they did NOT do so, it seems to me.

Of a note at 22:46 ff. is that Israel is on a 10 year program to find a substitute for gasoline.  If we simply apply the technological advances of 100 mile a gallon car engines that they have developed, along with advances in kinetic and solar power, as I have recently posted, we already advance in 5 to 10 years a 50 year leap in carbon efficiency that can be applied now.  Alas, alas...Obama would rather live in a backward religious bias of antisemitism, and yearn to hear the calls of Mecca.  In fact, he had the US Ambassador and VP Joe Biden use the $23,000,000 of US Aid to rewrite Kenya's Constitution to make him a repatriate citizen of Kenya  who can run for office as President of Kenya 10 years from the time they ratified their most recent Constitution in
Chapter 3 Section 16 [page 19  of pdf link below];
Chapter 8 Part 2 Section 99  (2)(c)  [p. 67 of pdf];
and Chapter 9 Part 2 Section 137 1 (a) & (b) [p. 86 of pdf]

In other words, when America is Wahabi pledged to become Moslem or else in 2020, Obama will pack his bags and move to Kenya to become its President, whether the US converts or is destroyed by Iranian and Russian nukes in  preemptive nuclear launch following his emasculation of our nuclear arsenal, and on the heels of a nationwide crippling virus that for one hour locked all US Defense systems down..or so would fit a interpretation of Biblical Prophecies in revelation, etc.  

No matter how you look at Obama's words, it always comes back to one theme:  where America and Israel, and where true Christians and Jews are concerned, he can't be trusted.

That's my input.

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