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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Dream of a little sparrow in a world on its way to hell

Awake from sleep, but alas it is still a dream.
Go outside, and behold how that a new morning has arrived.

Dawn has broken forth on this cool and cloudy morning,
as a sparrow lands on the plush green grass of a lawn soaked with dew.

The wind blows gently to moderately creating waves and patterns,
as the sparrow twists its head watching the sea of green bend with the wind.

The little bird looks up,
and beholds the trees,
and then lifts its head to the sky;
letting out a whistling call,
it shakes in the breeze for a moment,
but hears no reply.

Then upward into and between the trees the sparrow flies;
seeking out answers to questions only it and G-D knows.

On and on, the sparrow flaps its wings,
as it is blown to and fro by the gusting winds along its course.

And finally hearing others in the reeds and among marshes,
the sparrow comes down,
and joins hundreds in song and in happy bouncing joy,
bouncing from reed to reed and bush to bush,
having found water and food and nearby trees for shelter.

Alas, it seems,
our little sparrow has found a happy community and a welcome home.

We are to enjoy the dreams of good things while we can,
for the winds of judgment are blowing,
and the harshness of war and depravity...
have returned to the conscious will mankind,
as this planet prepares to descend into another World War,
one from which no nation or people shall fully escape;
as the masses of humanity cling to ideas of death,
until Communism and Socialism embrace its corpses as if pillows.

And daily live, and daily die,
the Communists and Socialists cry,
"Revolution. Revolution. Let us like the Third World be!
Let us like masters, master the art of practicing lawlessness and depravity.
We must have fresh corpses upon which to lay our heads,
for there is nothing like having dreams on the unrotten deads."

And the living, like the sparrow...
so many loving liberty wish that away they could fly,
to a land of peace, free from war...
only to find there are no other places of refuge left to go.

History repeats, but the lesson has never been learned;
and once more humanity plays with the fire of extinction,
and though it shall by the grace and intervention of G-D live,
it shall again with a World War get burned.

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