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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama to Kenyan Television, June 2010, and his non-US NBC loyalties to Kenya slipping through

“The constitution requires,that the president should be a natural born citizen …of the United States….
As the president is required to be a native citizen of the United States…the qualification of birth cuts off all inducements from abroad to corruption, negotiation, and war…”

James Kent, Commentaries on American Law, Volume I; New York: O. Halsted, 1826. Page 255

From the 1780s to 1826, Kent is telling us that to have even one foreign national parent who never becomes a US Citizen, is to ever have a foreign inducement upon one’s life to corruption, negotiation, and like biases that are based on one’s own familial past or heritage rather than upon the exclusive interests of the people and sovereignty of the United States of America.

The very activity of Barack Obama having a foreign national father is "an inducement", ""a bias, persuasion, influence to consent " to that of a foreign rather than domestic only socio-political influence upon one's life that disqualifies a person from being a United States Natural Born Citizen even were he born here. This will be visually seen in the Kenyan Television interview below.

By even writing and titling his first auto-biography (with Ghost writer Bill Ayers) "Dreams from my Father", Barack Obama blatantly and openly has defined himself before his age of Pseudo-Transparency Propaganda that he was NOT a United States Natural Born Citizen via foreign citizen national paternal parentage and inducements.

And oddly enough, Obama has denied any United States NBC status as openly as Hitler did beforehand of his aspirations for another war in writing My Struggle / Mein Kampf . Barack Obama has a definite biological and international law political tie to Kenya, his father never immigrating to the US, and he says so in his own words in his own book and on tape also.

Further, Kent clearly tells us that anyone with the same kind of split international nationalities as Barack Obama has cannot be a native or natural born citizen of the United States as it pertains to US Constitutional Law.

Skin color has nothing to do with it – it being purely a matter of domestic versus international legiences, clearly –absolutely-unmistakably ... Barack Obama by even a matter of natural condition, has from the point of his birth into the world to the present day, been in violation to the US Constitution’s NBC Clause through no fault of his own.

Kent’s Commentaries informs us that the presumption of 2 US Citizen parents having no foreign attachments of any kind, is the precise intent upon the word native even in 1826 in regards to US Constitutional Law; and that the preceding American generations, especially those who drafted the natural born clause of the US Constitution, says James Kent, viewed the word native with the same presumption of a domestic only jus soli and domestic only jus sanguinis (lone nationality at birth and at all times after by blood from both parents having same legience attachments to the same national soil upon which the child is born).


It has now been reported, that...



"The American President told me in confidence that he is a Muslim," said Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit on Nile TV. (Israel Today, direct quote).

In Obama's own words, this has already been on youtube

where Obama professes to be a Muslim, and a former White House aide to Clinton corrects him on what his faith is (for the American public).

Obama has already in an anti-Christian vein, denied the Biblical Scriptures with the arrogance of a Muslim rebuking Christians, in order to justify allowing Bible passages in the US Government.

When searched for who and what he is, and what authorities of religion he reaches out to, we find it is to the Muslim Imams and leaders of Shia Islam in Iran specifically, and of Muslims around the world generally.
The videos of him reaching out to Iran's imams and his Cairo Speech as presently still available on the internet, but may eventually be scrubbed by his Orwellian Newspeak defenders.

Obama's version of being "Christian" is alien to Christianity, because to Obama, it is that Messianic Faith into the coming Mahdi, NOT in Jesus Christ the Creator who bore our sins upon the Cross and died, descended into hell, and was raised from the dead and ascended back into Heaven, but rather Obama is dedicated to the "anointed" or Muslim version of a Christ, the 12th Imam that the Shiites worship.

We already know that Obama informed the Muslim world a year ago that he is here on Earth to promote Islam. http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/p18084.xml?media=print

There are some who blindly deny Obama is Muslim, as if clutching to a mythological portrait and fabricated ideal of the man, instead of examining the flawed living animal and mortal firsthand themselves.

Obama was reared by Muslims (Father Barack, and step-father Lolo Soetoro were Muslims. The inactive Muslim father had litle to do with Barack, but the step-father reared Barack in Mosque attendance).

Obama was schooled by and with Muslims in Jakarta Indonesia.

As Usurper in the Preseidency, in 2009 Obama called Jakarta (a place where he spent but 3-4 years) as "home".

Obama wife is on record as saying that Kenya (being Islamicized and destined for a Sharia Law takeover via Obama's cousin Odinga) IS Barack's "home country".

That is, Barack's views Muslim Indonesia as "home" and Kenya as his "home country".

In College vactioned with Muslims that made other Muslims bow to them, visited Shiite Muslim sites in Pakistan and India with some of the same Muslim friends.

Obama specifically and intimately roomed with Muslims for years in college (those who prayed in the same dormroom up to 5 times a day, usually in the widest common space, and recited prayers in Arabic out loud). Only a Muslim would repeatedly select and room with such individuals.

In Cairo, on road trips, and on television, Obama proseltyzed the Muslim agenda. Obama as Usuper to the US Presidency reached out publicly to Shiite Muslims in Iran, bowed low to the keeper of the Sunni and Shiite mosques and received gifts of gold from him, quoted the Quran in faith while deriding the Bible passages and doctrines, spoke in awe of Islam and covered up the Cross and IHS (refusing to be photographed in their presence), went to Cairo to proclaim himself as Baraq the jacka** -- a forerunner as if a Muslim neo-John the Baptist of an alien type --who will enable the Mahdi (who must by lore also appear in Cairo, perhaps there first) to ascend to the heavenlies in military strength and bathe the world in blood (using Islamic passages and direct inferences at that Cairo speech to say just that), and so on.

Robert Spencer at Jihadwatch, writes:

'ISNA’s { Islamic Society of North America } “intimate relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood” ought to raise the concerns of every free American, not just the Justice Department. After all, the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States is dedicated -- in its own words -- to “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” '

These of ISNA and the Muslim Brotherhood are the same guys that Obama hires to the number of 300-400 positions in Executive Branch staff (especially in the West Wing) positions, and intimately flies over and has with his entourage in Cairo in 2009.

I ask then: Who else but a Muslim idealogue would surround himself with Jihadist Muslim idealogues as companions, friends, associates, employees, and then push and proseltyze their religion on others except if he be one himself?

UNLIKE OBAMA, any true born-again Christian who dared say he was a Muslim would be cut to the heart so quickly, that a facial expression of pain and self correction would have immediately preceded any interviewer's correction after a pause of even a couple to a few seconds.

The Nile TV statement by the Egyptian Foreign Minister merely adds to what we already know.

This month, prior to Joe Biden's arrival in Kenya last week to support Obama's cousin Odinga, (who pushes for a Sharia Muslim New Constitution of Kenya), Usurper Barack Obama has told Kenyan Television to the effect of virtually making a promise that the US Taxpayer may soon be paying what sounds like a vague but perpetual commitment to educate Kenyans here in the United States and then send them back after being University educated to build up Kenya (like his Communist Kenyan father).

But an even more enlightening exposure of Obama's true self slipped through....one where I would argue that he himself does not believe he is even remotely a United States Natural Born Citizen (via his facial expressions, and subconscious body language).

At one point in the video, following a sentence speaking of the citizens of Kenya,

"I think it is up to the Kenyan people to make a decision about the direction of their country."
(2:07 - 2:12 on the video)

Obama then follows those very words with a Freudian slip, and refers to himself as

"But, as a great friend of the United...ah, of Kenya..."
(2:13 - 2:17 of the video)

he trippingly calls and views himself as a foreigner representing Kenya's interests in the United States as if a great friend of the United States (transforming it to Communism is apparently thought by him to be comradery or friendship), before reversing and correcting himself. In his own words, his psyche (it seems to me) is clearly that of an alien and NOT a US NBC.

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