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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

President Trump Pointed To Sweden, "Look What Happened", And The Media And Others Still Turn A Blind Eye To Importing Third World Islamic CRIME

In a recent Infowars article,

 journalist Paul Joseph Watson linked research information to Speisa, which specializes in Scandinavian news, reports, in regard to Donald Trump's justified concerns over Swedish Immigration of  rogue Islamicists en masse.

  At Speisa, we read that: 

"Malmö is not only Scandinavia's most dangerous city, it is also the most violent city in western Europe, show statistics of lethal force in the world, that the newspapers HD and Sydsvenskan have obtained.
...In comparison with other countries, Malmö is by far the most dangerous city in the Nordic region.
...But compared to western European cities, Malmö is the most dangerous....

The most dangerous cities in the world are Latin American cities. On the very top is Caracas in Venezuela, which has a homicide index of 120, something that has given the city the less flattering nickname "the world's most dangerous city."

links to

Where Tove Lifvendahl,  political editor-in-chief of Svenska Dagbladet, states:

"Over the past 15 years, some 650,000 asylum-seekers made their way to Sweden. Of the 163,000 who arrived last year, 32,000 were granted asylum. Sweden accepts more refugees in proportion to size of population than any other nation in the developed world  ...It may be news to the rest of the world, but gang warfare has been a feature of our country for years now. Stockholm has been witness to Dickensian scenes of young pickpockets and thieves playing games of cat-and-mouse with the police, who feel powerless.

Earlier this year, a boy of 12 was raped in refugee accommodation by another refugee who claimed to be 15. A dental X-ray suggested the attacker was closer to 19. Later that month, a 22-year-old Swede (herself the daughter of immigrants) was stabbed to death by one of the refugees she was caring for — another adult claiming to be 15."

[[[[February 23, 2017 update: 

See also: 

 In the following video, in 2015,  the Muslim leaders on the ground and others effectually openly admit in their own Socialist Forums that European Communist-Socialist Globalists (including Swedes among them)  have had Sweden Jihadi Muslim Invaded By Design and are openly associating and making it known to that effect that it is a genocidal invasion conspiracy by DESIGN being implemented.  

End of February 23, 2017 update ]]]]

It is (in practice) against the law in Sweden to report MUSLIM rapes, murders, assaults, and what have you, and the numbers of violence by jihadi hordes are astronomical there. It is also a requirement that anytime a violent crime by a Muslim happens, it either is NOT reported or under-reported or it takes on an anonymity of the ethnicity and religious motivation of the Muslim criminal who did the crime.  It would not be surprising if during one night of rioting where 46 stores are looted, 8 women rabed, 3 store keepers beaten and / or stabbed near to death,  and 91 cars are set ablaze, that official Swedish reports list 1 to 3 cases of vandalism, 1 unknown ambiguous (but not serious) assault and battery, and 4 or 5 disturbances of the peace.  Welcome to the Orwellian Nightmare that is not just in current practice in Sweden, but also in Germany and parts of France as well.  

Even as Sweden now has some 162,500 out of 163,000 Muslim derelicts and rapists and what have you have been forcibly imported as an invasion upon the small Swedish population to become 42% of the nation’s total welfare rolls (almost doubling the expense for the government there to pay people for NOT working), these ingrained toward criminal violence barbarians with backward intellects who essentially use primitive oogie-boogie-boogie violent outbursts and tantrums to  take neighborhoods over, destroy cars and buildings, don’t know what a toilet is for (excuse me but the corner of a room or the couch is NOT where you go to urinate), set off munitions and are increasingly armed with guns as the Swedish police refuse to do their job to even protect its own native and INVADED Swedish citizens.    And let me ask...WTF is the difference between a wild eyed naked tribesman running around freaking out with his tribal mob to kill and rape and destroy and set fire to, and the Muslim rioters who annually burn thousands of cars in France in violent outbursts or those who take over neighborhoods in Sweden and set off grenades and burn cars, or hordes of men who surround white European women victims as dozens rape the woman in the middle and the 50 to 100 around them, pressed together keep any would be helpers out?  The difference?  They just have a few extra clothes on, and are allowed by those in Governmental Power at all levels to attack the weak civilians of the nations they invade, especially WOMEN  AND CHILDREN (not the military or a military objective) to give the illusion of civility and this is what charms and captivates the fawning parasitical  big 6 Corporate Mainstream Media Corporations of the United States to them?  Uh huh.  

 Since 2011, in the United States, every Obama recruited Muslim posing as refugee gets 7 years worth of Social Security checks, and the abuse has NEVER stopped as yet under President Trump. America is being RIPPED OFF. 

The gist of this American Social Security bled Financial Scandal is YET to be mainstream and even Alternative Media mass reported.  Like heroin addicts in United States prisons, the average Muslim appears to be getting on average a minimum of at least $10,236 dollars per year for a guaranteed 7 years.  That legislation was passed and began in 2011.

 Just read column 1 on page 1 from the ff. pdf from the Social Security Administration (SSA )which states:
"Some refugees and other noncitizens can get SSI for up to seven years" and know that under Obama to present day, that means ALL of them under an Obama Islamic Proselytization United States Government Policy that still continues as yet that guarantees this 7 years of Social Security benefits to hostile aliens claiming refugee status (and usually lying or being lied FOR)  especially if they are MUSLIM and non-assimilation jihadi sharia law minded.

See also
Contractors are paid some $2,025 dollars per refugee

and at minimum, the United States stands to rob its own nation of benefits to those citizens of its own in need, at an average MINIMUM of $71,652 in Social security, plus the transportation fee, the fee to import far too many Islamic jihadi sleepers and FAKE Muslim Refugees among and with other Muslims who otherwise would never obtain refugee status besides (including women and children) used for cover sum of $2,025 to the Contractors plus any untold amount of damages to local society from property damages by filthy uncivilized derelicts who have no respect for property or civilized integration, to criminal prosecutions and imprisonment, to what have you.  Congress and the Usurper Obama put OUR tax money on average for each and every jihad anti-american who views his or her mission in life to invade and subdue America for Islam, rape women and children, and put Sharia slavery above the Constitution and so forth. 

Donald Trump was right about there being a crisis in Sweden brought about DIRECTLY by Islam that should be a warning to the West.

Indeed, we already know about Germany's RAPES by Muslims forced upon Germany by traitorous European Union Heads and German leaders, all of whom should be eliminated from power.

 It is time for the United States to DEPORT any non-assimilation Muslim under the U.S. Social Security Administration benefits to refugees program, and accelerate those who legally want to enter the United States and Naturalize, FIRST.    The Communist-Socialist and Anarchist Left like to use “affirmative action”, so using that metric in a pendulum swing back,  that means everybody else in the world needs to legally be on the list to naturalize into the United States BEFORE any more Muslims, FIRST.  Let's say a 10 year ban, for example.     And if the Left demands we have more "refugees" let in, then change out at least  200,000 Muslims on the Social Security refugee benefits program, and give it to those that are Christians (such as from Syria and elsewhere around the world) on the run from ISIS, Al Qaeda, and what have you...genuine refugees from genuine murderous persecution by the Muslim barbarian fanatics.  Give U.S. aid and comfort only to those refugees that really ARE refugees in the TRUE sense of the word. At least THEY will assimilate, join society, work hard, and try to build up the United States because they are granted freedom and religious safety having been granted a better life, liberty and happiness to pursue a peaceful belief system rather than to drag America down and subjugate it to a hostile and violent and alien belief system that is little more than mob mentality and often hypnotized Devil worship, which is what Islam is in words and deeds.  Judge the tree by the fruits of the tree, and Islam is entirely corrupt and evil with, extremely often,  only a mask of pretentiousness put forth for the illusion example of self-declared goodness it alleges itself to have.     

That's my input.  

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