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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hillary And Bill Clinton, The Real PAID Agents Of Russia, Not Hiding And In Plain Sight

The sovereign nation of Russia was directly involved in the acquisition of Canadian Uranium Mining concerns, which was later known as Uranium One, which goal was to be used to leverage this company to acquire United States Uranium.    The Russians began their move for United States Uranium control after being green-lighted by the Obama Administration in 2009, and gradually the Russian Federation would assume full control of Uranium One in two more buy-outs over the next several years.  To solidify access to then (fruit of the poisonous tree and illegal to be in office) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Chairman of Uranium One greased Hillary PERSONALLY  in four donations with $2,350,000

for four meetings that opened Uranium One to send Moscow 20% of all the Uranium in the United States, so that by this route, they could make more ICBM centrifuges and such to use to arm against the United States of America and to also spread some of the same United States uranium to powers hostile to the existence of the United States of America, be they Iran or whosoever.  Uranium One had direct ties to a KGB front Russian Fiduciary concern and even invited former President Bill Clinton to a return visit to Moscow to make a speech for $500,000 while negotiating terms for what his wife could or would do in return for Russian Military Interests.  Former President Bill Clinton had dealings with those who ran Uranium One since the early 2000's, and in 2004 

 Between talks directly with Hillary and her husband Bill with RUSSIA, it was agreed that ROSATOM, the agency which runs all military and civil nuclear assets in the Russian Federation should have exclusive access to the Uranium supplies of the United States.  

Initially, Iran, which Shia Islamic Faith Barack Obama was reared in as a child, intended to build some 19 nuclear facilities

throughout its nation in 2008, but due to budgetary concerns and inability to pay its bills, which the Iran deal by Secretary of State John Kerry was designed to alleviate in the INTENTIONAL DEPARTMENT OF STATE AND OBAMA APPROVED IRAN DEAL FIASCO, the number of nuclear facilities intended by Iran seemed to have dropped to just 12 by 2030, or something to that effect.  But a look at the payoffs of Bill and Hillary Clinton should lead us to conclude that certainly, since Bill and Hillary cashed in for over $40,000,000 Clinton Foundation before the Uranium One access to United States Uranium and over $102,850,000 because of it, the United States Department of Justice should appoint a special prosecutor into the financial payola of Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Barack Hussein Obama (including his other legal name of Barry Soetoro, and any aliases he might use).

On May 3, 2015, the Washington Post and later others 

reported that the Lionsgate Entertainment billionaire and Vancouver Canadian Frank Giustra, a willing turncoat for Russia, had not only teamed up with former President Bill Clinton in putting over a $2,350,000,000 deal in Kazakhstan in 2005 for ROSATOM before, but that he himself committed a $100,000,000 payoff to the Clinton Foundation as Bill and Hillary's transparent commission from the deal to get the United States to concede 20% of its Uranium natural resources to a hostile foreign nuclear power who would use it almost exclusively and entirely against the National Security interests of the United States.  In 2006, the year after the Kazakhstan deal, the Clinton Foundation commission was more than three times less at $32,700,000 just for helping to put over THAT (probable Logan Act violation) nuclear negotiation.    ROSATOM first began fueling the Iranian Bushehr-1 nuclear power plant on August 21, 2010, but was unable to bring the plant into full capacity until August 30, 2012.  Because of the Uranium supplies from the United States, among the 37 ROSATOM nuclear power plants to be built worldwide, including 3 Tianwan nuclear facilities in Communist China, on November 11 of 2014 it was reported 

that Russia signed a deal to build 2 more Bushehr nuclear facilities in Iran currently, with the planning of building 9 more 
 beyond that for a final total of 12 Russian nuclear power facilities Russia will be credited as supplying Iran with...a Shia Muslim nation that vows to burn the world with fire and bathe it in blood, especially the United States, for which it is still developing and buying Intercontinental Ballistic Missile technology and infrastructure, gradually supplied it by Russia, which may be said to be positioning itself to be Iran's exclusive armament supplier.  

Iran's generals are so secure in the corruption and direct financial assistance given them via Russia and eventually financially and politically by the Obama Administration because of corruption, their generals view all who would be leaders of the United States or its President as a JOKE, and it is for that reason they even said so publicly on November 10, 2016, in direct disrespect not only to Donald Trump, 
but to the Republic of the United states of America, which it has vowed to destroy one day by Nuclear ICBM strikes and burn it with fire.  

We are not told of the thousands of Iranians receiving engineering degrees in nuclear technologies in Russia and through ROSATOM's worldwide operations of more than 262,000 employees, of which student trainees would not be counted, who have been ingrained with the goal of acquiring nuclear technologies to one day destroy the United States and attempt its own grasp at world dominion for Shiite Islam, but that is another issue at present.  

It is noteworthy to state that for now, aspirations of what Iran wants in the someday future, even in the next two to several decades is to them a side issue, and for NOW irrelevant to them.  For the present, Russia only cares about who can pay, NOT whether a nation such as Bolivia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania or Zambia 
has any responsible proficiency to even have or operate a nuclear power facility at all.  And thankfully ROSATOM did NOT need their American Russian Federation Agents of Bill and Hillary Clinton to get those deals "inked".  

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