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Monday, February 27, 2017

Media Warnings Of An International Fukushima Radiation Potential For Mega-Disaster For North American Coastlines From Alaska To Mexico? (February 2017)

Concerns are on the rise that nuclear radiation is spiking again and massive radiation contamination in the Pacific Ocean flowing towards the United States, but so vast as to be a radiation flow many thousands of miles long and wide that would effect most every Pacific Ocean Coastline on the North American Continent Alaska to Mexico,  is once again being suppressed from the nation, perhaps so as to prevent a Pacific North America West Coast panic and massive sea lane trade reduction or stoppage to the West Coasts of the United States, Canada and eventually Mexico as well. 

Already, robots built to withstand 1,000 sieverts of radiation are seizing up and failing at Fukushima, Japan, where a 2011 Nuclear Reactor disaster created a meltdown of three  nuclear reactors and initially reportedly only killed 18,000 people, though the numbers are likely much higher than official reports. 

The average person naturally is subject to about  .0024 natural units of  sieverts of radiation annually.  

Chest x-rays  are generally rated as .0068 sieverts.  

Maximum human exposure for short durations is rated at .0250 sieverts, and a short dose of 1 sievert will cause acute radiation sickness, and at 10 sieverts it is FATAL.    

Robots designed to withstand 100 times the intensity of that which is fatal to humans, even for a second or two, are seizing up and crashing within 1 to 2 hours at Fukushima, and the radiation is only intensifying.  


Foxnews report: February 8, 2017

RT Big Picture  published February 10, 2017

Infowars  on February 17, 2017

"Radiation levels inside the containment vessel of reactor No. 2 at Fukushima has reached 530 sieverts per hour — a figure described by experts as “unimaginable.”

The new readings were taken by a state-of-the-art robotic which quickly malfunctioned in the high-level radiation zone, but not before capturing images of a gaping 6.5 ft hole in a grate below the pressure valve."

Infowars on February 20, 2017

Bill Still February 27, 2017

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