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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Michael Savage rightly lets loose on the radio, & Honolulu Clerk elections clerk Tim Adams refutes any Obama US Birth!!!

Update 06/12/2010: Video addendum and brief comment

Tim Adams, a contracted temporary Chief Elections Clerk in Honolulu during the November 2008 Presidential Election, states that the records of Hawaii THEN SHOWED That Barack Obama was NOT born in Hawaii AND that there were other records stolen as well.

The website scrolled on this first video is NOT endorsable...but the original radio interview it contains, and kept in context, is what I and fair minded people as well as those of the legal profession to the journalists should focus upon, and so I recommend viewers of that video to do so likewise.

Fast forward to 1:54 and listen until 5:58.

This second video, newly released and which does not scroll an undesirable website, was endorsed by World Net Daily as preferable:

The issue was not voter registration of Barack Hussein Obama in Hawaii at the time of the 2008 election; but whether he, Barack Hussein Obama was "born" there in Honolulu, Hawaii at all.

The Office of which the contracted temporary Chief Elections Clerk served in Honolulu, including those (public) officials of the two levels above Adams discovered that Obama was NOT Hawaii NOR USA born (states Adams).

If this is so, then Adams is a "whistleblower" subject to federal protections and immunities...and there should be a full blown and fully honest Criminal Investigator with greater powers, staffing and funding, and tenacity than that once conducted by Kenneth Starr regarding an actual US President (Bill Clinton). Unfortunately, such an authorization of the Independent Counsel Act and the enabling of a 3 judge panel requires an "act of Congress"...and we all know how corrupt this Democratic Congress is, and could care less about real justice over the enabling of their devisive and destructive Communist-Socialist agendas .

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