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Monday, January 9, 2017

Donald Trump Electoral Ballot Confirmed On Schedule January 5, 2017 (Bill Still Video) while Investigators Tread Water On Hillary Clinton e-mail CRIMES

Bill Still reports:  

"Good morning, I’m still reporting on the strength of American traditions.

Ever since Donald Trump’s election on Nov. 8th, fear mongering has run rampant across the American. 

The Democrats were plotting to steal the electoral college vote, Obama was preparing a coup d’etat to prevent Trump from becoming our 45th President, ect., et cetera.

We told you none of this would happen – that cooler, wiser heads would prevail. 

For those of you who think that the outcome on Friday was just luck, why don’t you sit back and enjoy the rituals of our constitutional republic implemented 227 years ago.

Hopefully, you’ll get a sense of why we were so sure our nation would begin a rather rapid healing process as our government returned to regular order of business at one minute after noon on January 20...."

Meanwhile, there was a report on the Investigation regarding Hillary Clinton's emails

and it looks as though it is in "tread water" mode until the new incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions would launch a "to hell with Obama's (now planned late night January 19 or January 20 a.m. hours)  pardon or letter of presidential authority to excuse law breaking by Hillary Clinton, we are forging ahead to investigate, prosecute, get Hillary in prison for life" campaign.  

I will share here what I also stated at Infowars, keeping in mind it was aimed to those at the article who would read the comments, especially those with cognitive ability to discuss and do research, and also hopefully those of the Infowars writers who write articles and say they read reader comments.  Seriously, it is quite easy to see a reader who comments and stands out from the rest by the use of hyperlinks and intelligent citations, and helpful working comments of first insight absorption into an issue or article or research raised in regard to the article.   My comment there was thus:  

"I only did a skim once through the referred to email release at https://www.scribd.com/document/336027048/Hillary-R-Clinton-Part-05

, but it at the first appears that the Investigation only involves clintonemail.com accounts, and leaves out any others (pages 136-139, 143 ff. of pdf info, refer to the other 19 accounts left out from page 47 and it appears page 143 also is leaving off the state.gov Hillary accounts ).  
At issue was the electronic retention in the use of a 7.5 Terrabyte capable Dell Poweredge 2900 server https://www.dell.com/downloads/emea/products/pedge/en/PE2900_Spec_Sheet_Quad.pdf
and a thumb drive  used to house and pass clinton emails.  No hacking (no creating or attempting to be erasing of an electronic trail) required, just sales to highest bidders with a discreet away from cameras handshake, it seems to me, was the way it was done.

For the Haiti thievery, I wonder if the release of the profile of Justin Cooper (see pages 249-250)  is an attempt to eventually blame this guy for billions in funds misappropriation.

And what is this issue on page 68 which debates whether or not to use the word "drug" can classify an email as TOP SECRET? 

The US Senate lists 30,000 emails on a thumb drive and we are led to believe that 55,000 emails also exist on either the same or a different thumb drive?  So 30,000 of 55,000 were Classified or Sensitive or Top Secret or Compartmentalization Secret and mixed together with personal emails because Hillary was so corrupt and has NO MORAL CONSCIENCE, AND FOR PERSONAL GAIN AND/OR IDEOLOGY IS AN ENEMY TO THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES?

See Page 78 of the pdf on Scribd dealing with the 55,000 emails which also states that 296 of these deal with Ben Ghazi.  That's 296 classified emails the FBI gave Hillary a pass on that ALL should be released in entirety to the U.S. Public NOW!!!   

Page 239-240 note that banker documents were seized and page 241 identifies a simple thumb drive was the means we can now presume was how Hillary and Huma passed on top secret sensitive info to our enemies when Hillary as Secretary of State would go into a meeting with Foreign Leaders and SELL U.S. Top Secrets and commit TREASON.  Negotiate a price, bank deposit, check a cell on the account, pass the thumb drive of whatever top secret info Hillary was selling by an innocent looking handshake to foreign buyers. " 

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