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Saturday, June 24, 2017

American Leftists And American Globalists Spiraling National And International Security Out Of Control

Ron Paul's:  Security...or Surveillance? The Edward Snowden Interview 

Col. Shaffer Issues Emergency Warning: The Left Is Adopting Islamic Terrorist Tactics

Bill Still Report #1681, Dems Trapped by Their Russia Conspiracy

Meanwhile, the U.S. shoots down a Syrian plane

and what is not reported in the Mainstream media is that the Russians shot down a quarter billion dollar U.S. drone in the Mediterranean Sea, on or about June 21-22, 2017 

 and the Iranians earlier in the month have been firing surface to surface missiles from Iran, hundreds of miles away, through Iraqi air space and into Syria,  hitting enemy U.S. backed rebel targets in Syria (firing those missiles from  Kermanshah  and from other western Iran locations over Iraq into Syria) killing hundreds, and possibly also classified U.S. Intel advisers and / or classified U.S. military personnel, so that jackasses of the Military-Industrial complex are gradually making a push for a hot war in Syria, that is by design (allegedly) put into place so as to drag NATO into a U.S./NATO war against Syria /Iran / Russia and China (at minimum) by way of the Manchurian Compact.  

In other words, the U.S. is still fighting  for Al Qaeda / ISIS terrorist invaders while saying we are against Al Qaeda / ISIS  and fighting them in Syria, and perhaps it is better described as a U.S. runaway and out of control Military Intelligence Operation doing a "both ends against the middle" approach in Syria as its renegade policy for the most insane war actions the United States has ever in prolongation engaged itself in, and is now a headlong suicide dare game of chicken type of provocation to start a literal third World War through hostilities with Russia in Syria that is doomed for failure.  Russia has a Manchurian Compact with China, and by various agreements and circumstance nations such as India and Pakistan may also be expected to side with Russia and China, so that whether we enter a hot war with Russia or a hot war with China by whatever activity, we will be forced to fight them both and many others, while those who provoke it on the U.S. side while sabotaging President Trump and the USA will at the same time be demanding NATO ally with us, and NATO might actually say "No, this isn't a Charter attack on you, you started it...it's your mess, you fight and lose it, unilaterally."   

The forcing of a doomsday conflict by a select few in the Military and Intelligence, and by Globalist anti-American traitors in Congress and those working under President Trump with Council On Foreign Relation and other memberships that owe them an external loyalty outside our Constitution of the United States and to some alien entity hostile to our existence, follows the same Fabian catalyst and crisis plan of action excuse to form an Anglo-American led One World Governance already planned and mapped out for many decades, some of the larger overall schemes dating back to the 1920s.   

The worldwide threat of extinction appears to be the pre-written script that all the world's media will be expected to follow, whensoever a worldwide conventional escalation between the Manchurian Compact nations and NATO is finally engaged in, so as to force mass international hysteria in which fear and irrational panic and begging, along with weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, will be employed to Judas goat lead the world's population by majority down the slaughter chute, whereby the world would demand a totalitarian control system in place where most all rights are given over in exchange for a security enforcement that pro-actively crushes all natural freedoms in exchange  for a very TEMPORARY "peace and safety".  At least, that seems to be the plan, and they will keep to that script until they are successful, it appears.  

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