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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Siding with Israel in the Flotilla agitation created by Muslim fanatics, Muslim Nations, and US friends of Obama / Terror sympathizers

I side with Israel's right for self-preservation, and to continue its blockade against arms for the propagation and instigation of war and/or terrorist acts against Israel. We see in this flotilla, a coming together of Iran and Turkey as allies, now with the same cause for Islam (annihilate Israel, working in part through Gaza) ties with US citizen activists of the 1960s and 1970s and back-door sympathies of high officials of the pro-Muslim anti-Christian Obama Presidential Usurpation Administration.

Though intentionally creating nedless multi-generational suffering and deaths of multitudes of the Gaza residents, displaced by the Muslim societies as cast off refugees to die so that they might have an "ideological excuse and cause"; the Muslims of the Middle East care only for whatever means that gives them an eventual Jew-free Israel, and eventually where the very name of Jew and Christian, and the very writings and influence of which, is eradicated and made extinct im the world. They follow after Satan (the Adversary, the Devil) with blind passion and often with near absolute commitment, and call a lying fallen cherub as "allah" (in hebrew, comically expandedly translated as "the ascending one who nibbles away like a mouse").

But in regard to the Flotilla incident:

1) Perhaps Turkey and Iran (et al.) wished to use as a test of Israel's will;

2) while others, as provocation for world isolation and sanctions against Israel (Brennan, Bill Ayers and his wife, and Code Pink); and

3) while the ones directly creating the violence, did so as an initiator for inciting a multi-national war by Islamist Staes against Israel.

The videos clearly show that the truth of the matter of this international incident, is that the Muslims created the incident, and then at night unprovokedly attacked the IDF Policing Force: those peaceful Israelis who were just doing their job in ensuring the blockade was not violated by boarding to check for arms smuggling.

What provoked this Hamas driven attack and repulsion of the Internationally legal Israeli blockade on arms smuggling into the Gaza Strip? White House pro-Islamic fanatic John Brennan has friendly contacts with the Hamas driven "Free Gaza" terrorist movement
that very group that attacked the Israeli soldiers policing the waters per a United Nations legal arms blockade. This guy speaks on how that he views himself, since his father never emigrated to the US until he was 28...Brennan isn't really a US Citizen, like Obama, he views himself as "a citizen of the world", where the US takes a backseat to other interests.

Brennan is apparently an Obama-Saudi stooge
in his politics and actions, and whether his ties with the Islamic Society of North America, or ISNA, are monetarily or otherwise linked remains to be seen. He demonstrates a love of the Arab cause and language, and prefers to label Jerusalem after the Arabic renaming of that city as Al Quds, with Jerusalem being as a hushed or parenthetical after-breath.

As Pamela Gellar (co-author of the Post-American Presidency) at AtlasShrugs rightly reminds us, Brennan covered up the destruction of Obama's Passports scandal, and is in his position for literal political corruption and quid pro quo (his current position as payment for the coverup).

What is also being made clear in all of this, though, is that the neo-Weather Underground in the personages of Bill Ayers and wife (both founding members of the Weather Underground, and now coming out of retirement), have been Barack Obama's old school Chicago contacts and anarchic advisors to the "Free Gaza" Hamas terrorists,
intentionally provoking this incident at night (forgetting about recordings from night vision cameras by the Israelis possibly being in use). This provocation has been in the making since January 2010 when other efforts and coalition support failed.

In spite of the violence by Hamas killers, inspired to violence in this Flotilla by perhaps Obama via Bill Ayers and John Brennan, Israel let the murdering Hamas fanatics of the Flotilla to go free.

In the future, Israel needs to be willing to strafe the ship's lifeboats, then order a "cease and desist"; and if that does not pacify the suicide fanatics, to then follow that action by straffing the ship bow to stern below the water line and sink it where it is. If the terrorists wish to be without mercy and die as martyrs, then in times and acts of war on their part, as even we would hypothetically expect the US Navy to treat a hypothetical Al-Qaida terrorist ship steaming straight toward a US Naval base or major metropolitan area, may their wishes for removal from this world and eternal damnation be granted. More souls to be added to the flames of hell for the pseudo-deity Allah, and themselves made into an object lesson.

We need to back Israel's right to defend itself from allowing Gaza to be inundated with more massive Iranian arms supplies to Hamas and the Gaza strip to rain down unprovoked thousands of rockets on Israel et al. because of their hatred of G-D and His Son Jesus Christ, and the role that G-D has planned for Israel as his chosen people, set apart from the rest of humanity upon the Earth to be eventually be humanity's priests and rabbis in Christ Jesus.

Brigitte Gabriel gets the issue correctly when she calls the incident as "Jihad in humanitarian clothing".

We cannot blame the Israelis for their frustration at the pro-Muslim world media in siding with their Muslim sympathies, and perhaps their producer and editorial bosses being on the Arabian Oil baron doles as their stooges to always blame Israel wherever and whenever they are told to, as well.

Addendum: June 07, 2010

Whose side are you on, America? Those who desire to kill and subjugate you as the Muslims do? Or those who wish you to live free and prosperously, and to be a ever-existing beacon of hope and support in the world among the nations with them...as Israel does?

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